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Loyalist Trails

Loyalist Trails weekly e-newsletter

Loyalist Trails is an email newsletter, published every weekend, by UELAC. It contains items about the Loyalist era, as well as current Loyalist events from branches and elsewhere, queries, stories, anecdotes etc. There is no charge for this newsletter.

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About the Loyalist Gazette

Fall 2019 Gazette

The Loyalist Gazette is published twice yearly by the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, in the Spring and Fall.

The Gazette contains articles and pictures of particular interest to those with an interest in the American Revolutionary War period in history. Some articles which have appeared:

  • The French Artillery at Yorktown
  • Black Loyalists in Canada
  • The Loyalist Ancestors of Thomas Alva Edison
  • The American Loyalists and Australia: Matra's Proposal
  • Peter Oliver: Loyalist Historian
  • Standards, Guidons and Colours of the British Army and Provincial Corps During the American Revolution
  • Voyage of the 23rd Foot to New York in 1773
  • 84th Highlanders
  • Major Mordecai Myers: Citizen, Soldier, Loyalist
  • Submarine Warfare in the American Revolution
  • American Historians on the Loyalists, 1789-1932
  • The Mohawks of Quebec
  • The Battle and Massacre of Wyoming, Pennsylvania
  • Van Cortland Skinner and The New Jersey Volunteers
  • American Provincial Uniforms, 1776-1783
  • American-Jewish Loyalists

Regular Features Of The Gazette:

  • Branching Out – News from the Association branches
  • Loyalist Exchange – Loyalist items available to purchase

Loyalist Gazette Paper and Digital Versions

The Gazette was traditionally printed and mailed to members and subscribers. In recent years, a digital version has been offered as an alternative to the paper copy.

When a new issue is printed, a digital version is made available to members and subscribers at roughly the same time. Each digital issue becomes publicly available after one year.

The latest issues are available to members and paid subscribers. If you meet either of those requirements and would like to see that digital version, please complete the request form.

PLEASE NOTE: The official online archive of the Gazette is now at, and this ‘legacy’ archive page will eventually be redirected to the new one.

Reading the Digital copy of the Gazette

At this point the digital version is a pdf of the hardcopy issue which is black and white with colour front and back covers. The digital version however has colour throughout, which does make for a much more interesting reading experience.

There are some software tools (often free) that can enhance the reading experience further. One reader noted: “I downloaded the free Soda PDF 3D reader. I currently have Windows 8 on my laptop [it runs on a number of platforms]. With this app the pdf of the Gazette opens like a print magazine with page flip using the touch screen or by clicking to turn pages. It also has the pdf search options and menu options for rotating, bookmarks, annotation, go to page, etc. This side-by-side page turning is what I was looking for when we were first exploring the possibility of an electronic version of the magazine. This PDF 3D reader may be an option for others looking for another way to view the Gazette file. I think it is fantastic.” (This is not an endorsement of this product, but meant to be an example.)

Other Electronic Distribution of Articles from the Gazette

All content in the Loyalist Gazette is made available electronically, article by article, for sale through a royalty agreement with Thomson Gale, an international information provider. These copies through Thomson Gale's distributors provide an additional way for the general public to read various articles that appear in each issue of the magazine.

Gazette Submissions & Enquiries

Enquiries or submissions by authors should be mailed directly to:

Robert McBride, UE
Editor, The Loyalist Gazette
2260 North Esson Line
Indian River, ON
K0L 2B0

As information really needs to be received in an electronic format, please send a note to the Association – see our contact page - and you will be connected by email to the editor.

Gazette Subscriptions

Subscription Rates, Canada,the United States and other International:

  • Canada
    • One Year: $16.00
    • Two Years: $30.00
    • Three Years: $43.00
  • USA – please remit in U.S. Funds
    • One Year: $28.00
    • Two Years: $54.00
    • Three Years: $81.00
  • Other International – please remit in Canadian funds
    • One Year: $35.00
    • Two Years: $68.00
    • Three Years: $102.00

If you would like to subscribe to the Loyalist Gazette, send your cheque to UELAC, 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, ON M5T 1L4, or click here for an order form that you can print and mail.

Index to the Gazette

A comprehensive list of the main articles in the Loyalist Gazette – more detailed for more recent issues – is now available in PDF format.

(To search the documents, try the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F or use the Search function in Adobe Reader's Edit menu.)

Click here for the complete index to the Loyalist Gazette, updated to Spring 2017.

Alternatively, browse the table of contents for an individual issue (this is the same text available in the complete index):

Back Issues of the Gazette

The Loyalist Gazette has been published twice yearly since 1963, with the exception of 1987 (one issue), which was made up in 1989 (three issues). Back copies are available for purchase at the cost of $8.00 per copy, postage paid. The following issues are "out of print" but photocopies may be purchased at a cost of $5.00 per article or $10.00 for the complete issue.

  • VOL II # 1 — Spring 1964
  • VOL VII # 1 — Spring 1969
  • VOL IX # 1 — Spring 1971
  • VOL XII # 1 — Spring 1974
  • VOL XIV # 2 — Fall 1976
  • VOL XV # 1 — Spring 1977
  • VOL XVI # 1 — Spring 1978
  • VOL XVIII # 2 — Fall 1980
  • VOL XXI # 2 — Autumn 1983
  • VOL XXII # 1 — Spring 1984
  • VOL XXIII # 1 — Spring 1985
  • VOL XXVI # 1 — Fall 1988
  • VOL XXVII # 1 & 2 — Spring & Fall 1989
  • VOL XXVIII # 1 & 2 — Spring & Fall 1990
  • VOL XXXIII # 1 — Spring 1995
  • VOL XXXIV # 2 — Fall 1996
  • VOL XXXVII # 1 — Spring 1999
  • VOL XLIII # 1 — Spring 2005

Please contact Dominion Office for further information or to order back copies of the Gazette.

Advertising in the Gazette

The Loyalist Gazette, published twice yearly, focusses on the history of the Loyalist era and UELAC information. Its readership is primarily across Canada, but extends to the USA, the British Isles, Europe and abroad. This audience is interested in Canadian and American history and genealogy, especially the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Advertising space is limited, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Advertising rates range from $500 for a full page to $100 for a business card, with a discount for placement in multiple issues.

For more information contact the Gazette Editor