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The UELAC Loyalist Trails Newsletter Archive

Archived Issues

This is the 2006 archive of Loyalist Trails. For other years, start from the index page.

2006 Newsletters

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-50: December 31, 2006
- Library and Archives Canada Introduces Loyalist Research Resource Online
- New UELAC Web Section on Revolutionary War Military; Help Needed
- New Book: "A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution"
- Novel of American Revolution: "On the SPUR of SPEED" by J. E. Fender
- Kawartha Branch "Garrison Pioneer Cemetery" Project Update
- One Day Seminar, Two Topics, For Serious Genealogists in Toronto
- List of Contents of Past Issues of the Loyalist Gazette
- Loyalist Directory Updates:
      + Ward Chipman information added
      + Moses Hurlburt information added
      + Anthony Allaire information added
      + Duke William Kendrick information added
- Queries:
      + Hugh McKay with Daughter Elizabeth

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-49: December 24, 2006
- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
- Archives of Ontario to move to York University in 2009
- Last Post: Carolyn Hendry
- Loyalist Directory Updates:
      + Robert Lottridge information added
      + Moses Mount information added
      + Emmanuel Ellerbeck information added
- Queries:
      + Bible of Ellerbeck Family
      + William George Patriarch Family
      + Responses re J.F. in Old Loyalist List
      + Response re Butler's Company 'N'

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-48: December 17, 2006
- New Book: Polly, by Murray Killman, UE
- Books from the Loyalist Bus Tours
- Loyalist Hymn Sing, by Stephen Davidson
- Novels about the American Revolution
- Bryan Reginald Prentice, UE
- Queries:
      + Response re America-born members of British Regiments: Henry Davis
      + Response re American-born soldiers serving in British Regiments: William Current
      + Names of 35 New Jersey Volunteers, and William Current
      + Meaning of J.F. in "Old U.E.L. List"
      + Book on Loyalist Immigration to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
      + Benjamin Knapp, in Loyalist Directory

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-47: December 10, 2006
- Your Roving President - and new ways to promote the UELAC (not recommended)
- The Countdown Continues to the 2007 Conference in Windsor, Ontario
- 225th Anniversary of the Landing of the Loyalists in 2008
- Benjamin Knapp, Loyalist, added to Loyalist Directory
- Died This Day, 5 December 1837, Robert Moodie (Globe & Mail)
- Last Post: Duncan MacDonald
- Queries:
      + American-born Soldiers Serving in British Regiments

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-46: December 3, 2006
- U.E.L. Heritage Centre & Park Nominated for Award
- Died This Day 28 November 1698, Count Frontenac (Globe & Mail)
- Updates to Loyalist Directory:
      + William Scoles
      + Peter McIntosh
      + Benjamin Frelick

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-45: November 26, 2006
- Regina Branch Goes On-line
- Conference Update: "At The End of The Trail" May 31 - June 3rd, 2007 Windsor Ontario
- Comment on Daniel F. Johnson's Papers in New Brunswick
- The Ward Chipman Papers, New Brunswick
- A Chronology of Ontario History for Family Historians, By Rick Roberts
- Champlain Society Digital Collection
- Commons Approves Motion for State Funeral for Last World War Veteran
- Native American Honoured by Queen
- Last Post:
      + Margaret Henry
      + Mary Louise (Chapin) Williamson
- Died This Day:
      + James Bruce Elgin, 20 Nov. 1863 (Globe & Mail)
      + Sir Martin Frobisher, 22 November, 1594 (Globe & Mail)
      + Jonathan Odell, 24 November, 1818 (Globe & Mail)

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-44: November 19, 2006
- Loyalist Pets, by Stephen Davidson
- Loyalist Directory Update: John Collard
- William and Martha Casey House Project Underway: Bay of Quinte Branch
- A Loyalist Saluted: Bertha Brown UE (from the Guardian 9 Nov. 2006)
- Let us Remember too Those Who Helped Out on the Home Front
- Last Post:
      + Phillip Edward Meric Leith
      + Robert Morden UE
      + Duncan MacDonald
      + Carol Elizabeth Taggart
- Died This Day:
      + 14 November 1761, Louis-Joseph Gaultier de La Verendrye (Globe & Mail)
      + 15 November 1813, Leonard Covington (Globe & Mail)

