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This Directory is to be used as a guideline only. It is not proof. Please consult with a Branch Genealogist.

All applications before 2015 may not have sufficient acceptable proofs that meet current standards.

Directory of Loyalists

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(For a short explanation of each column, click on the column title ex. "surname")
SurnameGiven nameRankWhere ResettledStatus as LoyalistProof of Loyalty 
SabinWilliam  Proven Detail
SacheverellMrs Jane Home DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
SagerJohn (Johannes) Staats  Proven Detail
SagurbyNicholas St. John, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SalkinJohn Mace"s Bay, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SaltMaurice St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SalvesterLevy Eastern District UEL ListDetail
SandersEdward Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SandsEdward St. John, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SanfordAbigail    Detail
SangerEleazer Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SangerHannah Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SanteevoixJoshua St. John, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SarbuttGeorge St. Stephen, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentAndrew St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentDavid St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentMary St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentPeter St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentSamuel St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentSamuel Jr St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentSolomon St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentSolomon Jr St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SargentValentine St. David, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SarvenearJames St. John, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SaundersAbraham Eastern District UEL ListDetail
SaundersHenry 1 Eastern District UEL ListDetail
SaundersHenry 2 Midland District, MarysburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
SaundersJohnCapt.; Hon.Fredericton, NBProvenNYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SaundersJohn Hampton, NB NYGBS; V39 N4 Oct 1908Detail
SaundersWilliam Eastern District UEL ListDetail
SaundersonThomas Midland District; FredericksburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
SaupeGotlep Midland District; MarysburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
SavageAbr'm    Detail
SavageEdward  ProvenA Sketch of the Life of Captain John Savage, J.P.Detail
SavageJohnCapt.Shefford Township, Eastern Townships (now Bromont, Brome-Mississquoi County), QuebecProvenUK, American Loyalists Claims 1776-1835, Series IIDetail
SavageJohn the younger Shefford Township, Eastern Townships (now Bromont,Brome-Mississquoi), Quebec  The History of Shefford: Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biographical, and StatisticalDetail
SavageJohn Edward (son of Edward) Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec  The History of Shefford: Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biographical, and StatisticalDetail
SavagePeter Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec  A Sketch of the Life of Captain John Savage, J.P.Detail
SavageWilliam NB  Detail
SavelleJesse St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SavillThomas St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SaxeJohn Eastern District; MatildaProven Detail
SaxtonJohn St. Mary's, NSProven Detail
SaxtonTimothy St. Mary's, NS  Detail
SaxtonWm St. Mary's, NS  Detail
SayreJames Rev St. John, NB  Detail
SayreJohn  Proven Detail
SayreJohn Rev St. John, NB  Detail
SayreJohn Jr St. John, NB  Detail
ScallionMatthew St. Andrews, NB  Detail
ScarletJohn Eastern District; Lancaster  Detail
ScermanHenry  Midland District; Fredericksburgh  Detail
SchaefferFrederick (Friederick)  Proven Detail
Schaeffer (Shaefer, Shaffer)John (Johannes)  Proven Detail
Schaeffer (Schaffer, Shaver)Nicholas  Proven Detail
SchafferNicholas of Osnabruck; Eastern DistrictProven Detail
SchermerhornAbraham Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SchermerhornJohn Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SchermerhornJohn Midland District; FredericksburghSuspended  Detail
SchermerhornWilliam Midland District; FredericksburghProven Detail
SchermerhornWilliam  Proven Detail
SchlikerJohn  Proven Detail
Schmidt (Smith)Jacob  Proven Detail
SchmidtJacob Sr.PrivateGlanford TWP, Wentworth County, Lot 4, Concession 1.Proven Detail
Schmitt (Shmitt)Amos Lucas  Proven Detail
SchmittJacob  Proven Detail
SchmittJohann Jacob  Proven Detail
SchneiderIsaac Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SchneiderSimon Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SchofieldMajor St. John, NB  Detail
SchonewolfCharles St. John, NB  Detail
Schram (Scram, Schrem, Schrim, Schream, Scharrm, Schramm)Frederick AndrewCorporalLot 7, Broken Front, Louth Township, (now St. Catharines) in Lincoln County OntarioProvenUEL List (page 247); and
Upper Canada Land Petition Records (cited below)
Schram (Scram, Schrem, Schrim, Schream, Scharrm, Schramm)Frederick PrivateInitially settled in Barton Township on lots 6 and 7 on concession 1. He petitioned in 1794 for both lots but was only granted Lot 7. UEL List (page 248); and
Upper Canada Land Petition Records (cited below)
SchramJeremiah Home District  Detail
Schram (Scram, Schramm, Schrem, Schrim, Schream, Scharrm)John (baptised Johannes)PrivateHome DistrictProvenLand Grant Records (cited below)Detail
SchramValentine Home District (later Niagara District), Upper CanadaProven Detail
SchriverBoltus  Proven Detail
SchriverGeorge    Detail
SchriverJames  Proven Detail
Schryver (Schriver, Scriver)GeorgePrivateMidland District; FredericksburghProven Detail
SchryverJacobus (Jacob, James)  Proven Detail
Schureman (Schurman)Philip St. John, NB  Detail
SchurmanWilliam  Proven Detail
SchwerdfegerFrederick  Proven Detail
Schwerdfeger (Schwerdtfeder)Johann (Samuel) William
(Father of Samuel and John F)
Rev. Proven Detail
SchwerdfegerJohn Frederick (Johann Frederics)
(Son of Rev Johann)
  Proven Detail
Schwerdfeger (Schwerdtfeder)Samuel
(Son of Rev Johann)
  Proven Detail
SchwerdtfederJohn  Proven Detail
SchyverGeorge  Proven Detail
ScolesWilliamPrivateSandwich Point, Halifax County, Nova ScotiaProven Detail
ScottArchibald Home District  Detail
ScottDaniel Granted land in Hemmingford Township (but settled in Dunham), Eastern Townships, Quebec.
