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This Directory is to be used as a guideline only. It is not proof. Please consult with a Branch Genealogist.

All applications before 2015 may not have sufficient acceptable proofs that meet current standards.

Directory of Loyalists

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(For a short explanation of each column, click on the column title ex. "surname")
SurnameGiven nameRankWhere ResettledStatus as LoyalistProof of Loyalty 
O' HealeWidow Kingston UEL ListDetail
OatmanHenry late of the Township of Williamsburgh; deceased UEL ListDetail
OblennsJohn St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N4 Oct 1907Detail
O'BrienEsther Mispec, NB NYGBS; V38 N4 Oct 1907Detail
O'BrienJohn MarysburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
O'BrienRobert Carleton, NB NYGBS; V38 N4 Oct 1907Detail
O'BrienThomas Mispec, NB NYGBS; V38 N4 Oct 1907Detail
O'BryanCorn's    Detail
O'CarrPeter Home DistrictExpunged Detail
O'ConellyJames Home District  Detail
OdearJames    Detail
OdellDaniel Jr.  Proven Detail
OdellJohn    Detail
OdellJonathan  Proven Detail
OdellJonathan Rev Fredericton, NB  Detail
OgburnJames    Detail
OgdenBenjamin Carleton, NB  Detail
OgdenJane NB  Detail
OgdenJohn Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh  Detail
OgdenJohn  Proven Detail
OgdenJohn    Detail
OgdenJohn Jun'r  Marysburgh & SophiasburghExpunged Detail
OgdenJonathan Greenwich, Kings Co., NBProven Detail
OgdenMary Greenwich, Kings Co., NB  Detail
OgdenMichael  Proven Detail
OgdenRachael Carleton, NB  Detail
OgilvieJohn  Proven Detail
OgilviePeter Sr.  Proven Detail
OldNicholas St. John, NB  Detail
OlingbergPhilip    Detail
OliveWilliam Carleton, NB  Detail
OliverAaron Richmond  Detail
OliverCornelius RichmondSuspended Detail
OliverFrederick Richmond  Detail
OliverJohn RichmondSuspended Detail
OlkerElisha    Detail
OlkesElisha    Detail
OlliverWm S Jr St. John, NB  Detail
OlliverWm Sanford St. John, NB  Detail
OlmsteadAaron St. John, NB  Detail
OlmsteadThomas  Proven Detail
O'NealBarney    Detail
O'NealJohn    Detail
OramDavid L.    Detail
OramJames    Detail
O'ReillyJohn  Proven Detail
OrinJohn St. John, NB  Detail
OrmondGeorge NB  Detail
OrserArthur KingstonProven/Reinstated Detail
OrserGabriel Midland District of KingstonSuspended Detail
OrserGilbert KingstonProven/Reinstated Detail
OrserIsaac KingstonProven/Reinstated Detail
OrserJoseph (Auser)  Proven Detail
OrserJoseph (Father of Arthur, Isaac, Solomon and Gilbert) (Wife Anna and children settled at Kingston Ontario)Proven Detail
OrserSolomon KingstonProven/Reinstated Detail
OrserWilliam KingstonProven Detail
OrvalConrad KingstonExpunged Detail
OsbornCharles Carleton, NB  Detail
OsbornJames  Proven Detail
OsburnJohn St. John, NB  Detail
OsburneSamuelSergtSt. Andrews, NB  Detail
OsterhoutWilliam Home DistrictProven Detail
OstranderAndrew (Andress/Andries)PrivateNiagaraProvenJenny/Jane and Leida OSTRANDER 1797 Upper Canada Land Petition Detail
OstranderAntonius (Anthoney, Thunis according to British documents)    Detail
OstromRoelof (Rulijuh, Ruliph, Ruliffe, Ralph)SpySidney Township, Hastings County, ONProven Detail
OstrumRulif  Proven Detail
OswaldAtwood NB  Detail
OttJacob Ancaster, Ontario, Canada  Detail
OttoGotleb/Gotlieb (Son of Johan Gottlieb) Eastern DistrictExpunged. Accepted as SUE. Detail
OttoJohan Gottlieb  Proven Detail
OuthouseNicholas Sissiboo, NS
Home District
Proven Detail
OuthouseRobert Gulliver's, NSProven Detail
OverholtAbraham Home DistrictProven Detail
OverholtAbraham Sr. Thorold, ONProvenUEL listDetail
OverholtEliz'th; Miss Home DistrictExpunged Detail
OverholtStaats (Stots) Home District - ClintonProven Detail
Overholt, Sr.Abraham  Proven Detail
OwenEdw'd    Detail
Owens (Owen)John St. John, NB  Detail
OxhamfootPeter    Detail
OxnardThomas Grand Manan, NB NYGBS; V38 N4 Oct 1907Detail
OzburnJames  Proven Detail
OzburnJames  Proven Detail