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-43: November 12, 2006
- Petition for State Funeral for Last Veteran of WWI
- Remembrance Day 2006
- Halifax/Dartmouth Branch Donates Award
- Loyalist Fifes and Drums Receive Boost
- Biography of Nathaniel A. Garfield, by Roger Reid, UE
- Died This day, 11 November 1838, 80 Rebels
- Queries:
      + Information on Sherwood, Woodrow, Hastings, and McLeod Loyalists of New Brunswick

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-42: November 5, 2006
- Conference 2007 Update: "At The End Of The Trail"
- New Online Database for Canadian New Brunswick Research
- Successful Conference on Charles Wesley
- Gideon Glidden Descendants
- Joseph Brant and The Valiants
- Loyal She Remains
- Novels about the American Revolution Times
- Last Post: Keith McIntosh Cassleman, UE
- Queries:
      + Requests for Documentation or Pointers
      + Response re Cyrenius Parke

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-41: October 29, 2006
- Reading Clarkson's Journal: A Guilty Pleasure of the Loyalist Era, by Stephen Davidson
- We Came; We Saw; We Surrendered (sort of): Yorktown 225th
- Loyal then? Loyal now.
- The Valiants Memorial to be Unveiled 5 Nov. 2006
- Records of Freed Slaves to go Online
- 2007 will mark the 400th Anniversary of the Jamestowne Colony
- Died This Day, 19 October 1868: Laura Secord (Globe and Mail)
- Died This Day, 13 October, 1812: Isaac Brock (Globe and Mail)
- Last Post: Malcolm Dalton Loucks, M.B.E., U.E. (1910-2006)
- Queries:
      + Reponses re Revolutionary War Era Novels

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-40: October 22, 2006
- UELAC Web Site Redesigned
- Livingston Books
- The Queen - the new Movie
- Kawartha Branch at the International Plowing Match
- Mohawk Valley Bus Tour - The Leader-Herald Press Coverage
- Mohawk valley Bus Tour Visits Oriskany Battlefield
- Dufferin Heights Monuments Re-dedicated, by Townships Heritage
- Comments about Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone
- UELAC Member Remembered At A Reenactment
- Spooked About A Branch On The Family Tree
- "Ancestors in the Attic", a New Genealogy Series Hosted by Jeff Douglas
- Revolutionary Boost For New England Local History
- Queries:
      + UELAC Transactions
      + Response re Cyrenius Parks
      + Clarification: Clergyman's Period Clothing
      + Follow up: Research for Film on Queenston Heights
      + Response re novels (Jock Elliott's query)

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-39: October 1, 2006
- UELAC Conference 2007 "At The End of The Trail": The Countdown Begins
- 2007 Conference Challenge
- Hannah Owens Peters Jarvis, wife of William Jarvis, sister-in-law of Polly Jarvis Dibblee
- The Loyalist Linguistic Connection: Nova Scotia and Sierre Leone
- Ontario Veterans Memorial
- Bicentennial Branch Outreach into the Community
- Two Victoria Crosses Coming to St. Catharines
- Congratulations to Carl Stymiest
- Mohawk Bus Trip 2006 underway
- Queries:
      + Novels of the Revolutionary War Period
      + Information about Cyrenius Parks
      + Response re Elizabeth Betterly, first wife of William Carson
      + Response re Major Sheridan
      + Response re Period Clothing for a Clergyman

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-38: September 23, 2006
- My Calamitous Situation: The Life of Polly Jarvis Dibblee, by Stephen Davidson
- International Plowing Match
- Veterans' Memorial in Ontario
- DVD: Discovering Emma (Hay Bay)
- Bicentennial Branch Activities included in new School Text
- Little Forks, Hyatt School House
- Queries:
      + Major Henry Sheridan of the New York Volunteers
      + Response re Period Clergyman's Clothing

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-37: September 17, 2006
- Donation to Black Loyalist Society - Press Release
- Palatine Research happens everywhere
- Article about Polly [née Jarvis] Dibblee, widow of Loyalist Fyler Dibblee
- Her Majesty's Chapel of the Mohawks
- New Postings: Michael Showers Sr.
- Last Post: Keith Casselman, UE
- Died This Day, 13 Sept 1759: General James Wolfe
- Queries:
      + Period Clothing Pattern or Purchase
      + Response re John Hamm

