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The UELAC Loyalist Trails Newsletter Archive

Archived Issues

This is the 2005 archive of Loyalist Trails. For other years, start from the index page.

2005 Newsletters

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-44: December 27, 2005
- 2006 Mohawk bus trip will visit Stone Arabia
- Reconciliation or Destruction: The Warnings of Loyalist Pamphleteers by James Finelli
- Loyalist Bibliography has been updated
- First [Upper Canada] Parliament Site Saved For Future Generations
- PBS tv documentary on the French and Indian War, "The War That Made America"
- Clash of the Empires: The British, French and Indian War, 1754-1763
- Directory of Loyalists: Philip Buck information

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-43: December 18, 2005
- The Friends of the Loyalist Collection at Brock University
- Responses to Matthews and Lount Loyalist connection
- Archives: Loyalist Society Proposed - The Empire, Toronto, October ??, 1894
- Response: Chocolate Query
- Loyalist Directory Addition
- Announcing "Book Reviews", a new section to our Web site
- Response to query about The Vankoughnets
- Schenectady Digital History Archive
- Loyalist Promotions: Price Increase for Clothing

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-42: December 10, 2005
- Query from Response to Query from Manitoba Branch: Pickel-Sherwood, Riselay-Sipes
- Query: Nicholas Mosher
- Responses to Van Koughnet Query
- Died This Day, December 9, 1839: James Kavanagh and James Henderson (Globe & Mail)
- Died This Day, December 8, 1838: Peter Matthews and Samuel Lount (Globe & Mail)
- Loyalist Directory Additions
- Stamp: United Empire Loyalists, 1776-1784
- Chocolate Query Status

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-41: December 4, 2005
- Obituary: Ruth Susan Ellsworth
- Query: R. Vankoughnett and Loyalists
- Query: Calling Chocolate Experts
- Response to Query from Manitoba Branch: Pickel-Sherwood, Riselay-Sipes
- New "Loyalist Fife and Drum Corps"

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-40: November 26, 2005
- Governor General as Patron of UELAC
- Letter from Governor General
- Query: Fees associated with Loyalist Land Grants
- The Loyalist Gazette: Time to Start on the Spring Issue
- Invitation to Tea: New Members To be Guests
- Response to Query about Slaves in Williamsburg Township
- Query from Manitoba Branch: Pickel-Sherwood, Riselay-Sipes
- Hamilton Branch newsletter

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-39: November 20, 2005
- 2006 Fall Loyalist Mohawk Valley Trip
- Query: Slaves of Wiliamsburg Township
- Ordering The Founders of Hay Bay Church
- Louisa Billopp Portrait by Robert Field
- Victoria Memorial Square Restoration Project
- Query: Video, photographic and audio recordings from Jeremiah French Dedication
- Notes from Doug: Visit to Bicentennial Branch

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-38: November 10, 2005
- Remembrance Day Video
- Query about ISBN's
- Loyalists of New Jersey
- Query: Ship "Duke of Richmond's" Passenger List
- Query: Family of John Longstreet
- O'Hea's Cross
- Chainbreaker: The Revolutionary War Memoirs of Governor Blacksnake
- Some 1911 census indexing
- Fall Gazette is being Mailed
- A Pioneer ABC, a New Picture Book Presents Well our Loyalist Heritage

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-37: November 5, 2005
- Col. Edward Jessup Branch Awards Bursary
- The Loyalists 1984 Stamp and the UEL Cultural Centre
- Response: List of Loyalists from New Jersey
- Donation of Two Books on New Brunswick to Dominion Library
- Self-Serve Digital Copying Pilot Project at Library and Archives Canada
- Remembrance Day
- Comment re Red Ensign in Last Week's Issue
- Forts William Edward and William Henry celebrate Their 250th Anniversaries
- Visit to Heritage Branch

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-36: October 29, 2005
- Response to Legalities after the Revolution
- Hay Bay Church Founders Book To Be Launched
- Anniversary of Persons Case
- Red Ensign as an Official Ensign for Canada
- Query: List of Loyalists from North Jersey
- Bus Tour Booklets for Sale
- Loyalist Images Online
- Loyalist Rose, Cameron Connection

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-35: October 23, 2005
- The New Loyalist Index, Vol. 4 by Pail J. Bunnell now available
- Query concerning legal issues after the revolution
- Request for a Paper Loyalist Flag
- The Loyalist Rose-Registration Query
- Died this day, Richard John Uniacke, 1830
- From Doug

