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Ontario Loyalist Licence Plates
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Directory of Loyalists

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(For a short explanation of each column, click on the column title ex. "surname")
SurnameGiven nameRankWhere ResettledStatus as LoyalistProof of Loyalty 
MaakPhilip Eastern District UEL ListDetail
Mabie (Maybee)Pieter (Peter)  Proven Detail
MabeFrederic Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MabeeFrederick  Proven Detail
MabeeJacob St. Stephen, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MabeeJasper St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MabeeJeremiah St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MabeeJohn  Proven Detail
MabeeJohn  Proven Detail
MabeeLevinah Pelham    Detail
MabeeSimon  Proven Detail
MabeeWilliam St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MabyFrederick Home District UEL ListDetail
MabyLavinia  SuspendedUEL ListDetail
MabyLewisSergtHome District UEL ListDetail
MacAlpineDaniel  Proven Detail
MacAlpineJohn  Proven Detail
MacaulayJames  Proven Detail
MacCrimmonDonald  Proven Detail
MacDonaldAlexanderPvtNew Brunswick Muster Roll of Queen's Loyal RangersDetail
MacDonaldAlexander Sr.  Proven Detail
MacDonaldAlan Temporarily in Nova Scotia but soon to England, then Scotland.   Detail
MacDonaldAngus  Proven Detail
MacDonaldBenjamin  Proven Detail
MacDonaldDuncan  Proven Detail
MacDonaldRoderick  Proven Detail
MacDonaldSoirle (Soril, Soirlee, Sorley, Samuel, Soyle)Ensign Port Roseway (Shelbourne) in Nova ScotiaProven Detail
MacDonellAlexander  Proven Detail
MacDonellAllan  Proven Detail
MacDonellDonald  Proven Detail
MacDonellJohn  Proven Detail
MacDonellMilesCaptain  UEL ListDetail
MacdonellMilesEnsignTo Scotland, then by 1791 in Osnabruck Township, Eastern District  Detail
Macdonell (MacDonald, Macdonnell) (Leek)Ranald  Proven Detail
MacDougall (MacDougal)John  Proven Detail
MacGillivrayArchibald  Proven Detail
MacGruerJohn  Proven Detail
MackayFrancis  Proven Detail
MackayThomas St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MacKayWilliam a native of the Parish of Durnoss; Caithness Shire North Britain who Emigrated to the late Colonies now United States in 1774; now of Charlottenburgh; Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MacKenzieDuncan  Proven Detail
MacKenzieKenneth    Detail
MacleanArchibald  Proven Detail
MacLeanDonald  Proven Detail
MadoxArthur St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MageeHenry  Proven Detail
MagetJoseph St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MagheeJohn    Detail
MahahHugh St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MahaneyDan'l    Detail
MaherRichard St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MainJames Eastern DistrictSuspendedUEL ListDetail
MainMathew Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MainThomas  Eastern DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
MainThomas Senior Edwardsburgh UEL ListDetail
MaineThomas Sen'r Eastern DistrictReinstatedUEL ListDetail
MajorEdward St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MajorJohn Home DistrictSuspendedUEL ListDetail
MalcolmFinlay Charlotte Co., NB, then Home District in OntarioProvenUEL List
NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907
MallardThomas St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MalleryCaleb St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MalleryEnoch Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MalleryNathaniel YongeExpungedUEL ListDetail
MallochDonald Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MalloryEnoch  Proven Detail
MalloryJeremiah  Proven Detail
MalloryJohn Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MalloryNathaniel  Proven Detail
MallowsSamuel St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MaloneyJohn Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
ManIsaac, John, Samuel etc.  See entries for MANN (MAN) Detail
ManceMary Carleton, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MancePeter St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MandevilleRichard 1 Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MandevilleRichard 2 Williamsburgh UEL ListDetail
ManhardDavid  Proven Detail
Manhard (Manhardt)David  Proven Detail
ManhartDavid (Senior) Elizabeth TownReinstatedUEL ListDetail
Mann (aka Man)Edward J. (son of Colonel Isaac Mann, Sr.)Private New Carlisle, Paspebiac, Baie des Chaeurs, Gaspe, QuebecNo proven descendantsNames inserted on the U.E. List by Order of the Honourable Executive Council shows Edward, William and Thomas.Detail
Mann (aka Man)Isaac (Sr. father of Isaac Jr., John, Thomas, William and Edward) Colonel, Aide-de-Camp to the Governor at New Carlisle, Gaspe. New Carlisle, Paspébiac, Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspé, Quebec Proven2nd Report of the Bureau of Archives of the Province of Ontario by Alexander Fraser (1904). Shows claim for losses during the revolution pp. 333 to 335.Detail
Mann (aka Man)Isaac Jr.(son of Colonel Isaac Mann, Sr.)Quarter Master (Jessup's Rangers) & later Major of Brigade to the Provincials (see pg. 335, 2nd Report of the Bureau of Archives of the Province of Ontario by Alexander Fraser (1904). Lieutenant. New Carlisle, Paspebiac, Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspe, Quebec No proven descendants.2nd Report of the Bureau of Archives of the Province of Ontario by Alexander Fraser (1904), pg 335 lists claim of Issac Mann, Jr. with notes on his service.  Detail
Mann (aka Man)John (son of Colonel Isaac Mann, Sr.) Ensign (6th Senior) New Carlisle, Pasbebiac, Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspe, Quebec ProvenSee Watt's History and Master Roll of the KRRNY, pg. 254. Detail
Mann (Man)SamuelCapt. Proven Detail
Mann (aka Man)Thomas (son of Colonel Isaac Mann, Sr.)Ensign New Carlisle, Paspebiac, Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspe, Quebec.  No proven descendantsNames inserted on the U.E. List by Order of the Honourable Executive Council shows Edward, William and Thomas.Detail
Mann (aka Man)William (son of Colonel Isaac Mann, Sr.) Volunteer. Recommended as Ensign 1778 & 1780.  New Carlisle, Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspe, Quebec.No proven descendantsNames inserted on the U.E. List by Order of the Honourable Executive Council shows Edward, William and Thomas.Detail
ManningGeorge St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
ManningJacobPrivateAlburgh, Vermont 1791 but when the border changed, moved to LaColle Quebec in 1792Proven Detail
ManwaringJames St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
ManzerBarnet(t)  Proven Detail
ManzerJohn  Proven Detail
MaracleJames Home District UEL ListDetail
Maracle Frederick (see record for Frederick Markle)    Detail
MarbetMichael Adolphus Town UEL ListDetail
MarcaleJohn (see record for John Markle)    Detail
MarcelisJohn Bapt' Home District UEL ListDetail
Marcelis (Marcellis; Marcellus; Marsellis; Marseles)John (Johannes) Eastern DistrictProvenUEL ListDetail
MarcellisPeter Home District UEL ListDetail
MarcellusSevares  Proven Detail
MarcelusIwares   UEL ListDetail
MarcklandThomas Kingston UEL ListDetail
Margester (Margiston)William St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarierJohn Kingston UEL ListDetail
MarkellRichard  Proven Detail
Markle (Maracle, Merkley)Frederick (brother of James, John, William and Henry)PrivateHome District, Niagara Twp., Lincoln Co.ProvenUEL ListDetail
MarkleHenry (brother of James, John, Frederick and William)PrivateAncaster, Wentworth County  Detail
Markle (Maracle) JamesPrivateAncaster Twp., Wentworth Co. UEL ListDetail
Markle (Marcale)John (brother of James, Henry, Frederick and William)SergeantLouth Twp., Home District UEL ListDetail
MarkleWilliam (Wilhelmus, Wilhelm)