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-36: September 10, 2006
- Congratulations to Mayann E. Francis, Lieutenant-Governor, Nova Scotia
- Mohawk Valley Bus Trip Oct 1-5, 2006
- Article about Capt. John Saunders, Queen's Rangers
- Orderly Books of the Crown Forces in America 1775 - 1784
- Palatine CD by Doris Ward (comment by George Anderson)
- Raising the Flag
- Last Post: Bogart Wilson Trumpour, QC., U.E.
- Queries:
      + Elizabeth (Betterly) Carson, wife of William Carson
      + Information on Thomas Nelson (and response)

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-35: September 3, 2006
- Progress at Birchtown
- Mohawk Bus Trip Oct 1-4
- "The Palatine Immigration to the Hudson River in 1710 - with the assistance of Queen Anne of England" (CD)
- Rose House Museum
- Friends and Enemies: The Colonial Albany Social History Project
- CD – Canada: The Loyalists of America and Their Times
- New Book Presents Innovative Study of Historic Camden Battle
- "Thoughts of Our Canadian Soldiers at War," by Brian Jones
- Last Post: Bill Hitchcox
- Queries:
      + Benjamin Hilton, Jr.
      + Elizabeth (Betterly) Carson
      + Compensation for Seizure of Loyalist Lands
      + Response re John Hamm

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-34: August 27, 2006
- New Web Site about Joel Stone UE, founder of Gananoque
- Pictures from UELAC Conference 2006 in Toronto
- Hamilton's Famous Family Takes a Trip
- Additional Info on George Chisholm in Loyalist Directory
- Book: True Stories of New England Captives Carried to Canada During the Old French and Indian Wars
- Note of Appreciation about Book on Niagara-on-the-Lake
- Died This Day:
      + 900 Shipwreck Victims, 21 August 1711 (Globe & Mail)
      + Peter Perry, 24 August 1851 (Globe & Mail)
- Queries:
      + John Mills and daughter Sarah Mills m. George Boyls
      + John Ham UE
      + Responses re Nicholas Drury

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-33: August 16, 2006
- UELAC Reports Reminder
- The Loyalist Moon
- Performance of "Molly Brant" Musical
- Battles and Regiments on the Internet
- Help Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Bay of Quinte Branch and Park: Sept 9
- UELAC Vancouver Branch: Celebrate The Landing of our Loyalist Ancestors [1783]
- Vancouver Branch 75th Anniversary Celebrations May 6, 2007
- Heraldry: The combination of Art and History
- Books:
      + Loyalists and Land Settlement in Nova Scotia
      + History of Niagara. (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)
      + The French Régime in Prince Edward Island (1720-1758)
- Queries:
      + D'objets anciens provenant de familles loyalistes installés au Québec
      + Information on Matthews of Matthews Strait
      + Jacob Wirt of Bladensburg in Naval Records
      + Information on Nicholas Drury

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-32: August 7, 2006
- Hamilton's United Empire Loyalist Monument Gets a Cleaning
- Loyalist Ditectory: Richard Cartwright added
- Queries:
      + Charlton Sword Cutler and Lacemaker
      + Response re John Mcnab (not)
      + Response re Loyalist ancestors at Queenston Heights

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-31: July 31, 2006
- Thanks for Lt. Jeremiah French Dedication in 2005; plans for 2009
- Prince Edward County Web Site
- Descendants Search: Battles of Queenston Heights and Plains of Abraham - Progress Report
- More Loyalist Monuments Added to UELAC Web Site
- Description of Branch Projects Updated
- Died This Day 27 July, 1812, Richard Cartwright - Globe & Mail
- Queries:
      + Dr. James Macnab
      + Edward Oxnard
      + Capt. Thomas Spragg, and sons Richard and Elijah

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-30: July 23, 2006
- Fredericton Branch Comment
- Free Day at UEL Heritage Park - August 2, 2006
- Loyalist Bibliography Updated
- Hyatt Schoolhouse, Little Forks Branch
- Dufferin Height Monuments Restoration Project in Stanstead Quebec
- Local heritage crumbling away; Province needs to take action, says local historian
- Irish Family History Workshop, August 19, 2006, Toronto Branch OGS
- Died This Day:
      + Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe (Tuesday, 18 July 1851)
      + General John Prideaux (Wednesday, 19 July 1759)
- Queries:
      + Response re Families of James Major Grant and Wife Penuel (Widow Grant)
      + Response re James Green Regiment
      + Response re Wright Weeks
      + Responses (2) re William Carley