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-34: October 9, 2005
- Response to query about John Freeman
- St. Andrews West and St. Lawrence Branch Meeting
- "Lessons in Loyalty" by Ron Cooksey now available
- Response to Query about Edward Struthers
- A Rich Resource for Quebec Educators

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-33: September 30, 2005
- Query for Assistance from our Scholar Kelly Bennett
- Responses to last week's query from Julia Hou, Chongqing, China
- Portrait Gallery of Canada, Query about an Acquisition
- Response to Query by Jack Freeman about John and Thomas Freeman
- Camp Security, More information
- Query: The Musical "Loyalties"
- Loyalist Enthusiast Noreen Stapley Lives History Teaching Children
- Update on the Burritt-Ruiter Family (re)Union
- Update on the Gilbert Hyatt Highway Battle

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-32: September 22, 2005
- UELAC's Trustee Gets Press
- Membership Drive
- Officials unveil unique new addition to United Empire Loyalist monument
- A Special Speaker for Kingston
- Request from China for student assistance
- Youth re-enact 1812 Battles
- Queenston Heights Battlefield Walking Tour: Saturday, October 1
- Youth re-enact 1812 Battles
- "Powderhorn to Plow" exhibit, Mississauga
- Quebec Heritage News

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-31: September 5, 2005
- Loyalist Monument Re-dedicated in Belleville
- 2006 Fall Loyalist Mohawk Valley Bus Trip
- Query: Fanningsboro (The Town That Never Was)
- Update: "Early Settlers Along the Niagara River Parkway" by Colonel John Butler Branch
- Ontario Unveils Design for New Veteran's Memorial
- Died this day, Aug 31: Jean Boudreau

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-30: August 25, 2005
- Loyalist Information Directory
- Query: W.A.C. Bennett and Harvey R. MacMillan
- Camp Security at Risk
- Battle for a Nation's Birthright
- Ottawa B&B - do you need a place to stay while researching in Ottawa?
- Arthur St. Clair, Died This Day, August 23, 2005, Globe & Mail
- John Harris, Died This Day, August 25, 2005, Globe & Mail

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-29: August 19, 2005
- Queries
      + Seeking copy of Patriot
      + Response: The correct title of the film is Revolution
      + Philip Buck & wife Anna Marguerite (Margaret) Saultman or Saltzman
      + Peter Miller, Niagara River Loyalist
      + Response to Badgley Family Query
- Seeking Descendants of Early Settlers in York from Jarvis School
- Peter Jennings
- Daniel Service/Serviss/Servos
- Reenacting Beyond the Battle Field and Encampment
- Thomas and John Freeman
- Candlelight Tour, The Isaac Winslow House
- Plaques to Oronhyatekha and Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawk

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-28: August 10, 2005
- Human Rights Violations in the American Revolution
- In the good old days, the Gazette cost just....
- History Detectives: Daniel Dunham and the Cutting Room Floor
- William Secord Servos and Daniel Servos
- Completed Project: John Cameron Tombstone by Mabel MacLean, St. Lawrence Branch
- "Crown Grants of Loyalists and the Early Settlers along the Niagara River Parkway": Col. John Bulter Branch
- Query: Badgley Family
- Amazing Loyalist Adventure: Prince Edward County Sept 17-23
- UELAC advertisement in The Beaver Magazine
- At Lundy's Lane Cemetery, some of many notables

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-27: August 4, 2005
- The online Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada
- William Secord Servos: another tidbit
- "Adventures of a paper sleuth" by Hugh P. Macmilla, UE
- Rose Museum, Waupoos
- Response to Query on Loyalist Charles Church
- History Detectives: Daniel Dunham

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-26: July 27, 2005
- Molly Brant, by Augusta Cecconi-Bates
- Boundary Matters and "Double Loyalists"
- Cloth and Clothing for Loyalist Ladies (Responses to last week's query)
- Loyalist Period Clothing - Web Resource
- Query: Loyalist Charles Church
- GOLF SHIRTS from Promotions Committee
- Lost Villages Tour
- Loyalist Anglican clergymen: Ron Cooksey
- History Detectives" Loyalist Episode
      + Greetings from Seattle!
- Symposium: The Western Frontier: Plantation Society in Colonial New York, 1750-1775

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-25: July 21, 2005
- History Detective to Air
- Query: Period Clothing
- Crysler's Farm Battlefield
- Ballad On The American War
- Died on this day in history
      + Antoine Daniel, 1648
      + Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville, 1706
      + William Hamilton Merritt, 1862
- Elias Smith, the founder of Port Hope
- Colonial Connecticut Records
- The Sovereign Collection at Bronte Creek in Oakville

