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Loyalist Trails UELAC Newsletter, 2007 Archive

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"Loyalist Trails" 2007-39: October 7, 2007


More on Loyalist Foods and Cookbooks

Your readers may wish to know that Catherine Parr Traill's "The Canadian Settler's Guide" (1855) mentioned by Mary F. Williamson is Online. Visit and search for "The Canadian Settler's Guide." As suggested, the book has amazing detail and some approximate recipes (mostly "growing and harvesting" instructions, but she has some detailed ingredient lists - missing amounts) It was amusing to see that she did not care for Canadian apple sauce vs. a real apple pie and who would blame her for that sentiment? There are a lot of men's farming activities mentioned and gardening approaches, so the book is a good read. I really like the annual schedule.

My own 2nd great grandmother, Isabella Brownlee (b. 1822 in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, Scotland) was a neighbour in the general area. She had less of a fine hand in writing, but provides, in her 1839 onward letters home, some of the same general information, but no specific recipes. (Click here for more.)

I wonder whether there are any German-Canadian Loyalist cookbooks/recipes.

...Leslie Grauer {lwgrauer AT shaw DOT ca} how do I email Leslie?

Fellow Soldiers with Brock

Thanks for passing my email address along to Ann Jarvis Boa at Heritage Branch. Her article in the last issue of Loyalist Trails indicates that we both have GGGrandfathers who fought with General Brock at both The Battle of Detroit and at the Battle of Queen Heights. Her GGrandfather was George Stephen Benjamin Jarvis . My GGGrandfather was Andrew Moore Kennedy. His brother John Kennedy also fought with him. I have a few questions and details that she may be able to throw some light on. Kennedy Road in Scarborough is named after these Kennedy's.

...Allan Edsal Kennedy. My wife and I are members of Chilliwack Branch UEL

Kawartha Branch Annual Banquet, October 27, 2007

Kawartha Branch, U.E.L.A.C. will be having their Fall Banquet at Burnham Mansion, Keene Rd. and Hwy. 7, Peterborough on October 27th, 2007. Social hour 6:00 pm. and dinner at 7:00 pm. Cost $35.00 per person. Guest speaker will be David Hill, U.E. of Rochester, New York, a direct descendent of Chief Joseph Brant, U.E. Some members will be in loyalist costumes.

...Charles (Chuck) Geo. Ross, UE, Branch President, {cgross_uel AT cogeco DOT ca} how do I email him?

The 2007 Western Frontier Symposium: Agents of Change in Colonial New York: Sir William Johnson's World

By 1763, over one hundred years of interactions had begun to change Native American and European cultures along the western frontier of colonial New York. Sir William Johnson, Irish-born British Commissioner of Indian Affairs and adopted Mohawk, was uniquely able to bridge the multiple cultures of the Mohawk Valley. His European styled household was an international crossroads for Irish, Dutch, German, English, and Native American travelers, politicians and settlers. Nationally known scholars, authors and artists from a variety of academic disciplines will share their research on the agents of change in these borderlands in the decades before the American Revolution, including Native American, Canadian and European perspectives as well as Colonial American cultures. The Symposium will be held Oct 19-21 2007, at Johnson Hall State Historic Site. For more information, visit hereand here.

...Adelaide Lanktree and Fred Hayward

Last Post, Shirley Ardice Buchanan, Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch

Shirley Ardice Buchanan, a member of the Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch U.E.L.A.C. passed away on August 20th after a courageous battle with cancer. She was born in Cowansville, Qc but after receiving her R.N. from the Royal VIctoria Hospital in Montreal and her BscN at McGILL University, she spent most of her life in British Columbia working in the Public Health field. A lifelong student, she recently received a degree in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University. A descendant of Peter Miller, U.E., as well as Daniel Scott, U.E., she was always interested in Loyalist history, past and present. Unable, because of distance, to play an active part in the branch she never the less was a strong supporter. She will be greatly missed by the members and especially by her sister, branch secretary, Phyllis Hamilton.

Sources for Loyalist Period Clothing Supplies and Patterns

My husband, Merle French UE, is a direct descendent of Lt. Jeremiah French. I am a seamstress and would like to know where I can get the correct patterns for the Loyalist [costumes] period clothing. I would like to make a replica of Jeremiah's uniform, and also the appropriate clothing for myself. I need to know where to purchase all the proper materials, buttons, hats, shoes, legging, epaulettes, thread and what ever else is needed to make the uniform and ladies dress. We know that they were quite wealthy people, from our research and how original uniform was made and the materials used, therefore I believe that Elizabeth would also wear something quite elaborate also. I have been on line looking with NO luck.

We have seen the original, (up close and personal) before it was put on display and we were at the Dedication Ceremony in Cornwall in 2005 where one of the re-enactors was wearing a replica. It was beautiful and would like to make one exactly the same for Merle. He is so very proud of his heritage and would wear it proudly.

Merle & Diana French {dfrench AT telusplanet DOT net} how do I email them?

[Note from editor: please copy me on responses so I can compile information for later issues...thanks...doug]

Information on George Lawrence Family

I have been researching several United Empire Loyalists in my family, LONGSTREET, LAMOREAUX, LAWRENCE, CUDNEY, SWAYZE, and FAIRCHILD. It is the FAIRCHILD research that is leading to the UELA certification.

For the Lawrence family, my descent is from William Francis Lawrence, s/o Loyalist George Lawrence. Both father and son are buried in Bookton Cemetery, Windham Township, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. I am interested in information about the family, but especially a proof showing that William is he son of George.

CORRECTION: [added Oct. 14, 2007]

For the Lawrence family, my descent is from Loyalist George Lawrence [m. Sarah Beacroft], his son William Lawrence, and in turn his son William Francis Lawrence.

William Lawrence, b. May1781, possibly The Camden [Methodist] Colony, Oneida County, New York, USA, m. 01April1804, St. Marks, Niagara, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada, Mary Cudney, d. 09Sep1864, possibly Windham Township, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada, buried, Bookton Cemetery, Windham Township, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada.

William Francis Lawrence, b. 18July1819, Trafalgar Township, Halton County, Ontario, Canada, m. c.1841, possibly Caledon Township, Peel County, Ontario, Canada, Elizabeth Ann (Langestraat) Longstreet, d. 18Mar1898, Buffalo, New York, or Windham Centre, buried, Bookton Cemetery, Windham Township, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada.

I am looking for any proof that William Francis Lawrence is the son of William Lawrence.

...Howard Lawrence {howardl AT inreach DOT com} how do I email him?

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