University of Lethbridge History Prize

In July of 2023 an agreement was signed with the University of Lethbridge’s History Department to facilitate the formation of a History Prize. We, the Calgary Branch of UELAC made an endowment of $25,000 to initiate the Prize. The University also supplied $25,000 to establish the Prize. The amount supplied by our Branch came from a bequeath by Evelyn deMille. This total of $50,000 establishes a History Prize of a value of $2,000 for the part time or full time student achieving the highest academic performance in the course of HIST 2710 which deals with the History of Canada prior to 1867. The first prize award should take place next year.

We were unable to officially present a cheque to the University of Lethbridge in October due to very poor road conditions. We are including a picture with the celebratory cheque here.