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-24: July 7, 2005
- Canada Day Celebrations
- Canadian Red Ensign
- Boundary Matters
- Query on access to research materials
      + Joseph AVERY U.E.
      + Benoni SMITH's
- Query re small canon ball
- Col. Edward Jessup Branch Helps Open Courthouse
- The American Rebellion, by Rudyard Kipling
- Kingston's Oldest Resident, Lulu Smith, 108, passes away
- Query: Rose Museum, East Waupoos, North Marysburgh
- Update on William Secord Servos
- New Tombstone For Loyalist Lieutenant Jeremiah French (update)
- From doug

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-23: July 1, 2005
- Gilbert Hyatt Road: Big Step Forward
- Golf Shirts Available in Ladies' style, New Colours
- Found Earring at Regina Conference
- Error correction: Col. John Butler Branch
- Festive Red, White and Blue UELAC Booth a Hit at BC Highland Games & Festival
- Projects by Branches, Individual Members and UELAC
      + Colonel John Butler Branch Involved with Grave Restoration
      + Grand River Branch Marks Loyalist Cemeteries in the Long Point Settlement
      + Loyalist Day Dedication of New Tombstone For Loyalist Lieutenant Jeremiah French
- Outreach Activities at London Branch
- Response to Query about Parents of Edward West, Loyalist, Kingsclear NB by Pauline West Keehn (Issue 2005-22)
- Death Notices
      + Joy, Eric F.
      + McBride, Stanley Armstrong (UE)
      + Shouldice, Phyllis Gertrude (UE)
- Pronunciation of Route

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-22: June 22, 2005
- Query: Parents of Edward West, Loyalist, Kingsclear NB
- A question of Uniforms
- Jeremiah French grave marker unveiling
- Flag Rising, June 17, 2005: Kawartha Branch
- Col. John Butler Branch Raises Loyalist Flag
- Loyalist Stamps
- Friend of the Museums of Burlington: Joseph Brant Day

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-21: June 14, 2005
- Loyalist Days in Saskatchewan and Ontario June 19
- Loyalist Cairn Unveiled at UEL Conference in Regina
- Saint John Takes Time to Celebrate Its History
- Postage Stamp Honouring The Right Honourable Ellen L. Fairclough
- Wickwares (continued)
- County of Peterborough Awards Recognition 2005 to David Kemlo
- "Little Hyatt One-Room Schoolhouse" and Little Forks Branch Activities
- Query: Loyalist Action for Compensation
- A Loyalist in the Garden (Part 2)
- Future Conferences

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-20: June 7, 2005
- Music Dedication on CBC2 to Logan and Shirley Bjarnason
- Loyalist Days in Saint John May 18
- Molly Brant, by Augusta Cecconi-Bates
- Field Experiences in Canadian History
- Compensation for Loyalists vs Loyalist Land Grants
- The Earl of Wessex: Prince Edward: in Saint John and then in Toronto-
- Stamped Book
- Queries
      + Western New York
      + Information on Robert Wright of Sidney
      + Information on the Wickwares
      + Display and Joel Stone

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-19: May 31, 2005
- Vancouver Branch celebrates New Westminster's Multicultural Days
- Simon Fraser (1776-1862) and the Fearsome River
- Compensation for Loyalists vs Loyalist Land Grants
- John Saunders died this day (May 24, 1834): Globe & Mail
- UEL Heritage Centre & Park Open for its 49th Season
- Updates to List of "Books for the Young at Heart"
- A Loyalist Story in The Beaver: Mary Secord Crookston Beebe Pearson
- Atlantic Regional Meeting
- Grand River Branch to Celebrate Loyalist Day, June 19
- Loyalist Glengarry Day Trip (Saturday, September 17, 2005)
- Queries:
      + Response re Definition of Treasury Loyalist
      + Response re KRRNY Research: Did a RUSK serve in the KRRNY?
      + Quebec Plan
      + Stamped Books

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-18: May 24, 2005
- Loyalist Display, Charlie Campbell Museum, Kingsville Historical Park
- Lady Loyalists: we got cousins
- The Friends of the Loyalist Collection at Brock University
- The Spring Fleet ... in Vancouver
- History Detective: News gets around
- The Winslow Papers at the University of New Brunswick
- Loyalist Day June 19 Plans for Ontario
- Queries:
      + Treasury Loyalists
      + Response re Captain Henry Ruiter family