Sweetsburg, QB
Proven Detail
ScottDavid  Proven Detail
ScottDavid Sr.  Proven Detail
ScottEdmund St. John, NB  Detail
ScottGeo    Detail
ScottHoliday Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ScottJames St. John, NB  Detail
ScottJames Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ScottJames NB  Detail
ScottJames Jr St. Andrews, NB  Detail
ScottJohn  Proven Detail
ScottJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Scott John  Eastern District  Detail
ScottJohn Sr Eastern District  Detail
ScottRobert St. John, NB  Detail
ScottWalter Christie's Manor, QuebecProvenLand Petitions of Lower CanadaDetail
ScottWilliam  Proven Detail
ScotteFrancis Eastern District  Detail
ScovilDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
ScovilEzra St. John, NB  Detail
ScovillJames Rev Kingston, Kings Co., NB  Detail
ScovilsSamuel Eastern District; BastardSuspended  Detail
Scram (Schram, Schrem, Schrim, Schream, Scharrm, Schramm)John (Johannis on his father's will in 1784)PrivateGranted land in Grantham Township settling on Lots 13 and 16 Concession 3 and lot 14 Concession 2ProvenUEL List ;
Land Grant Records (cited below)
Scratch (see Kratz)Johann Leonard    Detail
ScribbansJoshua    Detail
ScribnerElias Kings Co., NB  Detail
ScribnerElias    Detail
ScribnerHesekiah    Detail
ScribnerHezekiah Kings Co., NB  Detail
ScribnerJoseph St. John, NB  Detail
ScribnerThaddeus Kings Co., NB  Detail
ScribnerThaddeus    Detail
ScribnerThomas St. John, NB  Detail
ScriverJames  Proven Detail
Scriver (Schriver)JamesCorporal Proven Detail
Sea Harmanus Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
Seaby (Scoby)William St. John, NB  Detail
SeagerFrederick Home District  Detail
SeagerJacob Home District  Detail
SealeyJoseph Eastern District; Augusta  Detail
Sealey (Seeley)Justus 1 Eastern District; Elizabeth Town; Seeley's Bay  Detail
Sealey (Seeley)Justus 2DrummerEastern District; Elizabeth Town; Lillies (near Lyn)  Detail
SealyJuston Carleton, NB  Detail
SealyeAugustus Eastern District; Lancaster  Detail
SeamanBenjamin St. John, NB  Detail
SeamanHicks Sheffield, Sunbury Co., NB  Detail
Seaman (Simmons, Symons)Jacob (Jacomiah, Jeconiah, Jeremiah) Cumberland county, Nova ScotiaProvenLand grantDetail
SeamanJohn St. John, NB  Detail
SeamanRichard St. John, NB  Detail
SeamanWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
SearsThatcher St. John, NB  Detail
SeburnStephen  Proven Detail
SecartDan'l    Detail
SecordDaniel Home District, Lot #1 on the east side of the Mount Pleasant Rd in the said Township of Brantford originally leased by Captain Joseph Brant Proven Detail
SecordDaniel Sr.  Proven Detail
SecordDavid (Sr) Home District
Niagara Twp. (near St. David's), Ontario about 1784
Proven Detail
SecordElias Long Creek, Queens Co., N.B.Proven Detail
SecordJames  Proven Detail
SecordJames Sr. Home DistrictProven Detail
SecordJohn of BurfordProven Detail
SecordJohn Jr 2 Home District  Detail
SecordJohn Sr. Niagara-Head-of-the-Lake, Home DistrictProven Detail
SecordPeter  Proven Detail
SecordPeter Jr. Home DistrictExpunged Detail
SecordPeter Sr. Home DistrictProven Detail
SecordSilasSergtHome District  Detail
SecordSolomonLtHome DistrictProven Detail
Secord Solomon EdwinSecond Lieutenant in the Corps of Butler's Rangers Proven Detail
SecordStephenSergt.Niagara Twp, Upper Canada (Lots 41,48,49); Home DistrictProven Detail
SecordWilliamLtBelleisle Bay, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co, NBProvenLoyalist Claims LAC, Audit Office 12&13, mg 14, Bundle 15, p. 586-587, Microfilm B-2188Detail
SecordWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
SecordWilliam Henry  Proven Detail
SeeHerman  Proven Detail
See (Sea)Hermanus (Herman)  Proven Detail
Seeley (Seelye, Seelye)Augustus Lancaster Twp, Eastern District, UC 1780Proven Detail
SeeleyEzekiel  Proven Detail
SeeleyJames  Proven Detail
SeeleyOrange Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SeelyEbenezer St. John, NB  Detail
SeelySeth  Proven Detail
SeelySeth St. John, NB  Detail
SeelySeth    Detail
SeelySeth Jr St. John, NB  Detail
SeelyStewart St. George, Char. Co., NB  Detail
Seely jr.Seth    Detail
SegarAdam Midland District; Richmond  Detail
SegarStaatz Midland District; Richmond  Detail
SegeeJacob  Proven Detail
SegeeJacob  Proven Detail
SegeeJohn  Proven Detail
SegeeJohn New Maryland, NB  Detail
SegeeJoseph  Proven Detail
SegusJohn  Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SehramFrederick    Detail
SelemserJohn Nicholas  Proven Detail
SelemserMartin  Proven Detail
SelimserNicholas late of Cornwall; deceased  Detail
SellarsRobert Didgeguash, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SelleckDayle  Proven Detail
Sencebaugh (Sensebaugh; Sensabaugh; Sansabaugh)ChristianSgt. Proven Detail
SeniorBartholomew St. John, NB  Detail
SennJoseph  Proven Detail
ServanierJamesLieutSt. John, NB  Detail
ServiceJohn  Eastern District  Detail
ServiceJohn W.  Proven Detail
ServicePhilip  Proven Detail
ServissJohn  Proven Detail
ServissJohn Philip  Proven Detail
ServissPhilip  Proven Detail
ServosChristopher Thomas Eastern DistrictProven Detail
ServosDanielLtHome DistrictProven Detail
ServosJacobLtHome DistrictProven Detail
ServosJohn  Proven Detail
ServosPeter  Proven Detail
ServosPeter Sr.    Detail
ServosPhilip Eastern District  Detail
ServosWidow Mary    Detail
SewellJonathan  Proven Detail
SewellJonathan Jr St. John, NB  Detail
SewellJonathan Sr St. John, NB  Detail
SewellNicholas Maugerville, NBProvenMemorial documents for land grantDetail
SewellStephen St. John, NB  Detail
SeymorThomas St. John, NB  Detail
Sh[???]Adam P. of Matilda  Detail
ShafferFredinand Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
ShambierLevis St. John, NB  Detail
ShankDavid CaptHome District  Detail
ShankHenry    Detail
ShanksJamesLieutCarleton, NB  Detail
ShannonDanielLt.Carleton, NB  Detail
ShannonDavid    Detail
SharpAlexanderPrivateCarleton County, New BrunswickProven Detail
Sharp (Scherp, Sharpe)Guysbart (Gysbert, Guysbert, Guisbert, Gysbart, Gijsbart, Gijsbert, Gilbert)
(Brother of John Sr.) [Father of John Jr.]
 Fredericksburgh Twp, (Cataraqui Twp No. 3), (Upper Canada)ProvenUpper Canada Land PetitionDetail
SharpHenry  Proven Detail
Sharp (Sharpe)John Jr (Son of Guysbart) Midland District; Ernest TownSuspended  Detail
SharpJohn  Proven Detail
SharpJohn St. John, NB  Detail
Sharp (Sharpe, Sharp Senr, Sharpe, Scherp)John (Johannes) Sr. [brother of Guysbart]PrivateMidland District; Ernest Town
Lot 7, C3, Ernestown Twp., Lennox & Addington Cty.