(brother of James, John, Frederick and Henry)
 Ancaster Twp., Wentworth Co.Proven1817 SUE land grant to son Gilbert Markle.Detail
MarksJohn St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarksJohn Lawrence  Proven Detail
MarksNehemiah St. Stephen, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarksWilliam St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarlattJohn Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MarlattThomas Eastern DistrictSuspendedUEL ListDetail
MarpleDavid St. Stephen, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarpleNorthrop St. Stephen, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarpleRichard  Proven Detail
MarpleSamuel R St. Stephen, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
Marsden/MastenAbraham  Proven Detail
MarselisJohannes  Proven Detail
MarselisPeter  Proven Detail
Marselis (Marsellis, Marseles)John  Proven Detail
MarshAbraham Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MarshBenjamin Home District UEL ListDetail
MarshCornelius St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarshJeremiah Midland DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
MarshJohn    Detail
MarshJohn St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarshJohn Lothrop  Proven Detail
MarshJoseph FredericksburghProvenUEL ListDetail
MarshMatthias (Mattias, Mathias)
(Son of William)
 Midland District
Sidney Township, Hastings County, Ontario
ProvenUEL ListDetail
MarshRichard St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarshSamuel Midland DistrictSuspendedUEL ListDetail
MarshWilliam New BrunswickProven Detail
MarshWilliam (2; Sen'r)Secret AgentMidland District (Sidney Township, Hastings County, Ontario)Suspended; ProvenUEL ListDetail
Marsh JunrWilliam 3 Jun'r Midland DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
MarshWilliam 4 Parr Town Nova Scotia Proven Detail
MarshallJohn St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
Marston (Marsten, Masten, Mastin)AbrahamPrivateMeductic, York County, New BrunswickProvenNYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarstonBenjamin Carleton, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarthaJohn Home District UEL ListDetail
MartinAdam Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MartinAmos Sr.  Proven Detail
MartinAndrew St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MartinJames Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MartinJohn St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MartinPeter Home District UEL ListDetail
MartinRebecca Charlotte Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MartinRobert St. Stephen, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MartinWilliam AugustaSuspendedUEL ListDetail
Martling (Mailing)Barent Shelburne NS, then Tusket Lakes (now Raynardton)  Detail
MarvinJohn  Proven Detail
MarvinJohn Kingston, Kings Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MarvinJohn   TheShipsListDetail
MascalineJane St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MasewellAndrew Carleton, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MasonSamuel St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907Detail
MasseyJn'o    Detail
MasseyWill'm    Detail
MathersonJohn NB  Detail
MathewGeorge St. John, NB  Detail
MathewWilliam NB  Detail
MathewsCharles St. John, NB  Detail
MathewsJames Home District  Detail
MathewsJohn St. John, NB  Detail
MathewsJonathan Home District  Detail
MathewsRichard Pennfield, NB  Detail
MathewsWill'm    Detail
Mathewson (Matheson)Charles St. John, NB  Detail
MatlarkCaleb Home District  Detail
MatthewsJames  Proven Detail
MatthewsJonathan (Johnathan)  Proven Detail
MatthewsThomas  Proven Detail
MatthewsThomas Elmes  Proven Detail
MatticeAbraham (Son of Nicholas II) Home District  Detail
MatticeAdam L (Son of Nicholas II)Drummer in Butler's RangersHe was granted 200 acres, Osnabruck, lot No. 34 in the 5th concession, Twp., of Cornwall County of Stormont, Ont.  Detail
MatticeJohanne (Adam) (Son of Nicholas I)  Proven Detail
MatticeJohn (son of Nicholas II) Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
MatticeJohn of Niagara  Detail
MatticeJohn  Proven Detail
Mattice (Mathias)Nicholas II (Son of Nicholas I)PrivateLot # 35 (200 acres) in the first concession (County of Stormont, #5 of township, Elisabeth town). Proven Detail
MatticeNicholas III (Son of Nicholas II)PrivateEastern District  Detail
MatticeWilliam (Son of Nicolas II?) First (?) concession of Osnabruck, Eastern DistrictProven Detail
MaukGasper MarysburghExpunged Detail
MaukGotlep MarysburghExpunged Detail
Mawby (Mayby)Silas Old Ridge Rd. Char. Co., NB  Detail
MaxwellJames  Proven Detail
MaxwellJames St. Stephen, NB  Detail
MayWilliam Home DistrictProven Detail
MayWill'm    Detail
MaybeAbraham Adolphus Town  Detail
MaybeJohn Ernest Town  Detail
MaybeLevinha    Detail
MaybeLevinlia  Suspended Detail
MaybeeAbraham PieterCapt. Proven Detail
MaybeeAnn Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeEliza Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeFrederick Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeJacob    Detail
MaybeeJohn St. Stephen, NB  Detail
MaybeeLevina Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
Maybee (Mabee)Lewis  Proven Detail
MaybeeLydia Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeMary Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeOliver Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeSarah Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeSimon Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeWilliam Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MaybeeWilliam    Detail
MaybySimon St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McAchrowDuncan St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McAllanDavid Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McAllenDavid St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McAllisterAnanias Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McAllisterDaniel Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McAllisterJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McAlpinDanielCaptain in McAlpin's Corps of Volunteers; Major of a corps of Older Loyalists   Detail
McAlpinDuncan Eastern District  Detail
McAlpineJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McAlpine (Macapline)Peter St. John, NB – lot 724 at Parrtown;
then Otnabog Lake, Upper Hampstead Parish, Queens County, NB
McAlpineWalter St. John, NB  Detail
McArtherenDaniel 1 Eastern District  Detail
McArtherenDaniel 2 Eastern District  Detail
McArthurAlex Didgeguash, Char Co., NB  Detail
McArthurArchibald Eastern District  Detail
McArthurCharles Eastern District  Detail
McArthurCharles St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McArthurDonald Eastern District  Detail
McArthurDuncan 1 Eastern District  Detail
McArthurDuncan 2 Eastern District  Detail
McArthurJohn 1 Jun'r Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McArthurJohn 2 Sen'r Charlottesburgh  Detail
McArthurJohn 3 Thurlow  Detail
McArthurPeter Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
McArthurRobert Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McAulayRobert Kingston  Detail
McBaneGilles Eastern District  Detail
McBaneJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McBaneRichard Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McBane (see McDonell)Isabella; alias McDonell Charlottesburgh  Detail
McBeanAlexander St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McBeanAngus Carleton, NB  Detail
McBeanJohn Carleton, NB  Detail
McBeanJohn St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McBeanNeal St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McBeaneJohn MarysburghExpunged Detail
McCaffreyJohn Eastern District Proven Detail
McCalfPeter St. John, NB  Detail
McCallDonald (Sr) Charlotteville Twp., Ontario
(Home District Long Point?)
