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This Directory is to be used as a guideline only. It is not proof. Please consult with a Branch Genealogist.

All applications before 2015 may not have sufficient acceptable proofs that meet current standards.

Directory of Loyalists

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(For a short explanation of each column, click on the column title ex. "surname")
SurnameGiven nameRankWhere ResettledStatus as LoyalistProof of Loyalty 
RaceyPhilip Carleton, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RainesDavid    Detail
RainsfordAndrew  Proven Detail
RainsfordAndrew Fredericton, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RambouchWilliam FredericksburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
RamboughAmos Eastern District UEL ListDetail
RamboughDavid  Eastern District UEL ListDetail
RamboughJacob Eastern District UEL ListDetail
RamboughJohn Eastern District UEL ListDetail
RamsayDavid  Home District  UEL ListDetail
RamsayEsther NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RamsayHenry   UEL ListDetail
RamsayWilliam Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RancierWilliam  Proven Detail
RandolphBenj'n YongeSuspendedUEL ListDetail
RandolphDavid St. John, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RangerTartolus Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RankinAbigail Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RankinAbram (Abraham) Pennfield, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RankinAngus Schoodic Falls, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RankinAnne Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RankinJames Midland District UEL ListDetail
RankinJohn Pennfield, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RankinRebecca Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RankinRoads Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RansierAndrew  Proven Detail
RansierGeorge Home District  UEL ListDetail
RansierGeorge  Proven Detail
RansierWilliam KingstonProvenUEL ListDetail
RanterWilliam Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RathburnJoseph  Proven Detail
RawrisonD. B. Carleton, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RayDaniel St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondGrace Kingston, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondHannah Kingston, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondMary (Daughter of Mary, Widow) Kingston, Kings Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondMary (widow). Mother of Mary, Mercy and Silas. Kingston, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908
RaymondMercy (Daughter of Mary, Widow) Kingston, Kings Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondSamuel Kingston, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondSamuel Rice NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondSamuel Rice Sr.  Proven Detail
RaymondSilas (son of Mary, Widow) Kingston, Kings Co., NBProvenNYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908
RaymondSimon Sissiboo, NS  Detail
RaymondStent Hampton, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondThomas Petersville, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
RaymondWhite St. John, NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
ReachJohn   UEL ListDetail
ReadMoses  Proven Detail
ReadWilliamMaj.  Proven Detail
ReadWilliam Nova Scotia , Granted 300 acres in Manchester Twp on the Gut of Canso, County of Sydney as a St Augustine Loyalist- October 1784 First Applied for land (from Quebec City in 1794) in Lower Canada -Twp of Hinchinbrook, District of Montreal Lot 16 C 3 ... abt 1795/96 moved to Twp of Elizabethtown . Applies for land in Upper Canada. Granted 800 acres in Bastard & Kitley Twps Leeds Co in 1801Provencertificate applicationDetail
Readhead (Redhead)William Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V39 N3 Jul 1908Detail
ReardenDan'l    Detail
ReddenFrancis Ernesttown Township(?)  Detail
ReddickAdam ( Yonge Twp, then Kitley and Bastard Twps )Expunged Detail
ReddickChristopher Eastern DistrictProven Detail
ReddickGeorge Williamsburgh  Detail
ReddickJohn Eastern District  Detail
ReddickPhilip  Proven Detail
ReddiePhilip Midland DistrictExpunged Detail
ReddingHenry Carleton, NB  Detail