Proven Detail
SharpSamuel  Proven Detail
SharpeCornelius Midland District; Adolphus Town  Detail
SharpeGusbord Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SharpeJohn Eastern District  Detail
SharpeWilliamPrivateSaint John, New Brunswick and Miramichi, Northumberland County, NB.Proven Detail
SharrardWilliam  Proven Detail
ShaverAdam  Proven Detail
ShaverAdam 1 Eastern District; Matilda  Detail
ShaverAdam 2 Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
ShaverAdam Nicholas  Proven Detail
ShaverAdam P.  Proven Detail
ShaverAdam P.  Proven Detail
ShaverConradt Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
ShaverFrederick of OsnabruckProven Detail
ShaverHannes (Hanas, Johannes)  Proven Detail
ShaverJacob Eastern District  Detail
ShaverJohannes   Proven Detail
ShaverJohn of OsnabruckProven Detail
ShaverJohn 3  Eastern District; Williamsburgh  Detail
ShaverJohn Adam  Proven Detail
ShaverJohn C 1 Eastern District  Detail
ShaverJohn N 2 Eastern District; Matilda  Detail
ShaverJohn N.  Proven Detail
ShaverJohn P.  Proven Detail
ShaverNicholas  Proven Detail
ShaverNicklaus  Proven Detail
ShaverNicklaus  Proven Detail
ShaverPhilip  Proven Detail
ShaverPhilip Jr 2 Eastern District; MatildaExpunged Detail
ShaverPhilip Sr 1 Eastern District; Matilda  Detail
ShawAeneasCaptain; Col.1784 Nova Scotia; present day York County New Brunswick Proven Detail
ShawAenias Carleton, NB  Detail
ShawGeorge Carleton, NB  Detail
ShawJohn  Proven Detail
ShawJohn St. John, NB  Detail
ShawJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
ShawJohn I  Proven Detail
ShawMichael Home DistrictProven Detail
ShawMichael Sr.  Proven Detail
ShawMoses St. John, NB  Detail
ShawWilliam Midland District; Fredericksburgh  Detail
ShawWilliam Esq Western DistrictExpunged Detail
Shaw IJohn  Proven Detail
ShawderMagnus Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SheaWilliam Elihu Carleton Cpunty, New Brunswick  Detail
ShearerThomas  Proven Detail
ShearmanAdrian St. John, NB  Detail
ShebleyJohn  Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SheckChristian Eastern District; Cornwall  Detail
SheckChristopher  Proven Detail
SheckChristopher Sussex Vale, NB  Detail
SheckCornelius Sr.  Proven Detail
SheckDavid  Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SheehanWalter Butler    Detail
Sheet Samuel Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
SheetsGeorge Eastern District  Detail
SheetsJacob Jr.  Eastern District  Detail
SheetsJacob Sr. Eastern District  Detail
SheetsWilliam Eastern DistrictProven Detail
ShelanWalter Butler Home DistrictReinstated Detail
SheldonJohn St. John, NB  Detail
SheleaDaniel Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SheleaMary Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SheleaOliver Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SheleaRuth Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SheleaSybell Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
ShellBenjamin Eastern District; MatildaSuspended  Detail
ShellDaniel Eastern District; WilliamsburghSuspended  Detail
ShellJohn  Eastern District  Detail
Shelp (Shallop)Frederick    Detail
SheltonJeremiah Portland, NB  Detail
ShepardThomas  Proven Detail
ShepherdWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
SheppardBenj St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SheppardJacob St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SheppardJoseph St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SheppardRichard St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SheppardSamuel St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SheppardThomas St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SherarThomas  Proven Detail
SheriffWilliam Midland District; KingstonExpunged Detail
ShermanAmbroseLieutSunbury Co., NB  Detail
ShermanSimeon    Detail
SherrardWilliam Midland District  Detail
SherwoodAbel    Detail
SherwoodAdriah (Abijah) St. John, NB  Detail
SherwoodAndrew Carleton, NB  Detail
SherwoodJonathan St. John, NB  Detail
SherwoodJustus St. John, NB  Detail
SherwoodJustus EsqCaptEastern DistrictProven Detail
SherwoodReuben    Detail
SherwoodReuben    Detail
SherwoodSamuelLtMidland District; Thurlow  Detail
SherwoodSamuel Eastern District  Detail
SherwoodThomas    Detail
SherwoodThomas    Detail
SherwoodThomas  Proven Detail
SherwoodThomas  Eastern District; Johnstown  Detail
ShewWilliam Carleton, NB  Detail
Shew Ezekiel Jr Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
ShewmanWilliam  Proven Detail
ShewmanWilliam Frederick  Proven Detail
ShibbarnCharles Eastern District  Detail
ShibleyJacob Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
ShibleyJohnCorporalBath, OntarioProven Detail
ShibleyJohn II  Proven Detail
ShieldsDavid St. Andrews, NB  Detail
ShieldsJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
ShilfoxJon'n    Detail
Shipman (Jr?)Daniel (Son of Daniel Sr?) Eastern District; Elizabeth TownSuspended  Detail
Shipman Sr.Daniel (father of Daniel Jr?) ElizabethtownProven Detail
ShipmanSamuel  Proven Detail
ShippyNathan Kings Co., NB  Detail
Shippy (Sheppy)Zebulon (Zebedee)Garrison Guard Nova Scotia first; followed by, in Ontario, Newark (now Niagra), Morpeth, Long Point and Camden Twp.Proven Detail
ShiptonFrancis Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ShoemanBaultis Midland District; FredericksburghSuspended  Detail
ShoemanMartin Midland District; FredericksburghExpunged Detail
ShoemanWilliam Midland District; FredericksburghProven Detail
ShonnardPeter St. John, NB  Detail
ShoreyDavid (Sr.)PrivateMidland District; Ernestown; Upper CanadaProven (Reinstated)Petition; Order in Council 5 Nov 1818Detail
ShoreyDavid Jr. Midland District; Ernest TownExpunged Detail
ShoreyRufus Midland District; Ernest TownExpunged Detail
ShormardFrederick St. John, NB  Detail
ShorpAugustus Midland District; Adolphus Town  Detail
ShortleyWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
ShortoTho's    Detail
ShortsAugustusRev.  Proven Detail
ShortsJohn  Proven Detail
ShoultsJohn  Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
ShowersMichael  Proven Detail
ShowersMichael Sr. Home DistrictProven Detail
ShreveThomasRev.; LieutenantParrsboro, Nova Scotia Proven Detail
ShriverGeorge     Detail
ShufeltGeorge Adam  Proven Detail
ShuleaEphraim Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
ShuteSusannah    Detail
ShutlerAndrew Midland District; Ernest TownExpunged Detail
ShwerfegerJohn A Eastern District; Williamsburgh  Detail
SicklesDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
SicklesDaniel Jr St. John, NB  Detail
SicklesJohn St. John, NB  Detail
SicklesWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
SighensparkerJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SilemserMartin  Proven Detail
SilkDaily Eastern District  Detail
SillikerJacob    Detail
Sills (von Selsenberg)Conrad (John Conrad, Johannes Konrad, Conradt) Sr. Sillsville, Lennox & Addington County, Ontario by the Bay of Quinte, Midland District; FredericksburghProven Detail
SillsGeorge (son of Conrad) Rev. Midland District; FredericksburghProven and Reinstated Detail
SillsJohn (son of Conrad) Midland District; FredericksburghProven Detail
SillsLawrence (son of Conrad) Midland District; FredericksburghProven Detail
SilmeserMartin Eastern District  Detail
SilmeserNicholas Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
SilmeserNicholas  Proven Detail
SilmserMartin  Proven Detail
SilmserNicholas  Proven Detail
SilverthornThomas  Proven Detail
Silverthorn (Silverthorne)Thomas, Sr. Mount Dorchester (Stamford) Twp., Niagara District, Upper CanadaProvenUEL ListDetail
SimmermanHenry  Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SimmermanMatthias Sr.    Detail
Simmon David  Midland District; Marysburgh & SopiasburghExpunged Detail
Simmond Henry  Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
Simmond John  Midland District; Ernest TownSuspended  Detail
SimmondsDaniel Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SimmondsNicholas Midland District  Detail
SimmondsWilliam St. John River, NB  Detail
SimmonsCaleb Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SimmonsEsther    Detail
SimmonsHenryLt.1784; Ernestown, Concession 6, Lennox and Addington CountyProven Detail
SimmonsJames St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SimmonsJohn  Proven Detail
SimmonsMoses Midland District; Marysburgh & Sopiasburgh  Detail
SimmonsNicholas Midland District; Ernest TownProven Detail
SimonTitus  Proven Detail
SimondsJames Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
SimonsHenry  Midland District; Thurlow  Detail
SimonsTitus  Proven Detail
SimonsTitus Geer  Proven Detail
SimonsTitus Sr Home District  Detail
SimonsonLieutenant John  Proven Detail
SimpsonAlexander 1 Midland District; Kingston  Detail
SimpsonAlexander 2 Midland District; Kingston  Detail
SimpsonDrummond St. John, NB  Detail
SimpsonIsrael Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SimpsonJames  Midland District; Fredericksburgh  Detail
SimpsonJohn  Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SimpsonMichael St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SimpsonMoses St. John, NB  Detail
SimpsonObediah (Obadiah, Obadieh) Midland District; Adolphus TownProven (Reinstated) Detail
SimpsonSarah Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SimpsonSarah (Dibble) NB  Detail
Sims John SergtHome District  Detail
Sims (Sime?)Robert Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
SimsonWilliam of Cramahe  Detail
Simson (Simpson)William  Proven Detail
SinclairGeorge Beaver Harbour, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SinclairRobert St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SingletonGeorge Midland District; Thurlow  Detail
SipesAndrew Eastern District; Matilda  Detail
SipesAndrew  Proven Detail
SipesHannah  Proven Detail
SipesJacob Home District  Detail
SipesJacob  Proven Detail
SipesJonas Home DistrictProven Detail
SipesJonas  Proven Detail
SipprellWilliam  Proven Detail
SiprellWilliam  Proven Detail
Siprell Sr.William  Proven Detail
SirwallChristopher Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SissonJames  Proven Detail
SitemanHenry    Detail
SivanyMiles St. John, NB  Detail
SkeltonWilliam St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SkenePhilip United Kingdom  Detail
SkinnerBenjamin  Proven Detail
SkinnerBenjamin Senior late of Stamford; deceased  Detail
SkinnerHaggai of StamfordProven Detail
SkinnerHaggai  Proven Detail
SkinnerTimothy Home District; BastardExpunged Detail
SlackJoseph Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SlaghtJames deceasedProven Detail
SlaghtJames Sr.  Proven Detail
SlaightHenry St. John, NB  Detail
SlaightJames  Proven Detail
SlaterJa's    Detail
SleaphyBartholomew Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SleighterJohn  Proven Detail
SlienemanHenry  Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SlighterJohn  Home District  Detail
SlingerlandAnthony Home District  Detail
SlingerlandRichard Niagara & Grantham Twp, Home DistrictProvenSt Mark's Anglican Church, Niagara-on-the-LakeDetail
SlingerlandtGarret    Detail
SlipJohn Long Island, Queens Co., NB  Detail
Slipp (Schloepp)Leonard Queens County, NB.Proven Detail
SloatAbraham NB  Detail
Slocum (Slokum)Ebenezer (Ebenezar)Capt.Kings Co., NBProven Detail
Slocum (Slokum)Eleazer (Eleazor) NB  Detail
SlootMichael Midland District; Adolphus TownProven Detail
SlootMichael  Proven Detail
SlouserRudolph Midland District; Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
SlouterCornelius Midland District; Adolphus TownExpunged Detail
SlusenburgHenry  Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SmadesJoel Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
SmallJohn Carleton, NB  Detail
SmallThomas Carleton, NB  Detail
SmallwoodWill'm    Detail
SmilerSamuel St. John, NB  Detail
SmithAbraham  Proven Detail
SmithAdam Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithAndrew Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NBProven Detail
SmithBenoni Eastern District  Detail
SmithBowen, The Hon. Shediac, NBProven Detail
SmithClapman (Son of Daniel Sr.) Burton/Blissville, Sunbury County on South-west Branch of Oromocto River, New Brunswick  Detail
SmithComfort Midland District; Fredericksburgh  Detail
SmithCornelius  Proven Detail
SmithCornelius  Proven Detail
SmithDaniel Sr.N/ABurton/Blissville, Sunbury County on South-west Branch of Oromocto River, New BrunswickProven Detail
SmithDaniel Jr. (Son of Daniel Sr.) St. John, NB
Burton/Blissville, Sunbury County on South-west Branch of Oromocto River, New Brunswick
SmithDaniel 1 Eastern District; Fredericksburgh  Detail
SmithDaniel 2 Eastern District  Detail
SmithDan'l     Detail
SmithDennis 1 Eastern District  Detail
SmithDennis 2 Eastern District  Detail
SmithDuncan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
SmithElias Sr. Home DistrictProven Detail
SmithElias Senior Esq.CaptainMontreal in 1794. Port Hope, ON. 1800 Proven Detail
SmithElias [unknown which]  Proven Detail
SmithElijah Queens Co., NB  Detail
SmithEncrease Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
SmithFrancis Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithFrederick Upper CanadaProven Detail
SmithFrederick Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SmithFreeman Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithGeorge Eastern District; Elizabeth Town  Detail
SmithGeorge  Proven Detail
SmithGeorge St. John, NB  Detail
SmithHannah Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithHannah C Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithHart Home DistrictProven Detail
SmithHenry  Proven Detail
SmithHenry 1 Home District  Detail
SmithHenry 2 Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SmithIchabod Maugerville, Sunbury Co., NB  Detail
SmithIsaiah  Proven Detail
SmithIsaiah Sr.  Proven Detail
SmithJ.C. Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithJacobCaptSt. John River, NB  Detail
SmithJacob  Proven Detail
SmithJacob 2 Eastern District  Detail
SmithJacob Jr 4 Midland District; FredericksburghSuspended  Detail
SmithJacob Sr 3 Midland District; Fredericksburgh  Detail
SmithJacob Sr. (listed as 1 in the UEL List) Glanford Twp, Wentworth County, Home District (ON) Aug 1788ProvenUEL List (Number 1 Jacob Smith)Detail
SmithJacob George  Proven Detail
SmithJamesCaptGrand Manan, NB  Detail
SmithJames of Pelham  Detail
SmithJames  Proven Detail
SmithJames St. John, NB  Detail
SmithJames Didgeguash, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SmithJames 1 Midland DistrictExpunged Detail
SmithJames 2 Eastern District; Charlottenburgh  Detail
SmithJames 3 Eastern District; Elizabeth Town  Detail
SmithJames Sr.  Proven Detail
SmithJane Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
SmithJerard Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithJn'o    Detail
SmithJohann Jacob  Proven Detail
SmithJohn  Proven Detail
SmithJohn St. John, NB  Detail
SmithJohn Kings Co., NB  Detail
SmithJohn Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithJohnSgt. Proven Detail
SmithJohn (Little John)  Proven Detail
SmithJohn 2 Home District  Detail
SmithJohn 3  Home DistrictSuspended  Detail
SmithJohn 4 Home District  Detail
SmithJohn 5 Midland District; Fredericksburgh  Detail
SmithJohn 6 Midland District; Kingston  Detail
SmithJohn 7 Eastern District; Augusta  Detail
SmithJohn George 10 Midland District; FredericksburghSuspended  Detail
SmithJohn J. St. John, NB  Detail
SmithJohn Jr 9 Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SmithJohn Sr 1 Home District; Grand River  Detail
SmithJohn Sr 2  Proven Detail
SmithJohn Sr 8 Eastern District; Cornwall  Detail
SmithJoseph St. John, NB  Detail
SmithJoseph St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SmithJos'h    Detail
SmithMary Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithMichael Midland District; FredericksburghProven Detail
SmithMichael  Proven Detail
SmithMichaelLieut.Lot 33 in Block 6, Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB  Detail
SmithNathan St. John, NB  Detail
SmithNicholas  Proven Detail
SmithOrlo (Son of Daniel Sr.) Burton/Blissville, Sunbury County on South-west Branch of Oromocto River, New Brunswick  Detail
SmithPeter  Proven Detail
SmithPeter    Detail
SmithPeter 1 Midland District; Kingston  Detail
SmithPeter J 4 Midland District; Marysburgh & Sopiasburgh  Detail
SmithPeter Jr 3 Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
SmithPeter Junior    Detail
SmithPeter Senior of Charlottenburgh; formerly a Soldier 84th Regiment  Detail
SmithPeter Sr 2 Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
SmithPhilip Midland District; FredericksburghProven Detail
SmithPriscilla St. John, NB  Detail
SmithRachael NB  Detail
SmithRalph St. John, NB  Detail
SmithRebecca C Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
SmithRheuben St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SmithRichard St. John, NB  Detail
SmithRichard St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SmithRichard 1 In Ernestown Twp; then in 1789 to Midland District, Lot 1, Con. 5, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.Proven Detail
SmithRichard 2 Eastern District; Osnabruck  Detail
SmithRobert Eastern District  Detail
SmithRobert Fredericton, NB  Detail
SmithRobert Queens Co., NB  Detail
SmithRufus MD Westmoreland Co., NB  Detail
SmithSamuelColNew Brunswick to England to Etobicoke, Home District  Detail
SmithSamuel  Proven Detail
SmithSamuel St. John, NB
Hampton Parish, Kings Co., NB
Proven Detail
SmithSamuel Kingston, (Midland District) Frontenac Co, Upper CanadaProven Detail
SmithShubal St. John, NB  Detail
SmithStephen Eastern District  Detail
SmithStephenSargaent*Hampstead, Queen's County, NB  Detail
SmithTerence Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SmithThomas of Kingston  Detail
SmithThomas St. John, NB  Detail
SmithThomas NB  Detail
SmithThomas NB  Detail
SmithThomas 1 Midland District; KingstonReinstated Detail
SmithThomas Esq 2 Western District; L'Assomption  Detail
SmithThomas Esq 3 Eastern District  Detail
SmithThomas Esq 4 Eastern District; YongeExpunged Detail
SmithWilliam  Proven Detail
SmithWilliam NB  Detail
SmithWilliam 1 Midland District; FredericksburghExpunged Detail
SmithWilliam 2 Midland District; Marysburgh & Sopiasburgh  Detail
SmithWilliam Howe St. John, NB  Detail
SmithWill'm    Detail
SmithWm Fredericton, NB  Detail
SmithWm Jr St. John, NB  Detail
Smith (Schmidt)Johann Jacob  Proven Detail
Smith (Schmiette)Henry (Heinrich)  Proven Detail
SmoseGeorge Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
SmyRichard St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SmythPatrick deceased  Detail
Smythe (Smith)AlexanderAdjutantLot 47, PEI and Charlottetown, PEI;  Muster Roll, 1st Battalion., Kng's Rangers Detail
SmytheJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
Sneeden (Sneden)Robert St. John, NB  Detail
Snell (Schnell)Barnard (Barnett)  Proven Detail
SnetsingerJohn Mathias  Proven Detail
SnetsingerMatthias (Mathias) Eastern DistrictProven Detail
SniderAbraham  Proven Detail
SniderElias Sr. Dutch Valley Rd., Sussex, Kings Co., New BrunswickProven Detail
SniderJacob  Proven Detail
SniderJacob    Detail
SniderJohn Home District  Detail
Snider (Snyder)John A., Sr. (son of Simon Snider) Ernest Town Twp., Lot 27(?), 5th Concession(?) (Ontario)Proven Detail
SniderMartin  Proven Detail
SniderMartin Sr.  Proven Detail
SniderPeter  Proven Detail
SniderPeter Sr.  Proven Detail
SniderSimon (father of John A. Snider) Lennox & Addington County, OntarioProven Detail
SniderTobias Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SniderZechariah (Zachariah) of ErnesttownProven Detail
SniffenShovel NB  Detail
SnookMartin  Proven Detail
SnowBenjamin St. John, NB  Detail
SnowJohn NB  Detail
SnowdenRandolph St. John, NB  Detail
SnyderAbraham  Proven Detail
SnyderAdam Cornwall, Williamsburg Twp, Eastern DistrictProvenUEL ListDetail
SnyderChristian  Proven Detail
SnyderConradt Eastern District; Cornwall  Detail
SnyderJacob Eastern District; LancasterProven Detail
SnyderJeremiah Lancaster, Eastern DistrictProven Detail
SnyderJohn  Proven Detail
SnyderJohn Lancaster  Detail
SnyderJohn Eastern District; AugustaSuspended  Detail
SnyderJohn Eastern District  Detail
SnyderMarcus Midland District; Ernest TownProven Detail
SnyderMartin Carleton, NB  Detail
SnyderMathew Eastern District  Detail
SnyderSimon  Proven Detail
SnyderWilliam  Proven Detail
SnyderWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
SnyderWilliam Jr Eastern District; Elizabeth Town  Detail
SnyderWilliam SrEnsignEastern District; Elizabeth Town  Detail
SnytherJacob 2CorplHome District  Detail
SolomonJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Soper (Sopher)Joseph Sophiasburg, Prince Edward County, lot 33 Con 1 W of GreenP  Detail
SoperLeonard  Proven Detail
SoperSamuel Home DistrictProven Detail
Soper (Became Wil(l)son)Bathsheba (Widow Soper) Home District  Detail
SouleTimothy  Proven Detail
SoulesDaniel    Detail
SoulsDaniel  Home District  Detail
SouthickDaniel Penfield, NB  Detail
SowerChristopher 3d St. John, NB  Detail
SowersJohn A St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SowilsJohn Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SowilsWilliam Sr 1 Eastern District; MatildaSuspended  Detail
SowilsWilliam Sr 2 Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
SowlesWilliam  Proven Detail
SpakeJohn    Detail
SparamDoctor Eastern District  Detail
SparamThomas Midland District; KingstonSuspended  Detail
SpauldingJohn Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec   Detail
SpauldingReuben St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SpauldingReuben Jr St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SpeakmanWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
Spear (Spiers)John St. John, NB  Detail
SpearsEbenezer St. David, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SpenceJames St. John, NB  Detail
SpenceRobert St. John, NB  Detail
SpenceWilliam Hampton, Kings Co., NB  Detail
SpencerAndrew Midland District; Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
SpencerAugustus Midland District; Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
SpencerBenjamin Midland District; Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
SpencerHazeltonColonelMidland District; FredricksburghProvenUEL ListDetail
SpencerHenry  Midland District; Sophiasburgh & AmeliasburghSuspended  Detail
SpencerJeremiah  Proven Detail
SpencerJohn  Proven Detail
SpencerJohn 1 Midland District; Marysburgh & Sopiasburgh  Detail
SpencerJohn 2 Midland District; Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
SpencerJohn Jr 3 Midland District; Sophiasburgh & AmeliasburghExpunged Detail
SpencerPatience  Proven Detail
SpencerRobert Home DistrictProven Detail
SpencerRobert Sr.  Proven Detail
SpencerSamuel St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SpencerWilliam Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
SpicerDaniel Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
SpicerDaniel of Ausgusta  Detail
SpicerEbenezer NB  Detail
SpicerElizabeth NB  Detail
SpicerEzekiel Eastern DistrictProven Detail
SpicerFra's    Detail
SpicerMary NB  Detail
SpicerRobert Spencer's Island, NS  Detail
SpicerThomas NB  Detail
SpicerWilliam NB  Detail
SporbeckJacob  Proven Detail
Sprage (Sprague?)Moses Didgeguash, Char. Co., NB  Detail
SpraggCaleb St. John, NB  Detail
SpraggRichard St. John, NB  Detail
SpraggThomas Springfield, Kings Co., NB  Detail
SprickFrederick St. John, NB  Detail
SpriggsAnn    Detail
SpringerCharles C.  Proven Detail
SpringerDavid  ProvenUEL ListDetail
SpringerRichard Home DistrictProven Detail
SpringerWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
SpringfieldJoseph Western District  Detail
SpringsteenCasper  Proven Detail
SpringstienStoats Home District  Detail
SpringstonGaspar    Detail
SproulAndrew NB  Detail
SprouleGeorge Fredericton, NB  Detail
SprouttAnd'w    Detail
SpurginWilliam  Home District  Detail
SquiersSeth    Detail
Squiers jr.Seth    Detail
SquiresSeth St. John, NB  Detail
SquiresSeth Jr St. John, NB  Detail
SquiresWill'm    Detail
Squires (Squeirs)Richard St. John, NB  Detail
St. CroixS. T. deCaptSt. John, NB  Detail
StaatsSilvester deceased  Detail
StaceyJohn  Home DistrictExpunged Detail
StackhouseJoseph Carleton, NB  Detail
StackhouseRobert Carleton, NB  Detail
StageDavid    Detail
StakerElizabeth    Detail
StakerNathan  Proven Detail
StakesTho's    Detail
StaleyMartin  Proven Detail
StalkerElizabeth  Proven Detail
StalkerJohn  Proven Detail
StampGiles Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
StampGuillies Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
StanesJob Midland District; FredericksburghSuspended  Detail
StanfordWilliam  Eastern District  Detail
StanleyThomas St. John, NB  Detail
StansfieldJohn    Detail
StantonBenjamin St. John, NB  Detail
StantonJames    Detail
StantonWill'n    Detail
StanwoodJonathan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StaplesFrancis  Proven Detail
StarkJames  Eastern District; Elizabeth TownExpunged Detail
StarkeyJacob Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StarkeyMordecaiPrivate1784, Parrtown, Lot 878 (Grant no. 70)
1790, Queens, Wickham, Washademoak Lake, Lot 11 (Grant no. 210)
Proven Detail
StarnesNathaniel  Proven Detail
StarrGeorge    Detail
StarrsGeorge Eastern District  Detail
StartsJacob Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
StataHenrich (Henry) Eastern DistrictProven Detail
StataPhilip Eastern DistrictProven Detail
StatesFerdinand    Detail
StatesMargaret St. John, NB  Detail
StatesPhilip     Detail
StealyMartin Eastern District  Detail
SteelAdam    Detail
SteelAnd'w    Detail
SteelJohn St. John, NB  Detail
SteelMathew Midland District; Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
Steel (Steele)William Home DistrictProven Detail
SteelyTobias Midland District; Fredericksburgh  Detail
SteinhoffJohn  Proven Detail
StephensAlex'a    Detail
StephensAndrew St. John, NB  Detail
StephensDavid St. John, NB  Detail
StephensEnos St. Mary's, NS  Detail
Stephens (Stevens)John St. John, NB  Detail
StephensPennuel Eastern District; BastardSuspended  Detail
StephensPhineas St. Mary's, NS  Detail
StephensShadrach (Shadrack) New Brunswick, 1799 to OntarioProven Detail
Stephens (Stevens)Shubal Kings Co., NB  Detail
StephensSimon St. John, NB  Detail
StephensSolomon Musquash, St. John Co., NB  Detail
StephensonFrancisCapt. ProvenUEL ListDetail
Sterling (Stirling)JonathanCaptSt. Mary, York Co., NB  Detail
SternDavid St. John, NB  Detail
StevensAaron  Proven Detail
Stevens (Stephens)Abel Sr. 1796, Bastard Township, Leeds & Grenville Co, ONProven Detail
StevensArentComyHome District  Detail
StevensElisha Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
StevensJames    Detail
StevensJohn  Proven Detail
StevensJohn Sr Home DistrictProven Detail
StevensLemuel  Proven Detail
StevensLevi  Proven Detail
StevensRoger  Proven Detail
StevensRoger  Proven Detail
StevensRoger 1 Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
StevensRoger 2 Eastern District; AugustaSuspended  Detail
StevensRoger Sr.  Proven Detail
StevensSamuel Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StevensShubael (Shubal)  Proven Detail
StevensWilliam St. Andrews, NB  Detail
Stevens (was Stephens)Abel Eastern District; Bastard  Detail
StevensonWilliam St. Stephen, NB  Detail
StewardJames  Proven Detail
StewartAlexander Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StewartAlexander LtHome District  Detail
StewartAllen Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StewartBryan Lafferty  Proven Detail
StewartCatherine Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StewartCharles St. Andrews, NB(see Stuart, Charles) Detail
StewartDuncanLieutSt. Andrews, NB  Detail
StewartGeorge Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StewartHugh St. Andrews, NB  Detail
StewartIsaac St. John, NB  Detail
StewartJames Western DistrictProven Detail
StewartJamesDr. Proven Detail
StewartJames St. John, NB  Detail
StewartJames Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StewartJames St. John, NB  Detail
Stewart James Sr. 1794, Niagara Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario Proven  Detail
StewartJames Milton Vernon Sr.  Proven Detail
StewartJohn St. John, NB  Detail
StewartJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StewartJohn  Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
StewartMordecai St. John, NB  Detail
StewartPeter St. John, NB  Detail
StewartRobert Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
StewartStinson St. Andrews, NB  Detail
StewartThomas Home DistrictExpunged Detail
StewartThomas  Proven Detail
StewartThomas  Proven Detail
StewartThomas Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StewartWalker St. John, NB  Detail
StewartWilliam Charlotte Co., NB(see Stuart, William) Detail
StewartWilliam St. Andrews, NB(see Stuart, William) Detail
StilesAshbel St. John, NB  Detail
StilesSelah Home District  Detail
StilkeyBalthazar St. Andrews, NB  Detail
Stillman (born as Dillman)George AdamPrivateParrsboro, Cumberland County (then Kings County), Nova ScotiaProven Detail
StillwellDaniel Grand Lake, Queens Co., NB  Detail
StillwellLeanah Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StillwellLeanah Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StillwellSamuel Pennfield, NB  Detail
Stillwell (Stilwell)JohnPrivate Proven Detail
StilwellMary St. John, NB  Detail
StineJohnSgt. Home DistrictProven Detail
StinsonDavid Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StinsonJamesPrivateer (British Navy)St. Andrews, NB  Detail
StinsonJohn  Proven Detail
StinsonJohn St. John, NB  Detail
StinsonJohn  Midland District; Marysburgh & Sopiasburgh  Detail
StinsonJohn Jr  Midland District; Marysburgh & SopiasburghExpunged Detail
StoboAllthea St. John, NB  Detail
StoboJohn St. John, NB  Detail
StockallRichard St. John, NB  Detail
StockerMatthias St. John, NB  Detail
StockfordThomas Hampstead, Queens County Bunnell's "Index of Loyalists"Detail
StocktonAndrewLieutSussex Vale Kings Co., NB  Detail
StocktonAndrew HunterLt. Proven Detail
StocktonRichard V Kings Co., NB  Detail
StocktonRichard WithamMaj. Proven Detail
StocktonRichard WithamMaj.  Proven Detail
StocktonSamuel Kings Co., NB  Detail
Stockton (Stockston)Andrew HunterLt.  Proven Detail
StockwellJohn [Johns] (Sr.)CorporalLots 71 and 73, Colchester, New Settlement, Western District, Upper Canada.Proven Detail
StodartJohn St. John, NB  Detail
StofleJohn  Home District  Detail
StokerStephen St. John, NB  Detail
StolikerJohn  Proven Detail
StoneCharity Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoneEbenezer Queens Co., NB  Detail
StoneJoel Eastern District; Leeds; Gananoque  Detail
StoneJohn Carleton, NB  Detail
StoneJohn  Home District  Detail
StoneJosiah Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoneburgPeter Sr.  Proven Detail
Stoneburg (Stoneburgh)Peter Sr.  Proven Detail
StoneburnerJacob Eastern District  Detail
StoneburnerJacob; the Elder    Detail
StoneburnerJohn  Eastern District  Detail
StoneburnerJoseph Eastern District  Detail
StoneburnerLeonard Eastern District  Detail
StonerJohn Home DistrictProven Detail
StonerPeter  Proven Detail
StooksEdward Home DistrictProven Detail
StooksMrs Hannah Home District  Detail
StorensHenry  Midland District; Ernest TownExpunged Detail
StorensJacob Midland District; Ernest TownExpunged Detail
StoreySolomon Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
StorinGeorge Eastern District; Williamsburgh  Detail
StorinJohn  Eastern District  Detail
StormJeremiah Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
StormsGilbert Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
StormsGilbert  Proven Detail
StormsGilbert Sr.  Proven Detail
StormsJeremiah  Proven Detail
StorringGeorge  Proven Detail
StorringGeorge  Proven Detail
StorrowThomas Campobello, Char. Co., NB  Detail
StoutJohn Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoutJonathan Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoutLeah Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoutNancy Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoutPeter Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoutPeter Jr Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoutSusannah Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
StoverJonathan 29 Mar 1784 – one of "The Digdeguash Grantees" on the Digdequash River, St Patrick's Parish, Charlotte County, NBProven Detail
StoverMartin Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
StoverMartin  Proven Detail
StoverPeterPrivate, 1st Battalion, New Jersey VolunteersSussex, New Brunswick; 1783Proven Detail
StowoodJohn  Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
StradaHenry  Eastern District  Detail
StraderJohann Wilhelm (John)  Proven Detail
StraderJohn Eastern DistrictProven Detail
StraderJohn Simon  Proven Detail
