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Loyalist Trails UELAC Newsletter, 2006 Archive

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"Loyalist Trails" 2006-27 July 2, 2006


Spreading The Word about UELAC

Recently I had the opportunity to bring greetings on behalf of the UELAC to two locations where reenactments were involved.

Last weekend the 1812 Grand Tactical took place in Genesee Country Village, Mumford NY. It's a location somewhat like such Canadian locations as Upper Canada Village or Black Creek Pioneer Village, only bigger in terms of number of buildings. As it turns out, they had no knowledge of the UELAC, and I find it is best explained as a Canadian answer to the D.A.R. or S.A.R. rolled into one, and honouring what they would called 'the Tories'.

There were many celebrations on July 1st, but I attended the one in Bath ON, which involved the 2nd Battn. King's Royal Yorkers and the new Loyalist Fife & Drum Corps sponsored by the Bay of Quinte Branch. This young Corps is coming along very well, and it is a pleasure to play with them. It is worth noting that this Loyalist contingent led the parade, and the Fife & Drum Corps were named best band in the parade. Well done! I also brought greetings on behalf of the Association to the Reeve.

Next weekend there is an event at Crysler's Farm/Upper Canada Village, and I hope to touch base with some of our Eastern Ontario members.

...Peter W. Johnson U.E., President, UELAC {johnsonue AT sympatico DOT ca} how do I email him?

Loyalist Day in Saskatchewan June 19, 2006

June 19, 2006 a small group of Regina Branch Members, most in period costume greeted members of the public with programs for their 6th annual UEL Day in Saskatchewan held at the Cairn along the shore of Wascana Lake. Following the presentation of the Colours, the Royal Anthem was sung. "A Loyalist Prayer" was read in unison and a welcome was extended by Prairie Regional Vice-President Gerald Adair UE on behalf of Dominion Council. Fay Smith UE then read the poem "Cry of the Loyalist Refugee" by Corinna Wilson followed by remarks by Regina Branch President Logan Bjarnason UE. The program ended with the National Anthem and the retiring of the Colours. All present were then invited for tea and cake at the Members Lounge in the Legislative Buildings.

...Gerry Adair UE, RVP Prairie Region

Mohawk Bus Trip Oct 1-4 Status

The note could say that there is very few spaces left on the 2006 Loyalist Mohawk Valley Trip. If anyone would like to go, they should contact George Anderson or Edward Kipp or they may lose out on the trip.

George Anderson can be contacted at: andrew1 AT magma DOT ca, 64 Saginaw Cres, Nepean, ON K2E 5N7, (613) 226-6348. Edward Kipp can be contacted at: ekipp AT magma DOT ca, 6242 Paddler Way, Orleans, ON K1C 2E7, (613) 824-1942. how do I email them?

Black Loyalist Heritage Society: Sponsor-A-Book Programme, One Way to Help Rebuild

There are many opportunities to help the Black Loyalist Heritage Society of Nova Scotia rebuild their Reference Library after the disastrous fire this spring. With the significant loss of books and other reference materials, the Society decided to develop a "Sponsor-A-Book" programme, which is being managed through the Whirligig Bookshop. They provided Betty Camp of The Whirligig Book Shop in Shelburne with a wish list which included Carleton's Loyalist Index and The Loyalists, Pioneers and Settlers of the Maritimes. The Sir Guy Carleton Branch has already shipped a copy of the first and I will be mailing a copy of the latter by week's end. Also, I am including a copy of the wish list to help you become directly involved in the rebuilding. If you would like to "Sponsor-a-Book" from the list, contact the Whirligig Book Shop at 1-902-875-1117 or email {the DOT whirligig AT ns DOT sympatico DOT ca} how do I email them?. They will locate the missing copy, inform you of the cost and provide a tax receipt for your donation. Click here to see the list of books.

Debra Hill GRS(C), Registrar for the Black Loyalist Heritage Society, has also suggested that donations can be made directly to the office or to any Bank of Nova Scotia for the Black Loyalist Heritage Society Recovery Fund. Debra can be reached at or 1-902-875-1310 or PO Box 1194, Shelburne, NS, B0T 1W0. Their website is Debra anticipates the development of a special fund to acquire a new color-copier which would also eliminate the need for a fax, individual personal printers/printer desks, and some book-binding equipment.

As requested by the delegates at the 2006 Annual Meeting, the Finance Committee of UELAC will be authorizing a sizable donation to the Black Loyalist Heritage Society to assist them in their recovery. Individual members and Branches are also encouraged to contribute on their own.

