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All applications before 2015 may not have sufficient acceptable proofs that meet current standards.

Directory of Loyalists

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SurnameGiven nameRankWhere ResettledStatus as LoyalistProof of Loyalty 
TaborJesse Carleton, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TacksAndrew Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
Tague (Teague, Take, Tage, Tegg, Deek, Deak, Deeck, etc.)JacobPrivateVarious, and New Carlisle, Paspebiac, Baie des Chaleurs, (Quebec) Lower Canada.ProvenSee page 181 of William A. Smy's book An Annotated Nominal Roll of Butler's Rangers 1777-1784, pg181, and Gavin Watts History and Master Roll of the KRRNY, pg. 321 for detailed write-ups.Detail
TaitGeorge Sr. Northumberland Co., New Brunswick  Detail
TalbertOsbourn St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TaleJohn    Detail
Talker?Joseph Elizabeth Town  Detail
Tanner (Martin)Amos  Proven Detail
Tanner (Martin)Amos Sr.  Proven Detail
Tanner/Martin Sr.Amos  Proven Detail
TarbellJames Sissiboo, NS  Detail
TaylorAbel Carleton, NB  Detail
TaylorBenjamin  Proven Detail
TaylorChristina Midland District  Detail
TaylorEdward St. John, NB  Detail
TaylorEdward Carleton, NB  Detail
TaylorGillam St. Andrews, NB  Detail
TaylorIsaac St. John, NB  Detail
TaylorJames St. John, NB  Detail
TaylorJames St. Andrews, NB  Detail
TaylorJames Sunbury Co., NB  Detail
TaylorJames Fredericton, NB  Detail
TaylorJames Sheffield, NB  Detail
TaylorJohn Thurlow  Detail
TaylorJohn St. John, NB  Detail
TaylorJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
TaylorJohnCapt.Sissiboo, NS  Detail
TaylorMary    Detail
TaylorMatthew St. John, NB  Detail
TaylorMichael Kingston  Detail
TaylorOliver St. John, NB  Detail
TaylorRalph St. Andrews, NB  Detail
TaylorS.Lieut.Sissiboo, NS  Detail
TaylorWalter Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
TaylorWilliam 1 Kingston  Detail
TaylorWilliam 2 Jun'r KingstonExpunged Detail
TeagueJacob (see Tague, Jacob)    Detail
TederickJacobSerj'tHome District  Detail
TederickLucas Home District  Detail
Teed(check Tidd)    Detail
TeedMoses  Proven Detail
TeedSamuel Sr  Proven Detail
TeeplePeterCaptain: It is uncertain whether the term "Captain" refers to a militia rank or his rank while piloting a vessel from St. John to New York.Home District Proven Detail
Temple de St. CroixJoshua  Proven Detail
Ten Broeck (TenBroeck)PeterCapt.Home DistrictProven Detail
TenBroeckJacob  Proven Detail
Ten Eyck (Denike)Andrew  Proven Detail
TenayJonathan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
TenbroeckPeter  Proven Detail
TennyAsa NB  Detail
TerrillAnthony  Proven Detail
TerrillAnthony Queens Co., NB  Detail
TerryParshall (Passhall) Home DistrictProven Detail
TerryParshall Adam Jr.  Proven Detail
TerryPaul Elizabeth Town  Detail
TerryPaul  Proven Detail
TerryPaul Sr.  Proven Detail
TerryZeb. Jr. St. John, NB  Detail
Terry (Terree)Zeb St. John, NB  Detail
Tetterley (Should be Fetterey)Peter Willamsburgh  Detail
TeynickSamuel Eastern District  Detail
ThacherJohn Home District  Detail
ThainJames St. John, NB  Detail
ThealCharles  Proven Detail
ThealGilbert St. John, NB  Detail
Theal (Theale)Charles Kings Co., NB  Detail
ThicleJohn Ernest Town  Detail
ThomRobert  Proven Detail
ThomasBessie  Proven Detail
ThomasCharles St. John, NB  Detail
ThomasEbenezer St. Mary's, NS  Detail
ThomasEvan Pennfield, NB  Detail
ThomasHenry St. John, NB  Detail
ThomasJacob  Proven Detail
ThomasJacob 1 Home District  Detail
ThomasJacob 2 Eastern District  Detail
ThomasJoshua Sr. Parish of Burton (Blissville), Sunbury Co, NBProvenLand Petitions, PANBDetail
ThomasPeter 1 Ernest Town  Detail
ThomasPeter 2 Eastern District  Detail
ThomasSamuel St. John, NB  Detail
ThomasSamuel Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ThomasStephen St. John, NB  Detail
ThomasThomas St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
ThomasWalter St. John, NB  Detail
ThomasWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
ThomasWill'm    Detail
ThompkinsIsrael Eastern District  Detail
ThompsonAndrewCapt.Home District  Detail
ThompsonArchibald Home District  Detail
ThompsonCorneliusLieutenantYork County, New Brunswick, Lot No. 10, Kingsclear.
In 1807 to Grantham Township, Lincoln County of the Niagara district.
Proven Detail
ThompsonDaniel Eastern District  Detail
ThompsonDugal (Dugald) St. Andrews, NB  Detail
ThompsonGeorge Kingston  Detail
ThompsonGeorge Matilda  Detail
ThompsonJacob  Proven Detail
ThompsonJohn Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
ThompsonJohn    Detail
ThompsonMary St. John, NB  Detail
ThompsonMrs. Elizabeth Home District  Detail
ThompsonPeter Home District  Detail
ThompsonRobert MarysburghExpunged Detail
ThompsonRobert Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ThompsonSamuel Home District  Detail
ThompsonTimothy Fredericksburgh  Detail
ThompsonWilliam FredericksburghProven Detail
ThompsonWill'm    Detail
Thompson (see Thomson below)Archibald 2 Home District  Detail
Thompson (Thomson)John St. John, NB  Detail
ThomsonArchibaldLieutenantFirst: Carleton Island (Lake Ontario); then Newark and finally 1200 acres Agincourt (Scarborough)Proven Detail
ThomsonJacob    Detail
Thomson (Thompson)James Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ThomsonJohn Thomas First lived in Shelburne, then in Digby NS  Detail
ThomsonWilliam Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ThornRobert  Proven Detail
ThornSamuel  Proven Detail
Thorn (Thorne)Joseph St. John, NB  Detail
Thorn (Thorne)Melancthon (Melanthon) Conway (Saint John area)Proven Detail
Thorn (Thorne)William St. John, NB  Detail
ThorneAbigal Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ThorneHester Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ThorneJoseph Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
ThorneMartha NB  Detail
ThorneRobert Gagetown, NB  Detail
ThorneStephen  Proven Detail
ThornhillPeter    Detail
ThorntonJohn  Proven Detail
ThorntonLuke D St. John, NB  Detail
ThorntonMatthew St. Andrews, NB  Detail
ThorntonPeter St. John, NB  Detail
ThorpJohn St. John, NB  Detail
ThortonJohn St. John, NB  Detail
ThresserLodock Midland DistrictExpunged Detail
ThrockmortonJohnLieutenantChalottetown and Pownal Bay, Prince Edward IslandProvenMuster Rolls, King's Rangers Detail
ThroopDaniel AugustaExpunged Detail
Thum (Thorne)William  Proven Detail
ThurstonJohn    Detail
ThurstonRobert  Proven Detail
TiceGilbertCapt.Home District  Detail
TiddJoseph St. John, NB  Detail
Tidd (Teed)SamuelPrivateHeirs received a land grant of 550 acres in the township of Digby on 31 January 1801. Proven Detail
TillJacob St. John, NB  Detail
TilleboughChristian Junior Eastern District Matilda  Detail
TilleboughChristian Junior WillamsburghExpunged Detail
TilleboughMartin Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
TilleboughPeter WilliamsburghExpunged Detail
TilleyJames St. John, NB  Detail
TilleySamuel  Proven Detail
TilleySamuel St. John, NB  Detail
TillsboroughMartin    Detail
TiltonClayton NB  Detail
TiltonElizabeth Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
TiltonJohn St. John, NB  Detail
TiltonThomas St. John, NB  Detail
TiltonWilliam Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
TindallRobert KingstonExpunged Detail
TingWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
TippingFrancis Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
TippleJohn Osnabruck  Detail
TisdaleEphraim  Proven Detail
TisdaleEphraim St. John, NB  Detail
TisdaleHenry St. John, NB  Detail
TittleSolomon Eastern District  Detail
TitusIsaacCaptainTrout Cove (Centreville) Nova ScotiaProven Detail
TitusJonathan  Proven Detail
TofflemireMartin  Proven Detail
Tomkins (Tompkins)Jacob    Detail
TomlinsonIsaacLieutCarleton, NB  Detail
TomlinsonJohn St. John, NB  Detail
TomlinsonJoseph St. John, NB  Detail
TomlinsonLydia Pennfield, NB  Detail
TomlinsonMargaret Pennfield, NB  Detail