Proven Detail
McCallGeorge St. John, NB  Detail
McCallJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McCallLydia St. John, NB  Detail
McCallumCatherine Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McCallumJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McCallumJohn Jr Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McCallumPeterSergtSchoodic Falls now Milltown Char. Co., NB  Detail
McCannAndrew St. John, NB  Detail
McCarbinBenjamin Eastern District  Detail
McCargerJoseph MarysburghExpunged Detail
McCarmaigDonald Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McCarniePeter St. John, NB  Detail
McCarterRobert St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McCarthyDennis    Detail
McCarthyIsaiah St. John, NB  Detail
McCarthyJames MarysburghExpunged Detail
McCarthyMary    Detail
McCarthyMichael MarysburghExpunged Detail
McCashillFinlay St. John, NB  Detail
McCaulaJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McCaulayAnn Midland DistrictExpunged Detail
McCayDuncan St. John, NB  Detail
McCleanArchibald St. John, NB  Detail
McCleanCharles St. John, NB  Detail
McCleanDonald St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McCleanPeter St. John, NB  Detail
McClellanRoderick St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McClellanWilliam Home District  Detail
McCloskaMichael St. John, NB  Detail
McCluskyWilliam St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McCollDuncanSergtShoodic Falls Char. Co., NB  Detail
McCollJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McCollSusannah Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McCollinHumphrey St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McCollinPeter St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McCollom (McCollum)JamesPrivateof Grimsby
1794 at Lot 35, Conc. 6 Smithville, Gainsborough, Ontario (ref: M.F. M581 050 042)
Proven Detail
McColumPeterColor SergSt. Andrews, NB  Detail
McCommick (McCormack?)Daniel St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McConnelCharles St. John, NB  Detail
McConnellBenjamin St. Mary's, NS  Detail
McConnellHugh Fredericksburgh  Detail
McConnellJoseph St. Mary's, NS  Detail
McCoolArchibald Home DistrictSuspended Detail
McCoolMargaret; Widow    Detail
McCoolWilliam Home DistrictSuspended Detail
McCormickAlexander late of Cochester; deceasedProven Detail
McCorquadaleMary Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McCowanPatrick St. John, NB  Detail
McCraJohn St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McCraKenneth St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McCradyDavid J.  Proven Detail
McCraeThomas Sr.  Proven Detail
McCrae Sr.Thomas  Proven Detail
McCrawJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McCreaCreyton St. John, NB  Detail
McCreaDuncan St. John, NB  Detail
McCreaRobert St. John, NB  Detail
McCreadyDavid Eastern DistrictProven Detail
McCreadyWilliam  Proven Detail
McCreadyWilliam II  Proven Detail
McCrimmonDonald MarysburghReinstated Detail
McCrimmonDonald     Detail
McCrimmonDonald (Daniel)  Proven Detail
McCueWilliam Escott  Detail
McCuin David 1 Sen'r Eastern District  Detail
McCuin David 2 Jun'r Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McCullochJames St. Mary's, NS  Detail
McCullockCharles KingstonExpunged Detail
McCullumJohn Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
McCurdyJames MarysburghExpunged Detail
McCurdyLaughlin St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McCurdyNeal Grand Manan, NB  Detail
McCurdyNeil Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McDermaidDuncan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McDermurdPeter Mascarene, NB  Detail
McDiarmid (McDormit, McDermaed)Peter Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McDonald??? St. Mary's, NS  Detail
McDonaldAlex St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McDonaldAlexander Shelburne area, NS  Detail
McDonaldAllan of Gainsborough  Detail
McDonaldAngusCaptSt. Patrick, NB  Detail
McDonaldAngusCaptDigdeguash, NB  Detail
McDonaldAngus    Detail
McDonaldAngus St. John, NB  Detail
McDonaldBenjamin  Proven Detail
McDonaldChristian Home District  Detail
McDonaldDavid St. John, NB  Detail
McDonaldDonald St. Mary's, NS  Detail
McDonaldDonald St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McDonaldDonald Carleton, NB  Detail
McDonaldDonald 1 Ernest Town  Detail
McDonaldDonald 2 Kingston  Detail
McDonaldDuncan  Proven Detail
McDonaldFarquhar  Proven Detail
McDonaldJames St. John, NB  Detail
McDonaldJohnCorpl.Home District  Detail
McDonaldJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McDonaldJohn Jr St. John, NB  Detail
McDonaldJohn Roy  Proven Detail
McDonaldJoseph St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McDonaldJoseph Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McDonaldMary Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McDonaldPeterSergt.Home District  Detail
McDonaldPeter Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McDonaldRich'd    Detail
McDonaldRonaldSergt.Home District  Detail
McDonaldSarah Carleton, NB  Detail
McDonaldWilliam Home DistrictSuspended Detail
McDonallAlexander (Bane Bog) of Charlottenburgh; formerly a Private in the 84th Regiment during the American Rebellion  Detail
McDonelRandy  Proven Detail
McDonellAlexander of E 1/2 Lot No. 10 on the 5th Con. Cornwall  Detail
McDonellAlexander 1 MarysburghExpunged Detail
McDonellAlexander 2 Cap Rouge, Quebec; Kingston, Niagara-on-the-Lake & Toronto OntarioProven Detail
McDonellAlexander 3Cap.Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellAlexander 4 Eastern District Lancaster  Detail
McDonellAlexander 5 Cornwall Lot No. 12; 5th Con.   Detail
McDonellAlexander 6 Cornwall Lot No. 8; 5th Con.  Detail
McDonellAlexander 7 Eastern District Cornwall  Detail
McDonellAlexander 8 Eastern District Matilda  Detail
McDonellAlexander 9 Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellAlexander 10 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellAllanCapt.Cap Rouge, Quebec;
Kingston, Ontario; and
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Proven (was noted as Expunged 1802/May/19) Detail
McDonellAllan 2 Kingston  Detail
McDonellAllan 3 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellAllan 4 Matilda  Detail
McDonellAndrew Eastern District Edwardsburgh  Detail
McDonellAngus 1 12th Con. Cornwall  Detail
McDonellAngus 2 4th Con. No. 18 CornwallReinstated Detail
McDonellAngus 3 5th Con. Cornwall  Detail
McDonellAngus 4 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellAngus Og of Lot No. 18; South side Middle Branch; Riviere aux Raisin; Cornwall; formerly a Soldier in 84th Regt.  Detail
McDonellArchibald 1Cap:Eastern District  Detail
McDonellArchibald 2 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellArchibald 3 Marysburgh  Detail
McDonellChichesterLt.Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McDonellDaniel Eastern District  Detail
McDonellDonald  Proven Detail
McDonellDonald Ban  Proven Detail
McDonellDonald 1 5th Con. Cornwall  Detail
McDonellDonald 2 4th Con. Cornwall  Detail