...Fred H. Hayward, Sr. VP-UELAC

Book: "Historic Black Nova Scotia"

Recently I was introduced to Betty Camp of The Whirligig Book Store in Shelburne Nova Scotia. Her quick response to the losses of the Black Loyalist Heritage Society has resulted in the development of a “Sponsor-A Book Programme” which will be discussed in another article. On her store's website I discovered a new title that may enrich your library, "Historic Black Nova Scotia".

The history of Nova Scotia's black communities is a complex story of triumph and struggle, intertwined with the many stories of ancestors, destinies, and challenges. The knowledge and insight of veteran authors Bridglal Pachai and Henry Bishop provide welcome guidance to the mosaic of Nova Scotian black history in Historic Black Communities.

Eleven chapters explore the African presence in Nova Scotia, and range from topics such as the influence of the church and the African United Baptist Association (AUBA); pioneers in publishing, law, politics and business; the legacy of Africville; heroes of sports, military, arts, and volunteer activism; Historic Black Communities provides a comprehensive, but always accessible entry into the many realms of black influence.” Historic Black Nova Scotia , Bridglal Pachai & Henry Bishop ISBN - 1-55109-551-3 may be ordered from ($19.95 – PAPERBACK)

...Fred H. Hayward, VP-UELAC

An American View on Celebrating the Fourth with the Enemy: An American in Fredericton

The Fourth of July, as we all know, is Independence Day. Hurray for George Washington and the revolutionaries, down with King George and the British. That sort of thing.

But have you ever wondered what it's like on the other side? Have you ever celebrated the Fourth across the border in Canada, in that territory settled by pro-British "Loyalists" who fled the United States after the Revolutionary War? It is a most peculiar experience for one accustomed to the American way of viewing the events of 1776.

Click here for Dick Meister's Experience, a little tongue-in-cheek.

[submitted by Veronica James, New Jersey]

Keep searching, for ye may yet find...Portrait of Loyalist James Green

I recently found painted portraits of my Loyalist gx4 grandfather James Green (1747-1825) and his son Coles. James's daughter Mary Polly Green married Anthony Flower, an amateur painter and Queen's County, NB farmer. My great x 2 grandmother Amanda Flower Green married Winslow Bolton.

Yes, he is one of 22 great-whatever grandfathers I have found so far. James's wife was Elizabeth Carpenter and she accompanied him as did son Coles who was born in New York City in 1782. Her Loyalist father was Archelaus Carpenter, a sergeant in the Kings American Regiment. Both families were from North Castle, Westchester County, NY.

Finding the portrait was a bit of serendipity. I noted the curiosity of the middle name "Flower" in my great-grandmother

Bolton (Green) and in one of her grandkids. Then finding her great-grandfather James Green (a Loyalist). Tracking all of James's children showed that daughter Mary Polly Green had married an Anthony Flower, born 1792 in England - and the couple married and lived their lives in New Brunswick on the Washademoak branch of the Saint John River.

But why carry on the name of the husband of a remote great-aunt? It was only when I came across an article about the exhibit at the Beaverbrook Gallery in Fredericton of NB farmer/ amateur painter Anthony Flower (1792-1875) that the light bulb came on in my head. The article stated he had painted many family members - and imagine how I felt when I saw my great x4 and 3 grandfathers James and Coles Green! James was painted as a 75 year old man just 3 years before his death in 1825. Coles, Anthony Flower's wife's brother, was painted in 1840.

As you know there are very few paintings of any of our Loyalist ancestors, and then only of the "famous" ones. But Flower didn't paint the famous, only the common - to my very great fortune.

Check Flower out at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery where they have an exhibit underway. Click here and look under "Art Gallery" for my ancestors pictures.

...Dr. Stephen E Bolton UE, Trustee, UELAC, VP New Brunswick Branch

History and Research Resources for Palatines

This presentation was given at the Annual General Meeting of the UELAC in June, 2006 by Joan Lucas UE to the Branch Genealogists’ Workshop. The presentation was prepared by George Anderson UE and it covered information which he found over the years while researching the Palatines.

It begins by defining what a Palatine is, what is the Palatinate and how the name originated. The presentation then discusses why the Palatines left Germany and will deal with some of their migrations. The final section deals with repositories of Palatine information.

George's document/presentation has been posted here - under "Loyalist and Related Resources by Subject". It is a 9 pages and is stored as a pdf.

