University of Calgary Award

The Calgary Branch sponsors an award in the History Department. An undergraduate student receiving the highest marks in a course on Canadian History is awarded $500 for the year earned.

This award was started in 1966 when the University of Calgary became a separate school from the University of Alberta. It was a value of $50 then and increased to $200 in 2009.

United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada History Prize

In March 2018, the Branch completed the delivery of additional funds to raise the award to $500 for 2018.

Further funds are being added with the goal of raising the award value to $1000. Anyone can donate funds to the university in order to help reach the target. In the spring there is a Giving Day program which matches funds that are donated during that period.

The recipient for 2023 was Alexandria Goreham

Alexandria has two years left of her concurrent history and education degree. After that she plans on continuing to a Masters degree. Through her travel and field opportunities she has become interested in participating in ensuring that museums and public history are available to everyone.

The recipient for 2022 was Cerys Neumann

Cerys is a fourth year student working toward a degree in History and Political Science.

The recipient for 2021 was Sabrina Kooistra.

Sabrina is a fifth year Bachelor of Arts student set to graduate with a double major in History and Communications and Media Studies. She grew up on a small farm outside of Strathmore. She started freelance writing early beginning at the Strathmore Times and continued through university with articles in the Undergraduate History Journal.

The recipient for 2020 was Jacob Storek.

Jacob is in the fourth year of the Law and Society Program. He was born and raised in Calgary.

The recipient for 2019 was Laora Fondeflick.

The recipient for 2018 was Aidan Fehr. He was not at the presentation as he had moved on to further studies.

The recipient for 2017 was Blake Mitchell.

Blake Mitchell is a recent graduate with a BA in History with Honours from the University of Calgary. He’s been passionate about history for his entire life, and Canadian history ever since he watched Canada: A People’s History in school. In his spare time, he enjoys boating, skiing, and long walks in national parks. He feels it’s a tremendous honour to have won this award.