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Loyalist Trails UELAC Newsletter, 2004 Archive

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"Loyalist Trails" 2004-14: September 6, 2004


Loyalist Hudson Valley Bus Tour

This year's Loyalist Hudson Valley Bus Tour running October 1 - 4, 2004 still has some seats available. If you or someone you know might be interested, the date to make a decision is Sept 16. Information about the participants (name etc. and what ID you will be carrying) has to be provided to one of our stops for security reasons at that time.

This will be a wonderful trip, if the last several trips are any indication. The itinerary looks wonderful and you will be with a bus load of like-minded folks interested in history of the Loyalist era. For more details see our projects page and scroll down the page to the bus trip. George Anderson is the best person to contact, but anyone else listed on that page can help you too.

...George Anderson and Ed Kipp

UELAC Promotions (2014)

A couple of years ago, UELAC undertook to begin planing for our UELAC Centennial in 2014 by initiating a number of different programs. In order to raise the profile of the Association to the public, and to give those who would like to present their Loyalist ancestry or involvement a bit more strongly, the Promotions (2104) Committee was formed. Since then they have found and now offer for sale quite a variety of items which you can wear or display - most of these items clearly indicate an involvement with the UELAC.

The Promotions (2014) Committee has created an electronic version of a hardcopy catalogue which has been made available to all the UELAC Branches. The same catalogue information and the ordering information is now posted on the web. Please have a look at the catalogue and then wear or display these items with pride.

...Noreen Stapley

UELAC in Maclean's

After reaching consensus and developing the results, our committees are faced with the challenge of publicity. If a tree falls in the forest, would anyone hear it? Having published and distributed "The Loyalists, Settlers and Pioneers of Quebec" last June, the Dominion Education Committee was challenged to let our fellow UELAC members and all Canadians know what has been accomplished this past year. An advertisement placed on the Internet Guide page of Maclean's draws attention to our Education Programs, Special projects, University Scholarship and Membership by encouraging the readers to find out about the United Empire Loyalists at The first ad was placed in the August 23 issue (on sale August 16) and will run for three more publications. In addition, Maclean's has agreed to run it again in the November 8 issue. Maclean's has a paid circulation of 425,404, but this "University" Issue has a higher run to meet the demands of all those concerned with higher education. Look for UELAC centrally located at the top of the page.

...Fred H. Hayward UE, UELAC Education Chairman.

Little Forks BBQ and Hockey

The Little Forks branch people did a lot of planning and work before the BBQ Mechoui along with both the live auction and silent auction of hockey memorabilia that came along with Bobby Hull. The BBQ served about 162, did make a contribution to the School Fund. The event got good coverage with lots of pictures in the local paper and media.

The School House summer student recently completed her six weeks of work as a tour guide and receptionist and we are very pleased with her success. There were a lot of visitors with some coming from as far away as California and Mexico!

On a recent Sunday the MRC of Coaticook held a car rally and photo opt and our school was on the tour. There were several visitors. We have won the photo contest two years in a row. Let's hope that we shall again as it is great publicity.

...Bev Loomis, President, Little Forks Branch

Col. Edward Jessup Branch

This branch will hold their Charter Meeting: SAT., Sept 18 , 2004 at Grenville Snowmobile Club. Meet at 11:30 A.M., Eat at 12 noon, with meeting, certificates etc. following the meal. Please inform them by Sept 11th, if you are able to come - so they can reserve a meal for you.

The Branch has undertaken a project to restore the Wiltse Cemetery. As well some members of the branch attended the late summer seminar and program about Paul and Barbara Heck. More information, pictures etc. of all these are on the Col. Edward Jessup Branch Web Page

...Fraser Carr