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-29: July 16, 2006
- Crysler's Farm Battlefield Revisited...
- Fredericton Branch Members
- New Book: And Your Petitioner Will Ever Pray, by Linda Corupe
- Loyalist Directory has grown again
- Americans in Canada on July 4: Francis Asbury in 1811
- Chancellor Named Greatest Hamiltonian: Lincoln Alexander
- Queries:
      + Westchester Refugees (Delanceys) settled on Cobequid Road, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia
      + Information about the family of William Carle (Carley)
      + Information about Emanuel Ellerbach
      + Information about Adiel Sherwood
      + Information about Samuel James Boldrick and wife Amy Louise Meneilley
      + Portrait of James Green: Could he be...
      + Response re Film and Queenston Heights

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-28: July 9, 2006
- Celebrating Dominion and Independence Days: Doris Ward
- Black Loyalist Heritage Society of NS
- Request: Research for Film on Queenston Heights, Plains of Abraham
- Loyalist Settler to Canada: by Mary Bradshaw
- Searching for Your Revolutionary War Ancestor: Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
- Repairing old Photos
- Monuments Commemorating Loyalists
- Loyalist Rose at Experimental Farm
- Book: Canadians in the Civil War by Clair Hoy
- Publishers in Canada; Changes to ISBN
- Remembering Ivan Mitchell
- Died This Day - Louis Quesnel, 4 July 1809
- Please Add More Information in Submissions for Loyalist Trails
- Queries:
      + Families of James Major Grant and Wife Penuel aka Widow Grant

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-27: July 2, 2006
- Spreading The Word about UELAC
- Loyalist Day in Saskatchewan June 19, 2006
- Mohawk Bus Trip Oct 1-4 Status
- Black Loyalist Heritage Society: Sponsor-A-Book Programme, One Way to Help Rebuild
- Book: "Historic Black Nova Scotia"
- An American View on Celebrating the Fourth with the Enemy: An American in Fredericton
- Keep searching, for ye may yet find...Portrait of Loyalist James Green
- History and Research Resources for Palatines
- Reference to Harriet Irving Library
- Aboriginal Documentary Heritage: Historical Collections of the Canadian Government
- Spring Gazette 2006 Puzzle Errors
- Additional Information for More Loyalists as Loyalist Directory Grows
- More Book Reviews Added to our Reference Section
- Loyalist Plates added to Monuments Section
- Access to The Origins Network for 24 Hours on the 4th July
- Last Post, BARR, Godfrey (U.E.L.)
- Queries:
      + Insignia for Pennsylvania Engineers

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-26: June 25, 2006
- Map of the Province of New York, dated 1779
- Loyalist Mural at Jarvis Collegiate Toronto
- Shelburne NS Meeting: Loyalist Landing 2008 Celebrations (held June 22)
- Loyalist Gazette Index
- Sir Guy Carleton Branch donates Gazette subscription
- Capt. John Saunders, Queen's Rangers, Chief Justice New Brunwsick
- Canadian Heritage Gallery
- Brock conquers Hwy. 405; Province honours war hero by naming highway after him
- Note about Hazel Smith-McKay
- Died This Day, Benedict Arnold, Globe & Mail, June 20, 2006
- Queries:
      + Response re Loyalist Foods
      + Response re Bernard SNELL

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-25: June 18, 2006
- Bay of Quinte Branch: Thanks And Congratulations
- Ontario Loyalist Day celebrations by many branches
- Loyalist Rose at Ottawa's Experimental Farm
- Clash of Empires Exhibit at Canadian War Museum
- Fixing old Photos
- Canadian Census Research Online
- CanQuotes from Canadawiki
- Officers of UELAC
- Remembering Ivan Mitchell UE, 1930-2006
- Last Post:
      + SMITH McKay – Hazel May UE, 1902-2006
      + GRANT – Peter Stuart (Scotty), 1924-2006
- Queries:
      + Response re Food the Loyalists Ate
      + More on the Blue Loyalist Plate
      + Joel Stone (1749-1833) was the Loyalist founder of Gananoque
      + Barnett Schnell