McDonellDonald 3 6th Con. No. 52 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellDonald 4 4th Con. No. 22 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellDonald 5 5th Con. No. 4 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellDonald 6 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellDonald; commonly called Donald Bog [?]Corporalof Charlottenburgh  Detail
McDonellDuncan  Proven Detail
McDonellDuncan  of Lot No. 17 South side; Riviere aux Raison; Cornwall  Detail
McDonellDuncan 1 Cornwall 6 in the 5th Con.  Detail
McDonellDuncan 2 Cornwall 19 in the 4th Con.  Detail
McDonellDuncan 3 Cornwall 17 in the 4th Con.Reinstated Detail
McDonellFarquhar Eastern District  Detail
McDonellFlora  Proven Detail
McDonellHelena (Helina) Home DistrictProven Detail
McDonellHugh 1Capt.Eastern District Expunged Detail
McDonellHugh 2 Roxburgh   Detail
McDonellHugh 3 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellHugh 4 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellHugh 5 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellJames 1 Kingston  Detail
McDonellJames 2 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellJohn  Proven Detail
McDonellJohn (Mor)  Proven Detail
McDonellJohn (Roy)  Proven Detail
McDonellJohn 1Capt.Eastern District Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn 10 5th Con. No. 10 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn 11 Edwardsburgh   Detail
McDonellJohn 12 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellJohn 13 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellJohn 14 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellJohn 15 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellJohn 16 MarysburghExpunged Detail
McDonellJohn 17 MarysburghExpunged Detail
McDonellJohn 18 Matilda  Detail
McDonellJohn 19 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellJohn 2Capt.Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellJohn 3 4th Con. No. 17 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn 4 4th Con. No. 20 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn 5 5th Con. No. 7 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn 6 5th Con. No. 9 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn 7 11th Con. A. Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn 8 5th Con. No. 11 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn 9 9th Con. A. Cornwall  Detail
McDonellJohn Bane 20 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellJohn Due 21 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellJohn; commonly called Ardnabie [?]    Detail
McDonellKeneth 1 Cornwall  Detail
McDonellKeneth 2 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonellMiles 1Capt.Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McDonellMiles 2Ens.Home DistrictExpunged Detail
McDonell (McDonald, McDonel)Randel (Randy) 2nd Concession, W ½ Lot 17 Matilda, Royal Township 5.Proven Detail
McDonellRoderick Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McDonellRoderick (Rory)  Proven Detail
McDonellRonald EnsignEnsign; Royal Yorkers; Cornwall  Detail
McDonellRonald 1Esq.CornwallExpunged Detail
McDonellRonald 2Lt.E.Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McDonellRonald 3 Eastern District  Detail
McDonellWidow Nelly Eastern District  Detail
McDonellWilliam 1 Kingston  Detail
McDonellWilliam 2 KingstonExpunged Detail
McDonellWilliam 3 CornwallExpunged Detail
Mcdonell (Leek)Allan  Proven Detail
McDonell (McDonald)Duncan  Proven Detail
McDonell (McDonald)Randal  Proven Detail
McDonell (see McBane)Isabella; alias McDonell Charlottesburgh  Detail
McDonnellFinnan Eastern District  Detail
McDonnellRandy  Proven Detail
McDougaldJohn 1 Eastern District Lancaster  Detail
McDougaldJohn 2 Ernest Town  Detail
McDougaldJohn 3 Eastern District Augusta  Detail
McDougallJohnn  Proven Detail
McDougaldPeter Ernest Town  Detail
McDougallAlexanderCapt. Proven Detail
McDougallCapt. Alexander  Proven Detail
McDougallJohn Digby, Nova Scotia then to York, Home District in 1793Proven Detail
McDougleDonald St. John, NB  Detail
McDuffCharles MarysburghExpunged Detail
McDugal (McDougald, McDougall)John St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McDugaldMary Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McEachernDuncan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McEachranRobert St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McEathronDaniel  Proven Detail
McEchranNeil Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McElrachJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McElroy (McEllery)William St. John, NB  Detail
McEownJohn Patrick  Proven Detail
McEwenDavid  Proven Detail
McEwenDavid  Proven Detail
McFaleJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McFallDavid 1Lt.Home DistrictSuspended Detail
McFallDavid 2 Eastern District  Detail
McFallNeilLt.Home District  Detail
McFarlanWalter  Proven Detail
McFarlanWalter  Proven Detail
McFarlandJames St. John, NB  Detail
McFarlandJohn Carleton, NB  Detail
McFarlandMalcom Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec   Detail
McFarlaneAlexander Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McFarlaneCharity Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McFarlaneDuncan St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McFarlaneDuncan Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McFarlaneElizabeth Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McFarlaneJean Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McFarlaneJohn Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McFarlaneWalter Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McFarlinCharryty Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McFarlin (McFarlan? McFarland)Hugh Mascarene, NB  Detail
McFersonThomas Marysburgh  Detail
McFieldMargaret Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McGauPatrick Home District  Detail
McGearJohn St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McGeeGeorge Sr.  Proven Detail
McGeeGeorge Sr.  Proven Detail
McGibbonsDavid St. John, NB  Detail
McGibbonsHenry St. John, NB  Detail
McGibbonsJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McGibbonsMary A St. John, NB  Detail
McGierWilliam St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McGillJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McGillesDonald 1 Sen'r Eastern District  Detail
McGillesDonald 2 Jun'r Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McGillesDuncan Eastern District Expunged Detail
McGillesHugh Eastern District  Detail
McGilliesDonald 3 Eastern District  Detail
McGillisDonald; the Younger Son of the late Donald McGillis the Elder of the Township of Charlottesburgh; deceased  Detail
McGillisJohn; The ElderLieutenantof Charlottesburgh; Blacksmith; a Reduced Lieutenant of Captain Talloway's Company of Highland Volunteers  Detail
McGillivrayArchibald  Proven Detail
McGillivray (McGilvra) (McGilvrie)Archibald (King)Private1784: POW S.USA
1784-90: N. Mull
1791: UC
1792: Inverness-shire
1793-94: PEI
1794: FG Lot 17.6 Lancaster (later Lochiel) Twp.