ReddingWilliam Carleton, NB  Detail
RedickPhilip  Proven Detail
RedinsFrancis Ernest Town  Detail
Redmond (Redman, Ridman)NicholasPrivateMatildaProven Detail
RednerHenry Sr.  Proven Detail
RednorHenry  Proven Detail
ReeceAlexander Cummberland Bay, NB  Detail
ReedAbraham Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ReedCarlow Ludwell    Detail
ReedHugh    Detail
ReedJames  Proven Detail
ReedJames St. John, NB  Detail
ReedJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ReedLeonardLieutSt. John River, NB  Detail
ReedMatthew Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ReedRobert St. John, NB  Detail
ReedStephen Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
ReedWilliamSergeantThurlow Twp., Hastings, Upper Canada, 1788 (now known as Corbyville which is just outside of Belleville ON)Proven Detail
ReedWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
ReedWilliam Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Reed (Reid)Alexander St. John, NB  Detail
Reed (Reid)Robert St. John, NB  Detail
ReesDavidCaptain   Detail
ReevesJohn St. John River, NB  Detail
ReganJeremiah Sussex Vale, Kings Co., NB  Detail
RegisterDaniel Pennfield, NB  Detail
ReidJames Sissiboo, NS  Detail
ReidWilliam  Proven Detail
ReideGeorge Home District   Detail
ReideMoses Elizabeth TownExpunged Detail
ReideWilliam Home District   Detail
ReideWilliam Yonge  Detail
ReillyJohn  Proven Detail
ReilyJohnSerg'tHome District   Detail
RekemanAlbert Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RekemanPeter Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RemingtonGershom Penfield, NB  Detail
Remington (Rementon)Jonathan Penfield, NB  Detail
RenshawJames St. John, NB  Detail
RenshawThomas St. John, NB  Detail
RepleyJames St. John, NB  Detail
ReveAnthony Carleton, NB  Detail
ReynoldsBenjamin    Detail
ReynoldsBenjamin Sr.Private   Detail
ReynoldsBenjamin  Proven (but which of the two Benjamin's was proved?)  Detail
ReynoldsCalebLt.Home District Proven Detail
ReynoldsCalebLt.  Proven Detail
ReynoldsElizabeth NB  Detail
ReynoldsJames    Detail
ReynoldsJesse St. John, NB  Detail
ReynoldsJoshua NB  Detail
ReynoldsPine NB  Detail
ReynoldsWilliam NBProven Detail
Riceley (Riselay; Ricelay) ChristianCorp'lHome District   Detail
RichardsCharles 1 Kemble Manor, NB  Detail
RichardsCharles 2 Digby, NS Muster RollDetail
RichardsChristopher Home District   Detail
RichardsDaniel  Marysburgh & SophiasburghSuspended Detail
RichardsJohn 1 Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh  Detail
RichardsJohn; Jun'r Marysburgh & SophiasburghExpunged Detail
RichardsJonathan Carleton, NB  Detail
RichardsOwen Marysburgh & SophiasburghReinstated Detail
Richards Owen of Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh  Detail
RichardsonAsa Fredericksburgh  Detail
RichardsonAsa  Proven Detail
Richardsonhenry FredericksburghExpunged Detail
RichardsonJames KingstonExpunged Detail
RichardsonJane    Detail
RichardsonJohnEnsignSt. John, NB  Detail
RichardsonThomas of Hallowell  Detail
RichardsonThomas 1 Marysburgh & SophiasburghReinstated Detail
RichardsonThomas 2 FredericksburghExpunged Detail
RichardsonWilliam Fredericksburgh  Detail
RickermanEdward Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
RickermanTobias Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
RicketsJos'h    Detail
RickleyAndrew Fredericksburgh  Detail
RiddickPhilip Senior of Ameliasburgh [?]  Detail
RiderStephen    Detail
RiderStephen St. John, NB  Detail
Rider (Ryder)Ebenezer  Proven Detail
RidnerHenry; Junior Adolphus TownExpunged Detail
Ridner (should be Ridnor)Henry Adolphus TownExpunged Detail
Ridnor (was Ridner)Henry Adolphus TownReinstated Detail
RidoutMary; Mrs Home District Expunged Detail
RielyCath    Detail
RigbyJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RikemanElizabeth Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RikemanElizabeth 2nd Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
Rikeman (Rickeman, Rekeman)Anthony Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
Rily (O'Reilly)John  Proven Detail
RimmermanHenry MarysburghExpunged Detail
RinbyMaurice Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
RiselayChristian  Proven Detail
RisteenJoseph Carleton, NB  Detail
RitchieAndrew George Sr. Annapolis, Nova Scotia  Detail