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-24: June 11, 2006
- Loyalist Day Celebrations
- Correction to "Molly Brant: a Two Act Musical Drama"
- School Visit by Bicentennial Branch in Windsor
- The Global Gazette, from Global Genealogy
- Last Post: Ruth Estella Vanderlip
- Queries:
      + Queries can help: John Dease
      + Researching Military at a Specific Location and Time
      + Responses re Value of Blue Plate
      + Response re Johnson's Bush
      + Response re Mathias Rose
      + Response re Matthias and Samual Rose
      + Response re Land Grants

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-23: June 7, 2006
- Message from New UELAC President, Peter Johnson
- History Channel items from last week
- Reenactors Dream: Fort Montgomery for Sale
- Celebrate Quinte Loyalists 50th Anniversary
- Index to New Jersey Marriage Records 1848-1867 Online
- "Research Loyalist Ancestors" Online Course: Instructor Brenda Dougall Merriman, CG, CGL
- Aboriginals and the Canadian Military: past, present, future
- Last Post: Jack Lewis UE
- Queries:
      + Food the Loyalists Ate
      + Matthias Rose Family
      + When was Land First Offered?
      + Blue Loyalist plate: What would be its current worth
      + Information on Ebenezer Pratt Family
      + Response re Johnson Bush

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-22: May 28, 2006
- Conference Update: Promotions at Conference
- The Bicentennial Branch Goes Back to School
- Bicentennial's Loyalist Program Makes the Big Time
- Loyalist Day in Saint John May 18: Pictures
- The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson: Book on Microfilm
- Ontario's Loyalist Day plans: Hamilton Branch
- Moose Creek GRANT Reunion
- A Movie on Early George Washington
- The Revolution (Boston, Bloody Boston)
- New Production of Molly Brant
- Last Post: Hazel May (Wagar) McKay, UE
- Queries:
      + Response re: Thomas Dowe
      + Johnson's Bush

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-21: May 21, 2006
- Conference Update: Prizes and Promotions UELAC
- UE - Mark of Honour: the Latest Daylily
- Addendum: Major John Richardson
- Reenactment Dates in 2006
- DeLancey's Brigade
- New Brunswick's Loyalist Day Celebrations: New Brunswick Branch
- UELAC Executive Keeps Busy
- Mohawk Bus Trip, Oct 1-4, 2006
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- American Revolution Memorial Service
- Queries:
      + Details on Shadrack Ball
      + Ancestors and Family of James Alexander (Sandy) Dow
      + Response to Query re Genevieve (Lilian) (Orno) Froats

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-20: May 14, 2006
- Edmonton Branch Tree Planting and Plaque Project
- 2006 Loyalist Mohawk Valley Trip
- 1851 Census at Library and Archives Canada
- Jackets from the Promotions Committee
- Congratulations: Golden wedding anniversary
- Conference Update:
      + A Capital Bus Tour, Friday morning June 2
      + A Guide to Tracing Loyalist Ancestors in Upper Canada
      + Stop the Press! Get your Book Signed
- Died This Day:
      + May 11, 1852: John Richardson (Globe & Mail)
      + May 13, 1708: Francois de Laval, 1708
- Queries:
      + Information on Genevieve (Lilian) (Orno) Froats, ON Archives help
      + Response re Major James Rogers
      + A Loyalist's History: Peter Fitzpatrick

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-19: May 7, 2006
- Honorary UELAC President, Peter Milliken UE at Conference
- Book Launch at Conference
- 2006 Census, please help
- "Let Loose Our Library" Donation from Vancouver Branch
- Proving to First Nations Loyalist Ancestors
- Historical Fiction Novels covering the American Revolution Provide Insight
- Recruiting Practices of the King's Rangers
- Last Post: Ivan Mitchell
- Queries:
      + Carpentry in Loyalist Times (for a school project)
      + Map of Patents in New York at the time of the American Revolution

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-18: May 2, 2006
- Canadian Census - May 16, 2006
- Test Your Loyalist Knowledge!! (If you didn't find the quiz two weeks ago)
- Proving Loyalist Descent from First Nations People
- Why the nation needs a Queen of Canada: Globe and Mail, 25 April 2006
- Niagara Historical Society & Museum Plans Centennial of Memorial Hall
- Last Post: George Casselman
- Queries:
      + King's Rangers under Major James Rogers
      + Loyalists from North Carolina

