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Loyalist Ships

[The following is an excerpt from the additional information (PDF) on Joshua Knight in the Loyalist Directory.]

"The Settlement"

The place chosen for settlement through John Parr of Halifax and Governor Carleton was Beaver Harbour or Bellevu. The settlers were brought to Saint John, N.B., by ship under convoy. One ship was the Camel, 293 tons, Capt. William Tinker, and arrived 18 September, 1783. A list of the people she carried includes James Reed, Pilot, wife and two children; 30 children over the age of 10 years found as supernumeraries for victuals and victualles at two-thirds of all provisions (spirits except) by order of Rear Admiral Digby; also Loyalists and refugees, consisting of 104 men, 50 women, 20 servants as well as 47 children who received half rations.

Nearly all the passengers of the Camel belonged to two special companies of Quakers and Anabaptists. They were immediately sent down the shore by ship to Beaver Harbour where they settled what was to have been a large town by the name of Bellevu. They suffered many hardships during the first winter.

One hundred and forty-nine lots were laid out as first grants, and these were soon followed, by 950 more. There were 15 streets and 800 residents when the town was incorporated June 4th, 1785. Three agents were appointed, Samuel Fairlamb, John Rankin and George Brown.

Original Grantees of Beaver Harbour town plots: John Rankin, Isaac Woodward, Peter Walton, Samuel Fairlamb, Samuel Stilwell, Daniel Registar, John Knight, Nimrod Woodward, Thomas Buckley Sr., Joshua Knight Sr., Caleb Paul, Caleb Paul, Jesse Lawrence, Elias Wright Sr., Moses Foulk, Benjamin Brown, Joshua Knight, John Gill, John Horner, John Horner, John Dennis, John Loufbourron, William Holmes, John Harris, Joseph Harris, Joseph Parker, John Horner, Elias Wright, Joshua Knight.. John Horner, Elias Wright Sr., Elias Wright, Abraham Woodward, Jeremiah Fills, Richard Mead, Anthony Woodward, Jacob Buffington, Freeman Smith, John Strickland, Joseph Tomlinson, George Bennison, Jesse Woodward ,Richard Matthews, Amos Strickland, Samuel Woodward.