Proven Detail
McGinGeorge Ernest Town  Detail
McGinleyCharles St. John, NB  Detail
McGinleyHugh St. John, NB  Detail
McGinnisLt. George  Proven Detail
McGinnisJohn (son of Robert)    Detail
McGinnisRichard (son of Robert)    Detail
McGinnisRobert (Father of John and Richard)  Proven Detail
McGinnis (McGinness, McGinn, Magin)Sarah Kast  Proven Detail
McGlaughlinWilliamQMYork Co., NB  Detail
McGlochlonDavid Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McGlochlonRobert Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McGloughlinWill'm    Detail
McGowenThomas MarysburghExpunged Detail
McGrathOwen Fredericksburgh  Detail
McGraw (McRae, McCraw)NeilPrivate16 Jun 1787: Land Grant Saint Marys Parish, York County, NB; Lot 53, South Bank of Miramichi River (Loggieville), NB; later moved with in-laws (Hierlihy's) to Tabinsutac, NB in 1798.Proven Detail
McGreggerRob    Detail
McGregorAlexander Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
McGregorChrist Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
McGregorDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
McGregorDonald Eastern District  Detail
McGregorDonald  Eastern District  Detail
McGregorHugh Eastern District; of CharlottesburghReinstated Detail
McGregorJames Eastern District  Detail
McGregorJohn Eastern District  Detail
McGregorJohn Eastern District  Detail
McGregorMary Eastern District Suspended Detail
McGregorPeter Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McGregorPeter  Proven Detail
McGregoryVanEvery  Proven Detail
McGruerAlexander  of Charlottenburgh  Detail
McGuinDaniel Kingston  Detail
McGuinPatrick Eastern District  Detail
McGuin Anthony Kingston  Detail
McGuin; now Hanorile [?] [or] Vanorile [?]Ann Midland DistrictSuspended Detail
McGuirePatrick Gulliver's, NS  Detail
McIlmoyl(e)Archibald (son of John Sr.) Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
McIlmoyl(e)Hugh (son of John Sr.) EdwardsburghProven Detail
McIlmoyl(e)James (son of John Sr.) Eastern District  Detail
McIlmoyl(e)John Sr. Eastern DistrictProven Detail
McIlmoyl(e)Thomas (son of John Sr.) Eastern DistrictProven Detail
McIlmoyleJohn  Proven Detail
McIlroyJohnSergeantDigdeguash, NB  Detail
McInnis (McInish)Donald Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McIntireDaniel of Grimsby  Detail
McIntireDuncan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McIntire Daniel Sen'r Home DistrictSuspended Detail
McIntire Donald Eastern District  Detail
McIntire (McEntire)John  Proven Detail
McIntire (McEntire)John  Proven Detail
McIntoshAlex St. John, NB  Detail
McIntoshAlexander Eastern District Edwardsburgh; No. 27  Detail
McIntoshBenjamin CharlottesburghExpunged Detail
McIntoshDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
McIntoshDaniel 1 Eastern District  Detail
McIntoshDaniel 2 Eastern District  Detail
McIntoshDonald MarysburghExpunged Detail
McIntoshJohn of the East Half of Lot No. 14 in the 5th Concession South side Riviere aux Raison; in the Township of Cornwall  Detail
McIntoshJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McIntoshJohn Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
McIntoshJohn (Glass)  Proven Detail
McIntoshJohn 1 ThurlowExpunged Detail
McIntoshJohn 2 Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McIntoshLauchlin MarysburghExpunged Detail
McIntoshMalcolm Carleton, NB  Detail
McIntoshPeter 1 Lancaster township, GlengarryProven Detail
McIntoshPeter 2 Eastern District  Detail
McIntoshThomas Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McIntyreAngus St. John, NB  Detail
McIntyreArchibald Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McIntyreDaniel  Proven Detail
McIntyreDonald Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McIntyreDuncan St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McIntyreDuncan Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McIntyreDuncan 1 Sen'r Eastern District  Detail
McIntyreDuncan 2 Jun'r Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
McIntyreDuncan Junior    Detail
McIntyreJesse Eastern District Expunged Detail
McIntyreJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McIntyreJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McIntyreJohn 1 Eastern District; Lot No. 41 Front Charlottesburgh  Detail
McIntyreJohn 2 Williamsburgh  Detail
McIntyreJohn 3 Eastern District Cornwall  Detail
McIntyrePeter Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McKayAngus Eastern District  Detail
McKayAngus St. John, NB  Detail
McKayDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
McKayDonald Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McKayFrancis St. John, NB  Detail
McKayHenry St. John, NB  Detail
McKayHugh  Proven Detail
McKayHughLieutSt. George, NB  Detail
McKayHugh Carleton, NB  Detail
McKayHugh 1 Eastern District  Detail
McKayHugh 2 CharlottesburghSuspended Detail
McKayHugh 3SergeantQuebec CityBritish Regular Detail
McKayJohnCaptYork Co., NB  Detail
McKayJohn St. Mary's, NS  Detail
McKayJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McKayJohn 1 Home DistrictExpunged Detail
McKayJohn 2 MarysburghExpunged Detail
McKayJohn 3 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McKayJohn 4 Eastern District  Detail
McKayJoseph Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McKayRobert St. John, NB  Detail
McKaySamuel Ernest TownSuspended Detail
McKayWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
McKayWilliam 1Lt.Midland DistrictExpunged Detail
McKayWilliam 2 Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McKechneyLauchlan St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McKeeJohn Omabruick  Detail
McKeeJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McKeelAnn NB  Detail
McKeelElizabeth NB  Detail
McKeelJoseph  Proven Detail
McKeelJosiah NB  Detail
McKennyAmos    Detail
McKenzieCaleb St. John, NB  Detail
McKenzieColin 1 Sen'r Ernest Town  Detail
McKenzieColin 2 Jun'r Ernest TownExpunged Detail
McKenzieDonald St. John, NB  Detail
McKenzieDuncan Eastern District  Detail
McKenzie (Mackenzie)John  Proven Detail
McKenzieJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McKenzieJohn 1 Charlottesburgh  Detail
McKenzieJohn 2 Eastern District Edwardsburgh Suspended Detail
McKenzieJohn 3Capt.Williamsburgh  Detail
McKenzieKenethLt.Cornwall  Detail
McKenzieLawrence  Proven Detail
McKenzieMalcolm  Proven Detail
McKenzieMalcolm Carleton, NB  Detail
McKenzieMurdockPrivateProbably Sunbury Co., New Brunswick  Detail
McKenzieWilliam MarysburghExpunged Detail