TomlinsonSamuel Pennfield, NB  Detail
TomlinsonSamuel Pennfield, NB  Detail
Tompkins (Tomkins)Jacob  Proven Detail
TompkinsEdmund    Detail
TompkinsElijah Wakefield, York Co., New Brunswick  Detail
TompkinsJohn Roger Wakefield, York Co., New Brunswick  Detail
TompkinsJoseph    Detail
Tompkins (Thompkins, Tomkins)Obadiah (Obediah)Pvt.1. Dumfries, York Co in 1787 (Ref. 1)
2. Woodstock (Grafton)
3. Wakefield (Florenceville), York Co., New Brunswick (Ref. 3)
TompkinsRogerDrummer boyNackawick River, York County, NB  Detail
TompkinsThomas St. Andrews, NB  Detail
TongeJoshua Gulliver's, NS  Detail
TongueWill'm    Detail
TooleJames Edward  Proven Detail
TooleJohn St. John, NB  Detail
TooslerSolomon Eastern District  Detail
ToppJohn Malden??  Detail
ToreyJames  Proven Detail
TottenDanielScoutNova Scotia  Detail
Tousack (Towser)Gasper (Caspar) Home District UEL ListDetail
Tousack (Towser)Lodewick (son of Gasper) Home District, Upper Canada Upper Canada Land PetitionsDetail
TowersWilliam  Proven Detail
TowersWilliam Tower Hill, St. David, NB  Detail
TowneArchelaus Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
TowneSamuel Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
TownerIthiel  Proven Detail
TownsendJob St. John, NB  Detail
TownsendLeven St. John, NB  Detail
TraceyTimothy Home District  Detail
TraftonEnoch Schoodic Falls, NB  Detail
TrainerJohn Home District  Detail
Traphager (Trephager)Henry St. John, NB  Detail
TraversFrancis St. John, NB  Detail
TraversJames St. John, NB  Detail
TravessBarth'm    Detail
TravessElisha    Detail
TravessHez'h    Detail
TravessUriah    Detail
Traviss (Travis)Jeremiah Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co. NBProven Detail
TrebblecockThos Carleton, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TrecartinMartin St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TrecartinRebecca St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TrecartyMartin   TheShipsListDetail
TrederickLudwick Eastern District UEL ListDetail
TredwellJohn Home District UEL ListDetail
TreenJoseph  Proven Detail
TreenJoseph  Proven Detail
TreenPeter YongeSuspendedUEL ListDetail
TrelongMary    Detail
TrighthPeter NB  Detail
TrimbleyAlex'a    Detail
TrippRobertPrivateNew Carlisle, Gaspé, QuebecProven Detail
Trombauer (Trompour, Trompeau)Johannes or John and Paul)   (see Trumpour)Detail
TrotSamuel St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
Trot (Trott)John Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TruaxElias  Proven Detail
TruaxElias Jr.  Proven Detail
TrumblePeter AugustaSuspendedUEL ListDetail
Trumpour (Trombauer, Trompour, Trombauer, Trompeau, Trumpouer)John (Johannes, Haunts) [brother of Paul] Sophiasburgh
Went to Lower Canada in 1784 with wife and 7 children, purchased and improved land where he now lives in Prince Edward County. (Land petition)
May 1798, Sophiasburg (Land petition)
John Trumpour, Sophiasburg, Prince Edward Co., Midland district, yeoman. (Archives Ont)
John Trompeau appears on the UE List in this office. (Archives Ont)
ProvenUEL List as John Trompeau; Archives of Ontario Land Records RG 1, CI 3, Vol 14, p 412 and 433;
Upper Canada Land Petitions "T" Bundle Misc, 1788 - 1794 RG 1, L 3, Vol 511 Page 45.
Trumpour (Trombauer, Trumpbour, Trompeau)Paul (Paulus) [Brother of John]Ensign (Cornet)AdolphustownProvenUEL ListDetail
TuckerGeorge St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TuckerJames Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TuckerSolomon Kings Co., NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TuckerSolomon   TheShipsListDetail
TulfordJonathon Sen'r Eastern District UEL ListDetail
TullyJohn St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TupperEldad  Proven Detail
TurnbullJos Carleton, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnbullWilliam Home District UEL ListDetail
TurnerCaleb St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerEdward Western District UEL ListDetail
TurnerHoldenPrivateLincoln; Sunbury County

