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Loyalist Trails UELAC Newsletter, 2004 Archive

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"Loyalist Trails" 2004-10: July 23, 2004


Saskatchewan Cairn project

Regina Branch received final permission from Wascana Centre Authority to proceed with construction of the Loyalist Cairn on the legislative precinct. It will be located north east of the legislative building between a walking path and the lake edge. Construction is planned to begin in September.

Funds and stones are still needed for the project. Anyone with Saskatchewan roots is encouraged to contact Logan Bjarnason at for information on how to become involved.


Vancouver Branch at Highland games

COQUITLAM, British Columbia - On June 26th, the United Scottish Cultural Societies of Vancouver presented one of the biggest gatherings of Scots in British Columbia with the 2004 BC Highland Games. The annual event is held at the Coquitlam Town Centre Stadium in Coquitlam, BC. This is an event not to be missed and members of the UELAC Vancouver Branch attended in period costume; sponsoring a Loyalist membership drive and information display booth. UELAC Members attending were: Mary Anne Bethune, President, Vancouver Branch, Anne Grierson, Carl W. W. Stymiest, UE, Vona Smith, UE, Joyce Tiplady, Evelyn Saunders Anderson.

Last year an estimated 10,000 people attended the BC Highland Games and the grounds were a sea of kilts as Highland dancers and pipers mingled between competitions. A great family atmosphere always prevails at the Games with lots of room for children to play and soak up the many aspects of Scottish culture.

At United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada-Part II, pages 2-7, you can see Carl's pictures from the UELAC Conference in Peterborough and here are the ones from the Highland Games and the Branch Meeting at Brock House with UELAC President Doug Grant

[submitted by Carl Stymiest, UE, Vancouver Branch Genealogist]

Canada Day - St. Lawrence Branch

St. Lawrence Branch had a display on Loyalist Day at the Cornwall Community Museum. A subsequent photo from the Standard Freeholder, June 23 issue, is captioned "Loyally Yours: The Cornwall Community Museum hosted costumed interpreters from the St. Lawrence Chapter of the United Empire Loyalists on Loyalist Day, the 220th anniversary of the Loyalists arrival in Cornwall in 1784. From left are Shaun Wallace and his sons, Conrad, 9, and Wallace, 7, of Morrisburg, and Mabel Maclean of Summerstown."

UELAC Conference & AGM 2004

Kawartha Branch was most pleased to host the UELAC Conference & AGM 2004 in Peterborough on June 3 - 6, 2004. All reports are that it was a most successful four days as none of the six members of the organizational committee for the conference are aware of any criticisms or complaints from the delegates and their families.

Unfortunately, however, the committee did not circulate a feedback form to the delegates and so are seeking input and feedback about the conference to include in their report to the UELAC and for possible publication in the fall issue of The Loyalist Gazette. The deadline for the fall issue of the Gazette is August 1, 2004.

The committee would greatly appreciate receiving comments about the conference and AGM. Please send them to Grietje & Bob McBride, Co-chairs, Conference 2004 Committee.. If you are sending your comments via e-mail, please put something in the subject line to indicate that the contents pertain to the conference so that your e-mail isn't deleted as Spam.

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