We are adding biographies of founding members, long term members and other notable Alberta people.

Loyalist Connections

Irene (Marryat) Parlby

Irene (Marryat) Parlby (1868-1965), is known for her participation in the “Persons Caseˮ as one of the Famous Five who signed the petition to the Supreme Court asking, “Does the word ʻpersonʼ in Section 24 of the British North America Act include female persons?ˮ If so, it would mean that women could be appointed to the Senate. The movement was led by Emily Murphy, but five signatures were needed for the petition to be valid. Even though it was supported by the Canadian and Alberta governments, the Supreme Court ruled in the negative. Mrs. Murphy took the case to the Privy Council in London where it passed. More details at in the full summary of Irene’s life and her Loyalist connection.

Founding members and long term members

Rev. Dr. George William Kerby, who was the Branch’s initial 1st Vice-President. (Bibliography) There is a plaque for George and Emily outside of the Kerby centre in downtown Calgary.

Catherine Harradence (1928-2017) along with her father James Richardson (1882-1961) who was president of the Calgary branch in the early years.

Founding Members:

At our Spring meeting we had a presentation by Stacy Kaufeld of the Legal Archives society of Alberta. Included in this presentation were some brief biographies of some of the founders of our Branch.

Richard Bedford Bennett was one of our founding Honorary Presidents. He was born in Hopewell Hill, New Brunswick on July 3, 1870. On his father’s side he had Loyalist ancestry.

Clifford Teasdale Jones was the Branch’s first president, according to the article in the Calgary Herald announcing the branch’s formation.

Thomas Mitchell March Tweedie assisted in forming the branch.

Lewis Frederick Clarry is listed as the first President in the Branch history.

Hugh Cragg Farthing  was a major founding member.