Membership & Certificate

UELAC Membership

Membership in the UELAC is managed by its branches. For example, through one transaction, a person becomes a member of the UELAC in general, and their local branch. Below is information on membership, including benefits and membership fees.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Subscription to The Loyalist Gazette, the official magazine of the UELAC, published bi-annually (twice a year).
  • Subscription to The Royal Yorker, the newsletter of the UELAC St. Lawrence Branch, published quarterly (four times a year).
  • Receive the latest news about our branch meetings, projects, events and activities.

Membership Fees:

Yearly memberships are from January 1 to December 31.

  • Individual: $50
  • Student: $25
  • Family (2 relatives living at the same address): $65, and an additional $5 per family member at the same address.

UELAC members who are associated with another branch (where they pay their membership dues) can also be a member of the St. Lawrence Branch by paying an annual fee to the latter of $10.

Non-members of the UELAC can become a “Friend of the St. Lawrence Branch” by subscribing to our branch newsletter by paying the annual fee of $15. (As noted above, regular members of the UELAC St. Lawrence Branch receive the newsletter at no extra charge.)

More information is available in our new (November 2019) branch membership form.

Memberships (new and renewals) are now available online! For those who wish to take advantage of that option, use the following two links:



For those who prefer to join or renew in the good old fashioned way, you can do so by regular mail (see below).

E-transfers are also accepted. For payments and related inquiries, please contact the St. Lawrence Branch treasurer Michael Eamer:
Email address:
Mailing address:
667 Hamilton Crescent,
Cornwall, ON  K6H 5N6.

Cheques should be made payable to “St. Lawrence Branch UELAC.”

UE Certificate

Descendants of Loyalists have the right to append the initials “U.E.” at the end of their names. This originates from a 1789 proclamation issued by Governor Guy Carleton (Lord Dorchester):

“These Loyalists who had adhered to the Unity of the Empire and joined the Royal Standard before the Treaty of Peace in 1783, and all their children and their descendants by either sex are to be distinguished by the following capitals affixed to their names: U.E., alluding to their great principle, the Unity of the Empire.”

The UELAC has a certification program where branch members, after submitting the appropriate genealogical documentation and form, can receive a certificate confirming their Loyalist ancestry.

Example of a UE certificate.

Once a member, work with our branch genealogist to verify this ancestral connection. The genealogist will provide direction and guidance. However, being a volunteer like the rest of us, the branch genealogist generally is not free to do the research.

Please contact St. Lawrence Branch genealogist Lorraine Reoch.
Email address:
Mailing address:
UELAC St. Lawrence Branch, Loyalist Resource Center
P.O. Box 607, 3 Augusta Street,
Morrisburg, ON, Canada, K0C 1X0.

Our new UE certificate form provides all the information required.

The fee for each certificate is $55, payable to the branch treasurer.
For groups where multiple family members are applying for the same ancestor at the same time, the first certificate is $55 and each additional certificate is $45.

Payment can be made to branch treasurer Michael Eamer in person, through e-transfer, or by cheque.
Email address:
Mailing address:
667 Hamilton Crescent,
Cornwall, ON  K6H 5N6.

All cheques should be made payable to the “St Lawrence Branch UELAC.” Please check with our branch treasurer before sending payment, in case of any change in price. For all payments and related inquiries, please contact Michael Eamer. His contact information is provided above.

For more information about UELAC membership and qualification for a UE certificate, please see the UELAC main membership page.