RitchieAndrew Stirling  Proven Detail
RitchieJames St. John, NB  Detail
RitchieJohn Ernest Town  Detail
RiterHyronimus St. Andrews, NB  Detail
Ritter (Riter)Sperons (Hyronimus?) NB  Detail
RoakeMartha Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RoaxJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RoaxTimothy St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RoaxTimothy Jr St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RobbJohn St. John, NB  Detail
Robblee (Rublier, Roblee)JohnPrivateWallace, Nova Scotia Land GrantDetail
RobertsStephen St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RobertsThomas  MarysburghExpunged Detail
RobertsTho's    Detail
RobertsZachariah  Proven Detail
RobertsZachariah Queens Co., NB  Detail
RobertsonChristopher St. John, NB  Detail
RobertsonDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
RobertsonDaniel  Eastern District Cornwall  Detail
RobertsonDavidSergeant Proven Detail
RobertsonDuncan  Proven Detail
RobertsonDuncan Tabusintac, NB  Detail
RobertsonHillLt.Eastern District  Detail
RobertsonJames Home District Expunged Detail
RobertsonJoseph Edwardsburg ?Proven Detail
RobertsonPrince Home District   Detail
RobertsonSergeant David  Proven Detail
RobertsonThomas  Eastern District  Detail
RobertsonWilliam Eastern District  Detail
RobertsonWilliam  Proven Detail
RobieJames Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
RobieThomas Carleton, NB  Detail
RobinsJames Kingston  Detail
RobinsJohn (Son of Richard)Ensign12 Jun 1784; Lot 26, Bedeque, Island of Saint John (Prince Edward Island)Proven Detail
RobinsRichard (Father of John) 12 Jun 1784; Lot 26, Bedeque, Island of Saint John (Prince Edward Island)Proven Detail
RobinsRichard Ernest Town  Detail
RobinsRichard Kingston  Detail
RobinsRichard  Proven Detail
RobinsRobert Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RobinsWilliam 1 KingstonExpunged Detail
RobinsWilliam 2 Eastern District  Detail
RobinsonAlexander St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RobinsonBeverley  Proven Detail
RobinsonBeverly the YoungerLt-ColSt. John, NB  Detail
RobinsonChristopher Beverley  Proven Detail
RobinsonChristopher V.Lieut.Queensbury, New Bruswick (1781/1783);
Kingston, Upper Canada (1791);
York, Upper Canada (1796)
Proven Detail
RobinsonChristopher  Proven Detail
RobinsonJohn  Proven Detail
RobinsonJohn St. John, NB  Detail
RobinsonJohn St. John, NB  Detail
RobinsonJohn Portland, NB  Detail
RobinsonJohn of St. Andrews St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RobinsonJoseph Charlottetown, PEIProvenPetition for Land GrantDetail
RobinsonLawrance Carleton, NB  Detail
RobinsonPatrick Newcastle, Grand Lake, NBProven Detail
RoblinJohn Adolphus TownExpunged Detail
RoblinJohn  Proven Detail
RoblinOwen P. (son of Philip Roblin UEL) Adolphus TownProven Detail
RoblinOwen Jr. Adolphus TownProven Loyalist Ancestor #LAR00010Land PetitionsDetail
RoblinOwen Sr. Adolphus TownExpunged, but now accepted;
Proven Loyalist Ancestor #LAR0009
RoblinPhilip  Proven Detail
RoblinPhilip Jr. Adolphus TownProven Detail
RoblinPhilip Sr. Adolphusstown Twp. Lennox & Addington Co. OntarioProven Detail
RoblinPhillip John Sr.  Proven Detail
RoblinPhilip John  Proven Detail
RoblinStephen Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
RodenWm Jr Carleton, NB  Detail
RodenWm Sr Carleton, NB  Detail
RodneyBridgesSerg't. Gen?Home District   Detail
RoeColeman Western DistrictSuspended Detail
RoebuckLuke    Detail
RogersAnne Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RogersAnthony St. John, NBProven Detail
RogersDavid McGregor2nd Battalion King's Rangers - Ensign (?)Bay of Quinte (Fredericksburg)
UEL List indicates Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh
RogersElizabeth St. John, NB  Detail
RogersFitch St. John, NB  Detail
RogersGeorge St. John, NB  Detail
RogersHenry St. John, NB  Detail
RogersJames St. John, NBProven Detail
RogersJames 1Major (Land Petitions and Loyalist Regiment Muster Roll), Lieutenant Colonel of Militia post-RevolutionBay of Quinte (Fredericksburg)
(UEL Executive List notes as Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh.)
Proven Detail
RogersJames 2Ensign, 2nd Battalion King's RangersBay of Quinte (Fredericksburg)
(UEL Executive List notes as Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh.)
