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Loyalist Trails UELAC Newsletter, 2004 Archive

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"Loyalist Trails" 2004-04: May 23, 2004


Saskatchewan's United Empire Loyalists Cairn Project

To honour the loyalists and their descendants in our centennial year.

The treaty of Separation ended America's first civil war. A third of the colonists were forced from their homes and resettled in British held territory to the north. Their presence dramatically influenced Canada's development as a nation. Many loyalist and their sons were involved in the fur trade. Their descendants were among the first to settle in what became the province of Saskatchewan. Today, one in six Canadians can trace loyalist ancestry.

The Regina Branch of the UELAC promotes increased awareness and pride among those who have a loyalist background or an interest in our Canadian identity. To commemorate and honour the United Empire Loyalists and their descendants who helped settle Saskatchewan, the Regina Branch is working towards creating a commemorative cairn. It would be built of fieldstone, the stones coming from the homesteads of those loyalist descendants who settled in what became Saskatchewan. Base stones would come from loyalist sites in eastern Canada.

We invite anyone who has such a background to participate in this project. Please donate a stone from your Sask. homestead, and a contribution towards the cost of constructing the cairn would be appreciated - charitable receipts are available.

As well, could you document the land location of the homestead and a brief biographical sketch of the loyalist and their descendants who filed on the homestead. This information could evolve into a book about the cairn. Be part of this project and celebrate Saskatchewan's centenary.

Contact Logan Bjarnason for more information as to where to leave the stone or to receive a copy of the form to fill out. (Rumour says Logan may be driving his truck to Conference to take back stones for the base!).

Mary Hutchins UE Memorial Project

The Bicentennial Branch of Essex and Kent County has been working diligently on an Educational Project for the Grade 7 students of the area. With a plan devised by the late Mary Hutchins UE we have been working with the Kingsville Historical Park to put together a comprehensive program that will show the students what life was like for our Loyalist ancestors before and after the Revolutionary War.

The program consists of a 25 minute slide presentation outlining the following:

- The major causes of the war.

- What life was like before the war, homes, clothing, etc.

- Differences in social and economic classes of the Loyalists as well as their different nationalities.

- Their travel to Upper Canada, Lower Canada and the Maritimes.

- Things they had to face upon their arrival here.

- Their struggles for the first few years in their new home.

Following the presentation the students will be separated into small groups and will go to 6 different interactive displays. The displays will give them an idea of just how difficult it was to leave their homes and come to the wilderness of Upper Canada and start their lives again.

The Bicentennial Branch is accepting donations for the Mary Hutchins UE Memorial Project to help with the costs of the set up and promotion. Anyone interested in making a donation can contact Dianne Noble, our Branch Treasurer, for more details. Volunteers are still needed to help with the interactive displays. We anticipate this project will be in great demand in the next couple of years.

Any questions may be directed to Kimberly Hurst, UE, Education Outreach, Bicentennial Branch, UELAC. We thank all those who have contributed to this worthy project and we appreciate your continuing support.

Please visit our new website.


New Book: Nominal Roll of Butlers Rangers

New Book: Nominal Roll of Butlers Rangers

"An Annotated Nominal Roll of Butlers Rangers 1777-1784 with Documentary Sources", Compiled and arranged by Lieutenant Colonel William A. Smy, OMM, CD, UE will be available in September, 2004. Pre-publication discounted orders will now be accepted.

Historical Overview: The Corps of Rangers commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Butler was raised in 1777 and served until the general reduction of the British Army in North America in 1784. The Rangers were headquartered at Fort Niagara, first living in garrison, and then in barracks on the west side of the Niagara River.

While the Corps fought as a major unit at Wyoming, Cherry Valley, Chemung, on Sir John Johnson's and Major John Ross's raids, most of the expeditions were mounted by company or company plus sized units. A key factor in the successes of the Rangers was the close co-operation of the various Indian nations with which it served. The Corps fought in what is now New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky and Michigan. It has been described by military historians as the most active and successful Provincial Corps in the Northern Command during the Revolution.

About the Author: Lieutenant Colonel William A. Smy spent most of his adult life accumulating data on Butler's Rangers. He is recognized world-wide as the foremost authority on the subject.He has lectured and authored many articles on Colonel John Butler, the Butler Family and the Butler's Rangers. Lieutenant Colonel Smy generously donated this manuscript to The Friends of the Loyalist Collection at Brock University. Proceeds from the sale of the publication will be used to purchase microfilms of original United Empire Loyalist Documents.

Information and Order: For further information or to order the books visit the web site.

Victoria Branch

We have a new branch web site at If you go there you will see pictures taken at our Spring Banquet held last Saturday May 15, 2004. Shirley Dargatz UE was the guest speaker. Our most recent newsletter is also posted on the site.

Loyalist Newspaper coverage

The May 12 issue of "The Review", Weyburn, Sask. carried a 3-column photo (Logan Bjarnason, Myrna Fox, Western Region VP Margaret Carter and me) and description of the Loyalists and UELAC. This resulted from the meeting in Froud in early May. The article quotes Myrna and Margaret, notes that we are working to become more visible, and comments on the contribution of the Loyalists and their descendants on the exploration and settlement of the Prairies.

Newsletter subscribers

This newsletter is now going to about 220 subscribers - 125 of these are members of the executive of the various branches and the Association as a whole. The rest are members and friends. We welcome material to include- events, projects, queries, etc. If you know others who might be interested in receiving this newsletter, please pass it along.