British Regular; in 2006 shown NOT a UE Loyalist although formerly 'proven'.

Explanation and Sources for Holden Turner

Nearly thirty years ago. Marjory Waters, who at the time lived in Darien, Conn., and now lives in Florida, submitted her Application for Membership in the UEL Association of Canada. I helped a bit with her research. At the same time, she was compiling her book, "Our Loyalist Ancestors, Kith and Kin of Holden Turner", which she published in 1975. I have a copy, and I see that I am mentioned in Acknowledgements. So I helped her with that too.

More recently, Phyllis Bartlet and Leslie Poole joined the Fredericton Branch, and I was involved a bit with both of these applications. Their Loyalist ancestor was Holden Turner. Proof that he was a Loyalist came from a "Schedule of Persons now receiving Relief under the Acts for the Relief of the Old Soldiers of the Revolutionary War and their Widows..." which is contained in a Journal of the House of Assembly of the Province of N.B. from 31 Jan 1843 to 11 Apr 1843. Holden Turner, aged 80 years, is named in the schedule.

Well, two days ago, while going through some UEL files, my gaze fixed upon Jennet Turner's 27 Jan 1845 petition for a pension, which said: "That your petitioners husband Holden Turner who died in the eighty fifth year of his age... served in the Revolutionary War as a private soldier in the Twenty Second Regiment of Foot under Colonel Crosby..."

That set off an alarm bell in my head, for Cal Craig told me that "those numbered regiments were generally not Loyalist." So I typed "22nd Regiment of Foot" into Google. Up came the Recreated 22nd Regiment of Foot. The web site contains quite a lot of information on the regiment. Have a look if you want. Cal was right. The 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment was raised by the Duke of Norfolk in 1689 and has been in continuous service since.

I then e-mailed Ralph Turner, with whom I exchanged some historical/genealogical information a few years ago. In the three or four years since I had communicated with him he had learned that Holden Turner enlisted in the 22nd in 1778, trained at Chatham Barracks in Kent, England, was sent to New York in 1780 and served with the 22nd in America until he was discharged in 1783 and came to New Brunswick with the Loyalists, where he settled in Lincoln, Sunbury County.

So Holden Turner was a British regular. I had assumed that "for the Relief of the Old Soldiers of the Revolutionary War" referred to Loyalists. It took me nearly thirty years to discover that it apparently did not. So we have three Fredericton Branch members whose Loyalist ancestor was a British Regular. I wonder how many more of these there are in all the Branches?

— George H. Hayward, UE, Fredericton Branch

TurnerJames  Proven Detail
TurnerJames St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerJames Cowell  Proven Detail
TurnerJohn St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerMary St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerMiller  Proven Detail
TurnerMorris  Proven Detail
TurnerNicholas St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerPhoebe St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerRobert Pagan St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerSamuel St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerSarah St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerThomas St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerWilliam St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurnerWilliam St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TurneyThomas  Proven Detail
TurneyThomas Jr Burton, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TuscherGeorge Josef  Proven Detail
TuttleAmos St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TuttleJohn  Proven Detail
TuttleJonathan  Proven Detail
TuttleJonathon Eastern DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
TuttleNathan Eastern District UEL ListDetail
TuttlePeter Eastern District UEL ListDetail
TuttleSamuel Eastern District UEL ListDetail
TuttleStephen Sr.  Proven Detail
TuttleThaddeus Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec  History of the Eastern Townships by C.M. Day (1869), p.343 [See copy of page]Detail
TwohyJohn   UEL ListDetail
TylerGerrard Fredericksburgh UEL ListDetail
TylerPeter    Detail
TylerWilliam New Brunswick, 1799 to OntarioProven Detail
TyngElizabeth (Ross) Gagetown, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
TyngWilliamColonelGagetown, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail