Loyalist Cemetery Profile: Salem United Church, Summerstown, ON

Name: Salem United Church Cemetery, Summerstown, ON

Location: 19041 County Road 2, Summerstown ON, K0C 2E0

Confirmed Loyalist Burials:

  • John Cameron (King’s Royal Regiment of New York)
  • William Rose
  • Donald McLean
  • Jacob Summers
  • Capt. John McKenzie (King’s Royal Regiment of New York)
  • John Grant
  • John Murchison

(Additional confirming research required on the above individuals. Also, research is required on their wives, who are also Loyalists in their own right.)


This cemetery is situated along Old Highway No. 2, east of Cornwall, in the tiny hamlet of Summerstown. It’s a peaceful spot, with many historical stones and stories to go along with them.

In 2004, member Mabel MacLean spearheaded a special project to erect a new stone in this cemetery, for her Loyalist ancestor John Cameron. The stone was unveiled in a ceremony that honoured all seven Loyalists known to be buried here.

Below is an example of an unusual plaque at this site, erected at a later date, which provides biographical details of Captain John McKenzie of the King’s Royal Regiment of New York. His beautiful sword belt plate, the only on in existence, is on display in the Glengarry, Nor’westers and Loyalist Museum in nearby Williamstown.

The cemetery grounds also feature stone walls, pictured below, that date from the period shortly after Loyalist settlement in 1784.

Additional information will be added to this page soon.