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Please Note - Disclaimer

This Directory is to be used as a guideline only. It is not proof. Please consult with a Branch Genealogist.

All applications before 2015 may not have sufficient acceptable proofs that meet current standards.

Directory of Loyalists

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(For a short explanation of each column, click on the column title ex. "surname")
SurnameGiven nameRankWhere ResettledStatus as LoyalistProof of Loyalty 
ZavitzChristian  Proven Detail
ZecoreMary    Detail
ZeranChristopher  Proven Detail
ZimmermanFriedrich WilhelmPrivate   Detail
ZimmermanHenry (son of Friedrich)Private   Detail
ZimmermanMattias (Matthias)  Proven Detail
ZongChristian  Proven Detail
ZufeltHenry Bundle 8, No. 1, 1807 Hallowell, Ontario Township of Adolphustown (East Lake) Prince Edward County, OntarioProvenUEL ListDetail
Zwick (see Swick)Phillip Senior Thurlow UEL ListDetail