Suspended Detail
RogersJohn Ernest Town  Detail
RogersNehemiah St. John, NB  Detail
RogersPatrick Sussex Vale, NB  Detail
RogersRichardCorporalParrtown (St. John), NBProven Detail
RogersThomas St. John, NB  Detail
RogersWilliamPrivateErnestownProven Detail
RogersWilliam Jr.  Proven Detail
RogersWilliam Sr.  Proven Detail
RomboughJacob  Proven Detail
Rombough (Rambach)William A.Private1788 - Fredicksburg Township, Ontario , CanadaProven Detail
Rombough (Rambach, Rombach)Hans JacobPrivate1788 - Fredicksburg Township, Upper CanadaProven Detail
Romsay (Ramsay)Richard Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Rood?(Road)William Eastern District  Detail
RookeAmos Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RookeFanny Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RookeGeorge Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RoomeJacob NB  Detail
RoomeWm H NB  Detail
RoomeWm L St. John, NB  Detail
RoorbachBorent Home District Expunged Detail
RorisonBazil Elizabeth Town  Detail
Rose?? NB  Detail
RoseAaron Eastern District  Detail
RoseAlexander 1DrummerWilliamsburg Twp, Dundas Co., Eastern District, Upper CanadaProven Detail
RoseAlexander 2 Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
RoseCharles Eastern DistrictProven Detail
RoseDaniel  Ernest Town  Detail
RoseDaniel (originally recorded as Donald)VolunteerIn 1781 on what became Gore Lot 1 & Broken Front, Niagara Township (Gore Lots were later joined with the Stamford Twp. survey)Proven Detail
RoseDavid Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
RoseDonald (see Daniel) Home District   Detail
RoseEzekiel Eastern District  Detail
RoseJohn  Proven Detail
RoseMathias  Proven Detail
RoseMathias (Matthias) Jr. Ernest TownProven Detail
RoseMathias Sr.PrivateErnesttown, 1784Proven Detail
RoseMoses Bastard  Detail
RosePatience Ernestown 1784; S. Marysburgh 1796; Camden E. before death?Proven Detail
RoseSamuel  Proven Detail
RoseSamuel 1 Eastern District  Detail
RoseSamuel 2 Eastern District  Detail
RoseSamuel 3 Eastern District  Detail
RoseWilliamPrivateE 1/2 lot 8, Front Concession, Royal Township #1, Lunenburg District, Upper Canada (Charlottenburgh Township, Glengarry County). (Township Papers - Ontario Archives.)Proven Detail
RosenbbargerJacob Eastern District  Detail
RossAlex Didgeguash, NB  Detail
RossAlexander  Proven Detail
RossAlexander 1 Marysburgh Expunged Detail
RossAlexander 2 Eastern District  Detail
RossAlexander 3 Eastern District  Detail
RossAlexander 4 Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
RossChristy (Widow Christian)  Proven Detail
RossColin Marysburgh Expunged Detail
RossDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
RossDaniel St. Andrews, NB  Detail
Ross Donald Private Shelburne, then Chedabucto (now Guysborough), Nova ScotiaProven Detail
RossDonald 1 Eastern District  Detail
RossDonald 2 Eastern District  Detail
RossDonald 3 Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
RossEdward St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RossFinlay Eastern District  Detail
RossGeorge Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
RossHenry St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RossJacob Eastern Districtproven Detail
RossJames St. John, NB  Detail
Ross John (son of Thomas Taylor ROSS)privateE 1/2 lot 21 1st concession south of River aux Raisin, Royal Township #1, Lunenburg District, Upper Canada (Charlottenburgh Township, Glengarry County, Ontario).