McKiel (McKeel)Joseph St. John, NB  Detail
McKimJamesSgt. Proven Detail
McKimJames 1 Ernest Town  Detail
McKimJames 2 Ernest TownExpunged Detail
McKimWilliam Ernest TownSuspended Detail
McKinnieLochlan St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McKinnonGregorSergeant1784: land grant (Lot 452 near Saint John) Keswick, York County, NB (removed to Black River or Bay du Vin, Parish of Glenelg, Northumberland County, New Brunswick)Proven Detail
McKinnyJohn Ernest Town  Detail
McKinzieDonald St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McKitchieJohn Eastern District  Detail
McLagganPeter Carleton, NB  Detail
McLane Mary    Detail
McLaneyJohn Home DistrictSuspended Detail
McLannonAlex St. John, NB  Detail
McLarenArchibald Eastern District  Detail
McLarenHugh Eastern District  Detail
McLarenPeter 1 Eastern District L 2 in Jessups Corps  Detail
McLarinPeter 2 Eastern District  Detail
McLauchlanDonald Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McLauchlinAlexander  Proven Detail
McLaughlanJohn of Kingston (deceased)  Detail
McLaughlinAlexander Eastern District  Detail
McLaughlinDaniel St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McLaughlinEdward Home District  Detail
McLaughlinJames 1 Home District  Detail
McLaughlinJames 2 Home District of Louth  Detail
McLaughlinJohn St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McLaughlinWilliam Eastern District  Detail
McLeaJames  Proven Detail
McLeanAlexander Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
McLeanAlexander St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McLeanAllan KingstonExpunged Detail
McLeanArchibaldCaptainNashwaak, County of Sunbury, New Brunswick (3 Sept 1784)Proven Detail
McLeanCharles St. John, NB  Detail
McLeanDonaldLieutDigdeguash, NB  Detail
McLeanDonald  Proven Detail
McLeanDonald Carleton, NB  Detail
McLeanDonald Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McLeanDonald 1 Home District  Detail
McLeanDonald 2 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McLeanDonald 3 Jun'r Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McLeanDuncan Augusta  Detail
McLeanElizabeth Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
McLeanFinlay Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McLeanHectorLt.KingstonExpunged Detail
McLeanHugh Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McLeanJohn  Proven Detail
McLeanJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McLeanJohn 1 East District; now Johnstown District  Detail
McLeanJohn 2 Western District  Detail
McLeanMurdoch Eastern District  Detail
McLeanNeilReduced Com. Gen'l.KingstonExpunged Detail
McLeanNeilCol. The Hon. Proven Detail
McLeanPeggy Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McLeanRobert Elizabeth TownSuspended Detail
McLeanStephen KingstonExpunged Detail
McLeanSusannah Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McLeanWilliam Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McLeaneJohn 1 Eastern District Reinstated Detail
McLelanJohn 1 Cornwall  Detail
McLelandJohn 2 Sen'r Eastern District of Lancaster where he drew his lands - but lives on the St. Regis [?] Land.  Detail
McLelandJohn 3 Jun'r Eastern District Expunged Detail
McLelandKeneth Eastern District  Detail
McLellanCatherine Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McLellanDonald Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McLellanJohn Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McLellanPeter Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McLellanRobert Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McLellanRoderick Milltown, Char. Co., NB  Detail
McLellisRobert St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McLennan (McLellan)William St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McLeodAlex'a    Detail
McLeodAlexander St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McLeodDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
McLeodDuncan St. John, NB  Detail
McLeodHugh St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McLeodHugh Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McLeodJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McLeodJohn St. George' Har. L'Etang, NB  Detail
McLeodWilliam 1 Eastern District   Detail
McLeodWilliam 2 Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
McLeod Thomas Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
McLeod; widowIsabella Eastern District  Detail
McLieshDavid St. John, NB  Detail
McLureDavid St. John, NB  Detail
McMartinJohn Eastern DistrictProven Detail
McMartinMalcolm 1 Williamsburgh  Detail
McMartinMalcolm 2 Eastern District Charlottesburgh  Detail
McMasterJames St. Patrick, NB  Detail
McMastersJames  Proven Detail
McMastersJames Sr.  Proven Detail
McMastersJames Sr.  Proven Detail
McMastersJohn Kemble Manor, Kings Co., NB  Detail
McMasters James Sr.  Proven Detail
McMasters John  Adolphus Town  Detail
McMasters (McMaster?)Daniel St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McMichaelEdward Home District  Detail
McMichaelIsaac Home District  Detail
McMichaelRichard St. John, NB  Detail
McMichingPeter Home District  Detail
McMickingThomas Home District - 1791 Niagara-on-the-Lake, OntarioProven Detail
McMillan?? St. John, NB  Detail
McMillan (McMullin)Donald Pvt.Eastern District; Cornwall; South side Riviere aux RaisinProven Detail
McMillanDougald  Proven Detail
McMillanIsabella of Lot No. 1 in the 5th Concession of Marlborough; Widow of Dugal McMillan; deceased  Detail
McMillanJames St. Stephen, NB  Detail
McMillanJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McMillan (McMullin)AlexanderLieutSt. Andrews, NB  Detail
McMonagleHugh Westmoreland Co., NB  Detail
McMullenDanielLieutenantFredericksburgh  Detail
McMullenDaniel Fredericksburgh  Detail
McMullinHugh    Detail
McMullinJames    Detail
McNabJames St. John, NB  Detail
McNabbAlexander Home DistrictSuspended Detail
McNabbJames Home District Suspended Detail
McNabbJames St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McNabb (Macnab)JamesDr. Proven Detail
McNabbJohn Home District  Detail
McNabbJohn  Proven Detail
McNaimJohn  Proven Detail
McNaimJohn  Proven Detail
McNairnJohn  Proven Detail
McNamaraDavid St. John, NB  Detail
McNamaraPatrick St. John, NB  Detail
McNarinJohn Eastern District   Detail
McNaughtonDonald Eastern District  Detail
McNaughtonDonald  Proven Detail
McNaughtonJohn Eastern District  Detail
McNealArchibald Eastern District Expunged Detail