StraderSimon Eastern District  Detail
StraderSimon  Proven Detail
StraderWilliam  Eastern District  Detail
StraightWilliam  Proven Detail
StraightWilliam  Proven Detail
StraightWilliam NB  Detail
StraightWilliam    Detail
StrangJesse  Proven Detail
StrangeLot the 3d St. John, NB  Detail
StrangeSeth Carleton, NB  Detail
Strange (Strang)Gabriel St. John, NB  Detail
StratfordMoses Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
StratfordThomas 1 Eastern District  Detail
StratfordThomas 2 Eastern District  Detail
StratfordThomas 3 Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
StraytonChristoper St. John, NB  Detail
StreetJohn St. John, NB  Detail
StreetLockwood (son of Timothy)    Detail
StreetSamuel Sr Home District  Detail
StreetSamuel of Wolford in the Eastern DistrictProven Detail
StreetSamuel Denny St. John, NBProven Detail
StreetTimothy (Father of Lockwood)  Proven Detail
StrenttsPeter  Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
StretchSamuel Carleton, NB  Detail
StricklandAmos Pennfield, Char Co., NB  Detail
StricklandAnne Pennfield, Char Co., NB  Detail
StricklandEdward Carleton, NB  Detail
StricklandHannah Pennfield, Char Co., NB  Detail
StricklandJohn Pennfield, Char Co., NB  Detail
StricklandMary Pennfield, Char Co., NB  Detail
StricklandMary Pennfield, Char Co., NB  Detail
StrikerSampson Midland District; Marysburgh & Sopiasburgh  Detail
StringhamWm St. John, NB  Detail
StropeGaspe Midland District; KingstonExpunged Detail
StrowbridgeCrispus  Proven Detail
StuartAlex'a    Detail
StuartAllen St. Andrews, NB  Detail
Stuart (Stewart)Charles (Father of William) 1790: Hanwood Island (Deer Island) in Passamaquoddy Bay, NB
St. Andrews, NB
Charlotte Co., NB
Proven Detail
StuartDuncan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Stuart (Stewart)George Home District. In 1785 he received 800 acres at Four Mile Creek (now St. David's ON.; settled on 250 acres on Hamilton Bay (being one of the four Loyalist founders of Hamilton, ON.)  Detail
StuartGeorge 2 (son of James) Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
StuartGilbert (son of James) Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
StuartHenry (son of James) Private?Eastern District, Osnabruck Township.Expunged Detail
StuartHugh Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
StuartJames St. Andrews, NB  Detail
StuartJamesDr. [Surgeon's Mate]Wales, Osnabruck Township (submerged when the St. Lawrence Seaway went through)ProvenUEL Executive ListDetail
StuartJohnDr. Rev.Midland District; KingstonProven Detail
StuartRob't    Detail
StuartStinson Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Stuart (Stewart)William (son of Charles)Privateer (British Navy)1790: living Stuarttown, Deer Island, Doyles Passgage, Passamaquoddy Bay, NB
St. Andrews, NB
Proven Detail
Stuart (through dau. Jane)John  Proven Detail
Stuart (through son Isaac)John   Proven Detail
StudholmeGilford St. John, NB  Detail
StullLatham Home DistrictProven Detail
StultsHenry Nova Scotia 1783 and later Moncton New Brunswick  Detail
StumpMichael St. John, NB  Detail
StylesWill'm    Detail
StymersonMicah St. John, NB  Detail
Stymest (Stymiest, Stymerson)Jasper. Brother of Benjamin Stymiest Sr. 17 Apr 1789: settled Saint John, New Brunswicknot proven Detail
Stymiest (Stymest)Benjamin Christoffel (aka Benjamin II or Benjamin Sr.). Father of Benjamin Jr. Brother of Jasper Stymest.  1784: Bay du Vin, Miramichi Bay, Northumberland Co., New Brunswick.proven Detail
StymiestBenjamin Gerrit (aka Benjamin III or Benjamin Jr.). Son of Benjamin Sr. Tabusintac, Northumberland County, New Brunswickproven Detail
SuchWill'm    Detail
Suitor (Sutter)James St. John, NB  Detail
SummersAndrew Eastern DistrictProven Detail
SummersDavid  Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SummersJacob Eastern District  Detail
SummersPaul    Detail
SunderlandJohn    Detail
SuppleeEnoch St. John, NB  Detail
SurpletRobert Western District  Detail
SutherlandAlexander  Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SutherlandGeorge 1786 Eastern District, Lancaster, Ontario Ld. Bd. L., single, P.L. 2ndProven Detail
SutherlandJames  Proven Detail
SutherlandJohn St. John, NB  Detail
SutherlandJohn 1 Midland District; MarysburghExpunged Detail
SutherlandJohn Johnson 2 Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
SutherlandJohn Jr St. John, NB  Detail
SutherlandJohn Stuart 3 Eastern DistrictSuspended  Detail
SutherlandPeter Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
SutherlandThomas Eastern District  Detail
SutherlandWalterLieut.Glengarry Co, ONProvenW.D. Reid, Loyalists of OntarioDetail
SutherlandWalter 2 Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SutherlandWalter Esq 1 Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
SutherlandWidow Lot 20, 2nd Concession South of the River Aux Raisin, Eastern District (Ontario)  Detail
SutterJames  Proven Detail
SutterJames  Proven Detail
SwaddleSusannah  Proven Detail
SwaineWilliam St. Stephen, NB  Detail
SwanBryan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
SwanThomas Esq  Eastern District  Detail
Swan (Swann)Tho's    Detail
SwanburgChristian  Proven Detail
SwartSimon Midland District; Ernest Town  Detail
SwartfegerFrederick Midland District; Marysburgh & Sopiasburgh  Detail
SwartsHenry of the Township of Thorold  Detail
SwayzeCaleb  Proven Detail
SwayzeCaleb  Home DistrictExpunged Detail
SwayzeCaleb Sr Home District  Detail
SwayzeIsaac Home District  Detail
SwayzeRichard  Home DistrictExpunged Detail
Swayze (Sweezey)Aaron  Proven Detail
SweenyBryan St. Andrews, NB  Detail
SweetCharles Eastern District  Detail
SweetGeorge St. John, NB  Detail
SweetGeorge    Detail
SweetOliver Eastern District  Detail
SwickPhilip Midland District; ThurlowReinstated Detail
SwiftJoseph Nova Scotia, NB  Detail
SwimMichael Shelburne, Nova Scotia  Detail
SwinberghChrist'n    Detail
SwineyHugh Midland DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
SwitzerPatience (Rose)  Proven Detail
SwitzerPeter St. John, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
SwitzerPhilipCorporal as of October 1782 at St. JeanErnestown 1784; S. Marysburgh 1796; Camden E. after 1830ProvenUEL list; January 1783 Muster roll of Capt. Justus Sherwood's (4th) Company of Loyal Rangers; Provisioning lists for those at Ernestown, dated 7 Oct 1784 and July-August 1786.Detail
SwordsThomas  Proven Detail
SymesCaleb Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
SymondJohn St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
SymondsonJohnLieutNB NYGBS; V40 N1 Jan 1909Detail
SypesHannah Schaver  Proven Detail