Also known as the Eastern District
Proven Detail
RossJohn St. John, NB  Detail
RossJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RossPhilip Eastern District  Detail
RossThomas  Proven Detail
RossThomas Grand Manan, NB  Detail
RossThomas Ben. 3 Eastern District - Lancaster  Detail
RossThomas 1 Eastern District  Detail
RossThomas 2 Eastern District  Detail
RossThomas Bain  Proven Detail
RossThomas Taylor Lot 28, 1st Concession of "Lake Township" now called Lancaster, Glengarry County, ON (as per McNiff's Map dated 1st Nov 1786.)Proven Detail
RossWalter Marysburgh Expunged Detail
RossWilliam 1 Marysburgh Expunged Detail
RossWilliam 2 Marysburgh Expunged Detail
RossZenasPrivateFredericksburghProven Detail
Roswell (Rosenell?)John Carleton, NB  Detail
RothbunJoseph Kingston, Kings Co., NB  Detail
RothburnJoseph    Detail
RouseDavid St. John, NB  Detail
RouseGeorge  Proven Detail
RowJohn N.  Proven Detail
RowWilliam Didgeguash, NB  Detail
Row(e)Fred'k (Frederick)Corp'lHome District Proven Detail
RoweJohnSerg't.Home District   Detail
RowlandWilliam  Proven Detail
RowseGeorge  Proven Detail
RowshornJohn KingstonReinstated Detail
RoylaneLawr'ce    Detail
Roys (Roice), Junior Evan (son of Evan Sr.)CorporalEastern District (Cornwall. ON)Proven Detail
Roys (Rice, Roice, Roise, Roye), SeniorEvan or Even (Father of Evan Jr.)PrivateCornwall Twp,Stormont Co, Eastern District, UCProven Detail
RuckleFrancis Carleton, NB  Detail
RuckmanJohn  Proven Detail
RudderbackJohn Eastern District  Detail
RudderbackSimon Eastern District  Detail
RueAbr'am    Detail
RugglesTimothy North Mountain, in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.Proven Detail
RuiterHendrik  Proven Detail
RuiterJohn  Proven Detail
RulandJoanna St. John, NB  Detail
RulofsonRulofEnsignHampton, NB, Land Grant No. 107  Detail
RumboldThomas Carleton, NB  Detail
RundellCharles Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RundellSimthy Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RunionsHenry  Proven Detail
RunnionHenry Eastern District  Detail
Rupert (Ruport)Adam (Father of Francis, Peter, Peter and John) Osnabruck and or Charlottenburg Townships in the Eastern DistrictProven Detail
RupertChristopher (brother of Frederick) St. John, NBProven Detail
Rupert (Ruport)Francis (son of Adam) Osnabruck and or Charlottenburg Townships in the Eastern District  Detail
Rupert (Ruppert, Rubert))Frederick (brother of Christopher)PrivateDied en-route to Nova Scotia UK, American Loyalist Claims 1776-1835Detail
Rupert (Ruport)John (son of Adam) Osnabruck and or Charlottenburg Townships in the Eastern District  Detail
Rupert (Ruport)Peter (1; Pader; Padar) (son of Adam) Osnabruck and or Charlottenburg Townships in the Eastern DistrictProven Detail
Rupert (Ruport)Peter (2) (son of Adam) Osnabruck and or Charlottenburg Townships in the Eastern District  Detail
RushMartin Midland DistrictProven Detail
RushMartin Sr.Carpenter. Not in uniformDigby NS; to Fredericton NB; to Midland District by 1798 Martin Sr. was given 200 acres on Con. 1 Lot 84 about two miles west of Rednersville in Prince Edward County OntarioProven  Detail
RushtonJeremiah  Proven Detail
RushtonJohn Sr.  Proven Detail
RuskAndrew Ernest Town  Detail
RusselCornelia NB  Detail
RusselJane NB  Detail
RussellEliz Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RussellJames Home District Suspended Detail
RussellJames St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RussellJn'o    Detail
RussellJoseph St. John, NB  Detail
RussellMartha Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RussellMichael Eastern District  Detail
RussellMolly Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RussellPitman  Proven Detail
RussellRosewell Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
RussellRuell Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
RussellWilliam  Eastern District  Detail
RutherfordHenry  Proven Detail
RuthsenDuncan St. John, NB  Detail
RutlerGeorge; Sen'r Adolphus Town  Detail
RuttanPeter Jr. AdolphustownSuspended Detail
RuttanPeter Sr.Capt.Adolphustown, Lennox and Addington, Upper Canada (Ontario) 1784Proven Detail
RuttanWilliam AdolphustownProven Detail
RutterGeorge Adolphustown Twp., Ontario in 1784Proven Detail
RutterJohn George  Proven Detail
RuttonMary NB  Detail
RuttonWilliam NB  Detail
RutzenstineG. B. Dc?? Marysburgh Expunged Detail
RyanJohn St. John, NB  Detail
RyanJohn St. Stephen, NB  Detail
RyanMichael St. Andrews, NB  Detail
RyanWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
RyckmanEdward  Proven Detail
RyckmanJohnLt.Home District  Detail
RyckmanJohn Adolphus Town  Detail
RyckmanJohn (Johannes) of Barton (township); deceasedProven Detail
RyckmanJohn Sr.  Proven Detail
RyckmanTobias    Detail
RyderTho's    Detail
Ryerse (Ryerson)JosephLt.Maugerville, NBProvenUEL ListDetail
RyerseSamuelCapt.Home District ProvenUEL ListDetail