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-17: April 27, 2006
- Conference Update: Dr. Carl Benn on 'Iroquois Warfare, 1754-1814'
- New Brunswick First Families
- 2006 Loyalist Mohawk Valley Trip
- The British Union Jack (aka the Loyalist Flag) Turns 400 on 12 April 2006
- An Addendum to History Detectives - Daniel Dunham
- Revised "Molly Brant" Chamber Opera April 30
- Black Loyalist Heritage Society's office in Birchtown Burned
- Subject: Last Post Gordon Arthur Bloom
- Queries:
      + Information on Lemuel Lester Lincoln
      + James Cowell Turner and Rachel Turner (Sylvester) Family
      + Doing UEL Proofs for First Nations Descendants
      + John Dease and Sir John Johnson
      + Response re Cartwright Patent (Kortright's Patent)

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-16: April 17, 2006
- Sir Guy Johnson Map of 1771
- From Rebel to Loyalist
- Thanks for responding to a query
- Rare musket escapes furnace, By Paul Morse, The Hamilton Spectator
- Test Your Loyalist Knowledge!!
- Dorothy Duncan Award to be presented to Greater Harvey Historical Society
- Hamilton Branch Newsletter Posted on the Web
- Queries:
      + Query: Looking for information on John Colwell's family
      + Query: Seeking information on Younglove/Wonch family of Burford
      + Query: Cartwright Patent
      + Query: Information on the Folnsbee Family
      + Response re Weldon Pickel UE
      + Response re Halifax Harbourmaster - Lawrence
      + Response re John Dease

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-15: April 9, 2006
- Promotions Committee Pins
- Gilbert Hyatt Highway status and help
- Congratulations to our Honorary President
- Little Forks Branch Project: Little Hyatt One-room Schoolhouse
- Doug: Region Seminar
- Queries:
      + Halifax
      + Fyler Dibblee
      + Information on Harvey Reginald MacMillan
      + Information on Weldon U. Pickel 1877-1958
      + Information on The Honourable Frank Lindsay Bastedo, KC, UE 1886-19??
      + Response re John Carley
      + Response re John Dease
      + Response (2) re John Dease

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-14: April 2, 2006
- "A Capital Experience": Lincoln Alexander
- Planning for Loyalist Day: Kawartha Branch
- American designer for Queen's 80th birthday cover
- Help to Restore Andrew Hamm's Gravestone
- Obituary for John Merz
- Queries:
      + Information on Dr. John Dease, son of Ann Johnson
      + Information on John Carley

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-13: March 26, 2006
- Family notes from Doris Ward, North Carolina
- Mohawk Valley Bus Trip, Oct 1-4, 2006 to visit Schenectady
- Census Day 2006 Coming Quickly; Say Yes
- Philipsburg Ledgers Surface; More Loyalist Information
- Did He Fire the Long Distant (Lucky) Shot? Can you help?
- Visit to Halifax last week; Niagara Col. John Butler Branch April 1

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-12: March 19, 2006
- "A Capital Experience" Conference Update
- The Home District Loyalists Project by Toronto Branch
- Mohawk Bus Trip 2006 to Visit Oriskany Battlefield, New York State Historic Site
- Vancouver Branch Refreshes their Website
- Lecture: The British Navy on the Great Lakes During the War of 1812, in Guelph
- Visit to Halifax/Dartmouth
- Queries:
      + Information about Falkners of Lancaster

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-11: March 12, 2006
- Conference Update: Recently Confirmed Speakers
- Visit "Fort Johnson" on the Mohawk Bus trip Oct 1-4, 2006
- Additions to the Library "Let Loose Our Library" Project
- Loyalist Portraits: Do You Know Where They Are?
- Adolphustown Map
- Queen Anne Silver
- Portrait Gallery of Canada Acquires Important Loyalist Portrait
- Queries:
      + Sir Guy Carleton descendant?
      + Response re New Brunswick Banks

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-10: March 5, 2006
- Conference 2006: "Salute to York" welcoming reception
- "Let Loose our Library" Challenge by Vancouver Branch
- Donation to Library
- Sir John Johnson Vault Project
- Nelles Family Additional Notes
- Map of Adolphustown area and Dorland family
- First Man hanged in Brockville, Nov. 17, 1853
- WHITE SAVAGE: William Johnson and the Invention of America
- Queries:
      + John Chambers and Robert Land