McNealJohn 1 Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
McNeilArchibald St. John, NB  Detail
McNeilCharles NB  Detail
McNeilJames St. John, NB  Detail
McNeilJohn    Detail
McNeilMajor    Detail
McNeilNeil Carleton, NB  Detail
McNevin (McNiven)Alexander St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McNicholJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McNielArchibald Eastern District  Detail
McNielWilliam Edwardsburgh  Detail
McNiel+A16John 2 Home District  Detail
McNightyThomas Eastern District  Detail
McNishJames 1 Eastern District  Detail
McNishJames 2 Eastern District  Detail
McNishJoseph Elizabeth Town  Detail
McNutJames Fredericksburgh  Detail
McOwenJonathan Belle Vue, Beaver Harbour, NB  Detail
McPhailAbigail Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McPhailJohn Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McPhail (McPhales, McVail)Hugh St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McPheeAllan Eastern District; Cornwall  Detail
McPhersonAlexander Eastern District  Detail
McPhersonCharles St. John, NB  Detail
McPhersonD.'s Sr St. John, NB  Detail
McPhersonEvan St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McPhersonJames Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McPhersonJohn Midland District  Detail
McPhersonJohn Ernest Town  Detail
McPhersonLieutLieutSt. John, NB  Detail
McPhersonMurdoch Eastern District  Detail
McPhersonPaul  Proven Detail
McPhersonPaul Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McPhersonPeter Ernest Town  Detail
McPhersonPeter  Proven Detail
McPhersonPeter St. John, NB  Detail
McPhersonWm St. John, NB  Detail
McQuinAlexander Sen'r Home District  Detail
McQuistonWm Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McRa (McRae)Alexander St. Patrick Char Co., NB  Detail
McRaeIsaac Digdeguash, NB  Detail
McRobertJohn St. John, NB  Detail
McRobertMary Home District Expunged Detail
McShafrayDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
McTaggartJamesCpl. Proven Detail
McTaggetJames Fredericksburgh  Detail
McTavishAlex Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McTharlyFlorence Matilda  Detail
McVailMargaret Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McVean (McVane)James St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McVeeJohn Elizabeth TownSuspended Detail
McVicarHaliday Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
McVicarNevin Mascarene, Char Co., NB  Detail
McVicker (McVicar)Duncan St. Andrews, NB  Detail
McWilliamsJohn Eastern District Proven Detail
MeadJoseph Belle Vue, Char. Co., NB  Detail
MeadRichard  Proven Detail
MeadRichard  Proven Detail
MeadworthBrumby    Detail
MeagerRichard Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MedaughJames Home District  Detail
MedaughJohn 1 Sen'r Eastern District  Detail
MedaughJohn 2 Jun'r Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MedaughStephen Home District  Detail
MeddickJohn    Detail
MeedAnn NB  Detail
MeedCatherine NB  Detail
MeedElijah NB  Detail
MeedWilliam NB  Detail
Mehl (Sheddy)Anna Maria  Proven Detail
Mehl (Sheddy)Anna Maria  Proven Detail
MeineckeJohn  Proven Detail
MelaneyJames St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MelickJohn  Proven Detail
Melick (Melich/Moelich)WilliamSergeantSt. John, NB
His Parrtown allocation was 1110
Mellows 1stDavid    Detail
Mellows 2ndDavid    Detail
MeloneyJohn St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MelvilleDavid St. John, NB  Detail
MelvilleThomas St. John, NB  Detail
MelvinEleazer (son of Lt Robert) Halifax and Chester NS  Detail
MelvinRobert (Father of Eleazer)Lt. Chester NSProven (Probably not a UE Loyalist) Detail
MelvinRobert St. John, NB  Detail
MenskeJohn MarysburghExpunged Detail
MenziesAlexEnsignSt. John, NB  Detail
MenziesAlex St. John, NB  Detail
MenziesG. L. St. John, NB  Detail
MenziesJohn St. John, NB  Detail
MenziesSarahMajorSt. John, NB  Detail
MenziesThomasMajorSt. John, NB  Detail
MercerJosephCaptKings Co., NB  Detail
MercerJoseph  Proven Detail
MercerJoseph Sr.  Proven Detail
MercereauDavid St. John, NB  Detail
Mercereau (Mersereau)John St. John, NB(Proven; see Mersereau, John for details) Detail
MercereauPaul St. John, NB  Detail
MercereauPaul Sr St. John, NB  Detail
MerchantJesse NB  Detail
MerckleJohn MarysburghExpunged Detail
MercleChristopher Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
MercleHenry Eastern District  Detail
MercleHenry 1 Eastern District  Detail
MercleHenry 2 Eastern District  Detail
MercleJacob 1 Sen'r Eastern District  Detail
MercleJacob 2 Jun'r Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MercleJohn 2 Williamsburgh  Detail
MercleJohn 3 Home District  Detail
MercleMichael Williamsburgh  Detail
MerdrieWilliam St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MerewithCharles Home District  Detail
MerrickWilliam    Detail
MeriganMartin St. Stephen, NB  Detail
MeritThomasLtHome District  Detail
MerkleJacob Eastern District  Detail
MerkleyFrederick  Proven Detail
MerkleyHenryCol. Proven Detail
MerkleyHenrich (Henry)Pvt.Lot 32 Concession 1, Williamsburg, Dundas County, Upper Canada in 1797Proven Detail
MerkleyJacob  Proven Detail
MerkleyJames Henry  Proven Detail
MerkleyMichael  Proven Detail
Merrel (Merrell, Morrel)Robert St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MerrigoldThomas  Proven Detail
MerritJane St. John River, NB  Detail
MerritJesse St. John River, NB  Detail
MerritJohn St. John River, NB  Detail
MerritJohn St. John River, NB  Detail
MerritNehemiah St. John River, NB  Detail
MerrittCaleb St. John, NB  Detail
MerrittJoseph Twenty Mile Creek on Lots 3, 4 and 5, Niagara RegionProven Detail
MerrittNathaniel St. John River, NB  Detail
MerrittNehemiah St. John, NB  Detail
MerrittRobert St. John, NB
Hampstead, Queens County, New Brunswick
Proven Detail
MerrittThomas Jr. Cornet1797 - Town of Niagara, Upper Canada   Detail
Merritt Thomas Sr. St. John, NB; Proven Detail
Mersereau (Mercereau)JohnCaptain (according to his petition for a grant of land in 1795).Maugerville NB  Detail
MetchJacob MarysburghExpunged Detail
MevdoughMartin Eastern District; Osnabruck  Detail
MeyerJohn Adolphus George  Proven Detail
MeyersGeorge W Midland DistrictReinstated Detail
MeyersGeorge W. of Sidney  Detail
MeyersGeorge W.  Proven Detail
MeyersGeorge Walden  Proven Detail
MeyersJohn Adolphus George  Proven Detail
MeyersJohn WaldenCapt.Midland DistrictProven Detail
MeyersTobias Midland District  Detail
Meyers  KingstonExpunged Detail
