Funding for Loyalist Burial Site Project

The St. Lawrence Branch of the UELAC has formed an exciting partnership with Terrestres Servo Coronas, an organization that has agreed to fund the costs of our “Loyalist Burial Site” plaque project for a period of five years.

Terrestres Servo Coronas, whose Latin name translates to “Serving Earthly Crowns,” is a British organization that supports historical and other projects, with particular emphasis on those that solidify the ancient links between the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. It was founded by its chairman, Paul Borrow-Longain, in 2016.Since 2018, the UELAC St. Lawrence Branch has undertaken this special project to commemorate burial sites that contain the mortal remains of Loyalists. Recognition of these sacred sites first entails historical and genealogical research to identify and confirm the locations as Loyalist burial sites. The information collected is disseminated through our branch website. The project also involves raising a professionally-installed metal plaque at each site, with the cooperation of the landowner, to inform visitors about its special importance. Each plaque is unveiled in a special ceremony.

We are quite pleased to receive this generous support from Terrestres Servo Coronas, for a project dear to our hearts, which also promotes the important history of the Loyalists and the enduring connection between Canada and the United Kingdom. We are especially honoured that our project is their first to be carried out in Canada.

For more information about the Loyalist Burial Site Project, please consult the project page on the website of the UELAC St. Lawrence Branch. Please also visit the website of Terrestres Servo Coronas to learn more about their other projects.