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-09: February 25, 2006
- North Carolina: Davis, Derrickson and Simcoe Information
- "The Reminiscences of Mrs. John Collins Clark, 1865" by Linda Corupe
- Toronto Branch Web Site
- Death Notice: Winifred (Peggy) Willis, UE
- Bicentennial Branch Celebrates Heritage Days:
- Hamilton Branch Honours Black History Month
- Storm reveals long-lost wall at Fortress Louisbourg: CBC News
- Revolutionary War Weekend at Fort Pitt
- Congratulations and thanks to you, our readers and contributors
- Queries:
      + Info on Mary Perkins dau Wm Perkins UE and m Andrew Moore Kennedy
      + Description of "Settling the Land"
      + Influence of United Empire Loyalists on Canada

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-08: February 19, 2006
- Conference 2006 Update
- See "Fort Johnson" on the Mohawk Valley Bus Trip Oct 1-4, 2006
- UELAC "Promotions" Items and Dominion Council
- A Visit Planned to North Carolina
- New England States Historical & Genealogical Conference: Nashua New Hampshire
- Doris Ward's Nelles Connections
- British, German, and Loyalist Officers in the American Revolution
- Celebrating Heritage Days
- Queries:
      + Black Loyalists in Brampton
      + Christiana Wyman, Peter Wyman

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-07: February 12, 2006
- Camp Security: Can you help?
- A Bit of Canadian Loyalism in North Carolina
- Bay of Quinte Branch UELAC: Broader Community Promotion: A Feasibility Study
- Queries:
      + Loyalist Directory: Basnet Dell
      + Response re Elizabeth Everett's family
      + Loyalist Heritage Sites in Nova Scotia
      + Banks in New Brunswick

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-06: February 4, 2006
- Died This Day, January 28, 1776, Edward Cornwallis (Globe & Mail)
- USA Library of Congress Map Collections: 1500-2004
- Error in Land Claims note from last issue:
- Mark of Honour, by Hazel Matthews
- A Second perspective on Sir Frederick Middleton
- The Monarchy and The Constitution
- Thanks for Information on John Chisholm
- "Settling Canada" – A New Resource
- First Premier, Explorer Grave Markers Deteriorating
- 1901 Canadian Census - One Step Search
- Queries:
      + Elizabeth Everett's family
      + Response re VAUGHN/HAWLEY

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-05: January 29, 2006
- "Early Days, the Birth of Public Education in Ontario"
- Response to Query about Land Grants: Were they part of compensation for claims?
- Response to Query about John Chisholm, Queenston
- Died January 24, 1898: Sir Frederick Middleton (Globe & Mail Died This Day)
- The Black Loyalists: A Digital Collections site
- Queries:
      + Information on John Vaughn (Vaughan)
      + Muster Roll, Queen's Rangers, Aaron Sweezy

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-04: January 23, 2006
- GENE-O-RAMA in Ottawa on March 17 to 18, 2006
- Died This Day, January 11, 1700: Margeurite Bourgeoys (The Globe and Mail 11 Jan 2006)
- Assistance Required for New Loyalist Display
- Queries:
      + John Chisholm, Loyalist, Settled in Niagara Township
      + Land Grants: Were they part of compensation for claims?

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-03: January 16, 2006
- A Capital Experience: UELAC Conference 2006 in Toronto
- "Let Loose our Library" Project
- Stripes, Stars and Dollar Signs: A Revolutionary Flag returns home to USA
- Letter of Appreciation from Harriet Irving Library, Fredericton
- New Hampshire Genealogy & History Fair Saturday 4 March
- Queries:
      + William Everhart Wager Descendants

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-02: January 8, 2006
- The Settlers of the Beekman Patent
- Thanks for the information and queries which make Loyalist Trails interesting
- Personal Information and Privacy Legislation
- Census 2006 asks Permission Question
- Editor of, Elizabeth, Lapointe Named as Director - International/At Large
- PBS TV documentary on the French and Indian War titled "The War That Made America": GOFFE'S PROVINCIALS
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2006-01: January 1, 2006
- "Let Loose Our Library" Project and Fund Raiser
- Vancouver Branch UELAC Library & Resource Centre
- Loyalist Research Resources
- George and Anna Okill's Silver Tankard from 1742
- More about People from Stone Arabia, Mohawk Bus Trip
- More Vankoughnet information
- Loyalist Directory Additions: Cooke and Burwell