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-17: May 8, 2005
- Pick up Your UELAC Promotions at Conference in Regina
- Loyalist Pictures: Thanks from Suzanne Richiardone
- Lady Loyalists
- Interest in Loyalists is Broader than we Realize
- Louisa Plays On, and Helps the Hyatt School House
- Queries:
      + Cryderman Family
      + Loyalist Food in the Campaign
      + Information on Captain Henry Ruiter family
      + What is a "Treasury Loyalist"?
      + Re: Are These People Loyalists
      + Re: Pictures of Loyalists along the St. Lawrence

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-16: May 2, 2005
- Atlantic Region Seminar May 17-18
- 'Westward Ho' Conference
- 2004 "Tour of Historic Sites" Booklet
- Letter from Ian Wilson, Librarian and Archivist of Canada
- Oath of Allegiance to the Queen of Canada by American Citizens
- Students Experience Loyalist Survival
- Queries:
      + Seeking pictures to use for the History Detective Series
      + Can you help David by identifying proven Loyalists?

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-15: April 26, 2005
- Regina "Westward Ho" Conference
- Successful New England Historical Society Research trip March 28 - April 2
- One Step Done; One to Go: 1911 Census
- Oath of Allegiance on Certificate Application
- Seeking Information on the Loyal Surrey Rangers
- Loyalists Get Press in History Mystery
- Population of Canada around the time of the Loyalists
- Caleb Lewis Loyalist

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-14: April 15, 2005
- Bernice Wood Flett Scholarship Winner
- Regina Cairn Plaques are Completed
- Calling Descendants and Others of Those in Battle of Huck's Defeat
- New Brunswick Archives Records Online
- Library and Archives Canada, Genealogy Centre
- UELAC Colloquium (Regional Seminar) in London
- A well-balanced family history
- Subscriptions welcomed from everywhere
- Oath to the Queen on the Certificate Application
- Students at Kilbride Research Local Loyalist History, Ruth Nicholson
- Canadian Genealogy television show announced
- Discovering New Netherland (Elderhostel)
- Indexing and Abstracting Society of Canada: Conference
- Bay of Quinte Branch on the Discovery Channel
- Canadian War Museum Stamp and Jeremiah French
- Queries
      + William and Mary Anderson from Remsheg in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia
      + Lois Hurd (Herd/Hart)
      + Update on Philip Drader
      + Oath to the Queen on the Certificate Application

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-13: April 8, 2005
- Jeremiah French
- Heritage Branch Meeting
- Royalty and Loyalists: Camilla Parker Bowles
- Family Reunion: Burritt/Hurd/Merrick/Nichols/Mullen/Ruiter families (July 8-10)
- Sour Cherries and Loyalist History
- Branch Newsletter: Hamilton
- Raynham Hall, Lt. Col. John Graves Simcoe and Valentines Day
- Historica Fairs
- Queries:
      + Parents of Thomas G. Wilkins
      + Mother of Philip Drader b. 1827
      + Response re French Indian Wars
      + Response re James Anderson
      + Response re John Stewart

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-12: April 1, 2005
- Westward Ho Conference: register today
- Remnant of Revolutionary War washes ashore
- Historica Fairs
- Daniel Tryon of Connecticut
- Loyalists who served in the French Indian War
- Died This Day: Sir Hugh John Macdonald, 1929-2005
- Queries:
      + Response re John Stewart
      + Response re fortepiano
      + Responses for Sharla (Heritage Fair Project)
      + James Anderson

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-11: March 25, 2005
- New Councillor for Pacific Region
- Archives of Ontario - please help us push for improvements
- Gilbert Hyatt Highway Update
- Little-Hyatt One-Room Schoolhouse
- Friends of the Loyalist Collection at Brock University
- Queries:
      + Added Comment on James "Demon" Dunlop (issue 2005-10)
      + Added questions about widow's future children being Loyalists
      + Responses re Heritage Fair Project
      + John Stewart in NS

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-10: March 18, 2005
- Heritage Week: Success, with a chuckle!
- James "Demon" Dunlop: Remarkable Loyalist
- American Loyalist Claims Commission: Records 1777-1841
- Family Heritage Websites
- A Loyalist Prayer
- The Heritage Prayer
- This Date in History
- Queries
      + Heritage Fair Project: any help appreciated
      + Loyalist Items needed for UEL Display - Bicentennial Branch
      + Loyalist Trees
      + Do children of a Loyalist's remarried spouse qualify?
      + Response to Atrocities Query
      + Additional Query about Atrocities: Is there Scholarly Work on Atrocities?
      + Harpersfield Patent