Many thanks George for sharing this.

Reference to Harriet Irving Library

A short description of the Harriet Irving Library, Loyalist Collection, at UNB has been added to our section Resources for Researching Loyalist History and Genealogy. Have a look at the list of resources as the page has been recently reorganized.

Aboriginal Documentary Heritage: Historical Collections of the Canadian Government

The National Library and Archives of Canada has added a significant amount of aboriginal historic content to their list of available online resources. Click here to read an overview and find links to the records.

[submitted by Rick Roberts, Global Genealogy]

Spring Gazette 2006 Puzzle Errors

Our apologies but there were two minor and one major error in the puzzles in the Spring Issue 2006 of the Gazette.

- In the "Scrabble" puzzle on page 8 there are two small errors, which should not prevent a solution

- 23 Across: It's often about 14 [not 7] proof

- 22 Down: Historic [not history] hockey team

- The Zig-Zag Puzzle on page 9 is missing the bottom row. Print a new version of the page here (pdf, 1 page).

Go to Puzzle errors in Spring 2006 Issue and from there you can print the one page Zig-Zag puzzle (it is stored as a pdf)

...Bob McBride and Michael Johnson

Additional Information for More Loyalists as Loyalist Directory Grows

Last year we began to post the beginnings of a Directory of Loyalists, which you can see at Since the initial list of some 3,000 names transcribed from the UE List were first posted, the Loyalist Information Committee has added two groups of information.

The names of Loyalists, whose surnames begin with "A" and "B", to whom one or more members have proved descent have been added. As well, Loyalist names which begin with "C" through "L" and were proved since 1998 have also been added. Each entry shows the name of the branch to which the member belonged and the date the application was approved. If you are one of those members and would like your name added as a proven descendant, just let me know. If you are really proactive, you can have your email address included as well. Explicit approval for either piece of information is required from you, but that can be accomplished by an email to me.

Several people have contributed additional data about their Loyalist ancestor, the Loyalist family and descendants. The list of these Loyalists and often the person who contributed the additional information is presented at Here are a few of the recent additions:

We welcome even a few pieces of additional data from you for your Loyalist ancestor, whether proved or not. Information on other Loyalists is also welcome. If you would like to add some data or people, send a note to me and I will give you some simple instructions.

...Doug Grant, Loyalist Information Committee

More Book Reviews Added to our Reference Section

Over the last week we have added several reviews to the Loyalist Book Reviews section.

We welcome book reviews to add to our reference section. They must be relevant to Loyalists. If the review has been published elsewhere, we also require that that other publication has given permission for the review to be posted elsewhere ie on our site.

...Web Site Committee - contact Ed Scott or Doug Grant

Loyalist Plates added to Monuments Section

The story of the Loyalist Monument plates has been added to our web site, as part of the monuments and commemoratives section.

Access to The Origins Network for 24 Hours on the 4th July

The following is an announcement from The Origins Network:

The Origins Network ( is offering free access to both British and Irish Origins on the 4th July to celebrate US Independence Day. Access will begin at 00.00GMT and will run until 08.00GMT on the 5th July 2006. In order to access, simply go to and click on the link to sign up or login.

The Origins Network services include subscription access to exclusive genealogy related collections on British Origins and Irish Origins, plus expert Scottish Old Parish records research on Scots Origins.

[contributed by David Kemlo, Kawartha Branch]

Last Post, BARR, Godfrey (U.E.L.)

Peacefully, in the presence of family, at the Friendly Manor Nursing Home in Deseronto, on Tuesday, June 27, 2006. Godfrey Elwood Barr at age 94. Beloved husband of the late Edith Barr (nee Jamieson). Dear father of Ealaine Lawlor (Ralph) of Deseronto; Thelma Ehman (Gerry) of Castlegar B.C.; and Freda Burns (John) of Tamworth. Funeral Service at Riverside United Church, Yarker on Friday, June 30 at 11:00 a.m. Interment St. Luke's Cemetery, Camden East. Orange Lodge Service on Wednesday evening at 8:45 and Masonic Lodge Service on Thursday evening at 8:45.

...Lynne Cook UE, St. Lawrence Branch

Insignia for Pennsylvania Engineers

Does anyone have or know where I can find an insignia for the Loyalist unit, Pennsylvania Engineers? They eventually were assimilated into a New York unit.

...Joyce Stevens {YankeeDD AT twmi DOT rr DOT com} how do I email her?

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