Loyalist Cemetery Profile: Cameron Farm Cemetery

Name: Cameron Farm Cemetery

Location: Near 5513-5759 McConnell Ave., Cornwall, ON (private land, inaccessible)

Confirmed Loyalist Burials:

  • John Cameron Sr. (civilian Loyalist)
  • Mary Cameron (wife of John Cameron Sr.)
  • John Cameron Jr. (child Loyalist)
  • List of others is forthcoming


This cemetery is on private land, owned by Cornwall Gravel Co., which operates a nearby quarry. The owners are said to recognize the importance of the site and are committed to preserving its existence. However, as an inactive and inaccessible cemetery, it is not maintained. The cemetery is a good example of a small family cemetery, as opposed to a larger community cemetery or that surrounding a church structure.

The cemetery is listed in the “Township of South Stormont Cemetery Master Plan” prepared by the municipality in October 2017, which provides additional details.

The story behind the main confirmed Loyalist buried here, John Cameron Sr.,¬† is different from your standard Loyalist settler. He was not a discharged soldier (although may have been enlisted with the King’s Royal Regiment of New York for a few weeks in 1777) but rather was a Loyalist who operated behind enemy lines in Tryon County, New York during the war. This fact was confirmed by Major James Gray, second-in-command of the King’s Royal Regiment of New York. His tombstone denotes that he was a “U.E.L.” (United Empire Loyalist), which is rare and probably due to the fact that the stone was erected later by his son, the infant Loyalist mentioned above.

A visit to the cemetery in 2013. From left to right, Jim Brownell, Rev. Fred Rennie, and Tammy Hart. The tombstone around which the group is assembled is that of John Cameron Sr., his wife Mary, and their son John Cameron Jr. (Photo courtesy of Christopher Cameron)

For more information on this cemetery, please refer to the Cornwall Community Museum page on the South Branch suburb of Cornwall.

We thank Christopher Cameron  for supplying the photographs for this page.