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-9: March 12, 2005
- Heritage Week Celebrations
      + Chilliwack Branch
      + Col. John Butler Branch
- UELAC Dominion Council Meeting held March 5
- Royal Visits
- From a Fredericton Newspaper
- Obituaries:
      + Ken Bennett of Dundas
      + Daniel Fred Johnson of Saint John
- Queries:
      + Harperfield Loyalist Stories
      + Atrocities Committed on Loyalists

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-8: February 28, 2005
- Heritage Week Activities
- "Westward Ho" Conference: Register now for the Best Buy package
- Died this Day: Charles de Salaberry, 1829
- Queries:
      + Loyalist Hymns and Prayers
      + Response re UE or U.E.; that is the question

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-7: February 20, 2005
- Loyalist Cairn to be Unveiled at "Westward Ho" Conference
- "Finding Private Foster"
- Distinguished Town Crier Award to Loyalist
- Books: As a fan of Kenneth Roberts you must read Arundel
- Press Coverage in Hamilton: People of the Niagara Escarpment
- Events:
      + Re-enactments at Crysler's Farm Battlefield, July 9 & 10
      + Genealogical seminar Kelowna, B.C. on Sept. 30 to Oct 2
- Queries:
      + John Dunn
      + Jabez Benedict (concerning a land grant in New Brunswick)
      + Col. James Huston (also spelt Hewetson)
      + Response re Book on Genealogy
      + Response re UE or U.E.; that is the question

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-6: February 13, 2005
- Westward Ho 2005 Conference - Welcome Reception
- New Memorial Monument to Loyalist Lieutenant Jeremiah French to be Unveiled June 19
- Gibert Hyatt's Highway (update)
- Books:
      + The Guns of Independence: The Siege of Yorktown, 1781
      + Palatine Hill (Secord-Servos Families)
      + Kenneth Roberts Books
- Events:
      + The Grand Old Dukes of York
      + The Office of Governor-General of Canada
- Queries:
      + Col. James Huston (also spelt Hewetson)
      + Jabez Benedict
      + Need a book recommendation for a library
      + Response re Machiche, Quebec and Other Refugee Camps
      + Response re Quebec Plan
      + Response re U.E. or UE: that is the question

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-5: February 5, 2005
- Regina Conference 2005 description on the web
- Comment on Kenneth Roberts, "Oliver Wiswell"
- Heritage Outreach Events
- Upcoming events
- Queries:
      + The Quebec Plan
      + Sources for People Resident in Refugee Camps like Machiche, Quebec
      + To U.E. or to UE?
      + Captain Samuel Kelly

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-4: January 28, 2005
- Westward Ho to Regina 2005, UELAC Conference
- Resources on the Web (Biographies)
- Celebrating our Loyalist ancestry
- A new DAR chapter in Montreal
- Gail Webb (obit)
- Finding Books (several notes)
- Book Recommendation: Oliver Wiswell
- Architecture Query (cont'd from last issue)
- Antique Paints
- Instant Success of Porridge

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-3: January 21, 2004
- Death beats Halifax: George Washington
- Tsunami Assistance
- Post-Nominal: where after your name does "UE" go?
- Queries:
      + Where to get Loyalist Books
      + Loyalist architecture, style and colour

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-2: January 16, 2005
- Regina Branch Cairn
- Heritage Celebrations in Canada
- Disaster Assistance - Bill Powers Volunteering
- Saving "Gilbert Hyatt"
- Book: "Loyalists of Quebec 1774-1825. A Forgotten History"
- Book: "Away Back" by Charlie Armstrong
- Loyalist Connection with Christ Church Cambridge
- Not Wanted Dead or Alive (humour by John Ruch)
- The Canadian Royal Heritage Trust in Toronto "The Royal Family - A Canadian Family?" and "Scottish Royal Heritage"
- Doug's comments
- Obituaries:
      + Helene de Wit
      + Earl Orser

"Loyalist Trails" newsletter 2005-1: January 4, 2005
- Promotions committee adds decals
- Edgar Clow UE passes
- Subject: Bill S-18, Access to Post 1901 Censuses
- Port Talbot, Upper Canada
- Gilbert Hyatt Highway - Battling City Hall (cont'd)
- Molly Brant: The Opera: the origin, history and 2005 schedule
- Queries:
      + Response re eligibility to be a Loyalist
      + Colours of King's American Regiment