MichaelDavy  Proven Detail
MichelCarlman Eastern District  Detail
MichelHarvey Eastern District  Detail
Micken (Mickean?)Daniel Kings Co., NB  Detail
Middaugh (Middagh)John (Jan) Sr.  Proven Detail
Middaugh (Middagh)Martin (Marten)PvteEastern Dist Upper Canada, below Cataraqui Twnp 3 (Osnabruck) Stormont Cnty - 1779 Cdn Bureau Archive RecordsProven Detail
Middaugh (Middagh)Stephen  Proven Detail
MiddletonAnt'ny    Detail
MikelGodlove  Proven Detail
MilberryMark Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MilesElijahCaptMangerville, Sun Co., NB  Detail
MilesElijah  Proven Detail
MilesElijah  Proven Detail
MilesSamuel St. John, NB  Detail
MilesThomas Jr St. John, NB  Detail
MilesTho's    Detail
MiletonRobert MarysburghExpunged Detail
MillanDanCorprHome DistrictReinstated Detail
MillanJesse Home DistrictExpunged Detail
MillanJohn Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MillanThomas Home District  Detail
MillardDaniel (Dan) (son of Thomas Sr.) of Townsend  Detail
MillardIsaiah (son of Thomas Sr.)PrivateStamford Township (Niagara), Ontarioproven Detail
MillardJesse (son of Thomas Sr.)    Detail
MillardThomas Jr. (son of Thomas Sr.)    Detail
MillardThomas Sr. (father of Isaiah, Thomas Jr, Jesse and Daniel )PrivateStamford Township (Niagara), Ontario proven Detail
MillardThomas  Proven Detail
MillerAlexander St. John, NB  Detail
MillerAndrew (Sr.) Miller's Creek, Bertie Township, Welland County, Ontario (now Fort Erie)Proven Detail
MillerAndrew St. John, NB  Detail
MillerAndrew 1 Home District  Detail
MillerAndrew 2PrivateErnest Town  Detail
MillerAndrew 3    Detail
MillerAndrew 4 MarysburghExpunged Detail
MillerCornelius Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh  Detail
MillerElisha  Proven Detail
MillerGarrettCapt.Sorel Que. 1779
Midland District, Napanee Mills, Ernestown, Bay of Quinte 1796
Proven Detail
MillerGeo    Detail
MillerGeorge  Proven Detail
MillerGeorge 1 Midland District Home  Detail
MillerGeorge 2 Ernest TownSuspended Detail
MillerGilbert Midland District  Detail
MillerJacob Ernest TownProven Detail
MillerJames Elizabeth Town  Detail
MillerJames Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MillerJane Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MillerJohn Marysburgh & SophiasburghSuspended Detail
MillerJohn  Proven Detail
MillerJohn    Detail
MillerJohn St. John, NB  Detail
MillerJonathan 1 Fredericksburgh  Detail
MillerJonathan 2 Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh  Detail
MillerLebeda [?] [or] Lebida [?] Eastern DistrictReinstated Detail
MillerNicholas Williamsburgh  Detail
MillerPeter Home District NiagaraProven Detail
Miller (Mueller)PeterPrivateSt. Armand W., Missisquoi Bay Proven Detail
Miller Sinah    Detail
MillerStephenCp. Proven Detail
MillerStephen Fredericton, NB  Detail
MillerStephen 1 Cornwall  Detail
MillerStephen 2 Eastern District  Detail
MillerThomas Home District  Detail
MillerThomas Jr St. John, NB  Detail
MillerVincent Belle Vue, Char Co., NB  Detail
MillerWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
MillerWilliam Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MillerWill'm    Detail
MillerZebude late of Lansdown; deceased  Detail
MillidgeStephen Westmoreland Co., NB  Detail
MillidgeThomasMajorSt. John, NB  Detail
MillidgeThomas  Proven Detail
Milliken (Millican)Benjamin Sr.served as a pilot on British ships12 Aug 1784: St. Andrews, Charlotte County, NB.; part of the "Penobscot Association"; grantee with the Port Matoon Association.proven Detail
Milliken (Millican)Benjamin Jr Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MillsHenry Fredericksburgh  Detail
MillsJesse  Proven Detail
MillsJohnCorporal Grimsby, Ontario, CanadaProven Detail
MillsJohn  Proven Detail
MillsJohn St. John, NB  Detail
MillsJohn 1 Home District  Detail
MillsJohn 2 MarysburghExpunged Detail
MillsReuben Westmorland County, New Brunswick  Detail
MillsWilliam St. John, NB  Detail
Mills churchJonathan Eastern District  Detail
MilneAlexander St. John, NB  Detail
Milross (Millross)Andrew Eastern District - Cornwall Twp., Ontario  Detail
MilrossJohn Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MilrossThomas Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MilrossWilliam Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MilroyJohn Eastern District  Detail
MilroyJohn  Proven Detail
MiltonThomas  of Pitsburgh; deceased  Detail
MiresJohn    Detail
MirkleFrederick Eastern District  Detail
MisenerLeonard  Proven Detail
MitchelGeorge 1 Eastern District  Detail
MitchelJehill Bastard  Detail
MitchellJohn St. John, NB  Detail
MitchellThomasSergtNear the Old Ridge, Char Co., NB  Detail
MitchellWill'm    Detail
Mitchell George 2 AugustusExpunged Detail
Mitchell Harvey Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
Mitchell Zalmon Eastern District  Detail
MittsHenry  Proven Detail
Mitts (Mitz)JohnPrivateFredericksburgh in 1790Proven Detail
MixJos'h    Detail
Mock (Moch)John (Johannes)  Proven Detail
MockJohn Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec   Detail
MockJohn the younger Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec   Detail
MockJoseph Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec   Detail
MoffitWilliam Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec   Detail
MokePhilip  Proven Detail
MongerCharles    Detail
MongerJohn Charles  Proven Detail
MongerWilliam Western District  Detail
MonroJohnLieutenant   Detail
MontgomeryAlexanderMaj.  Proven Detail
MontgomeryAlexander  Proven Detail
MontgomeryAlexander Sr.  Proven Detail
MontgomeryAlexr Queens Co., NB  Detail
MontgomeryArch'd Eastern District  Detail
MontgomeryGeo    Detail
MontgomeryJohn Queens Co., NB  Detail
MontgomeryJoseph St. John, NB  Detail
MontgomerySarah St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MontourRoland  Proven Detail
MontrollPeter  Proven Detail
MontrosePeter  Proven Detail
MontrossPeter Home District  Detail
Montross [name crossed out]Silas [name crossed out] Home DistrictExpunged Detail
MoodyJamesColonelWeymouth, Nova ScotiaColonel Detail
MoodyStephen St. John, NB  Detail
MoodyWalter Home District  Detail
MoorDodley Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MoorJohn MarysburghExpunged Detail
MoorMosa Eastern District  Detail
MoorThomas Kingston  Detail
MoorWilliam Adolphus Town  Detail
MooreAllan Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Moore James  Proven Detail
MooreJames Kemble Manor, St. John River, NB  Detail
MooreJeremiah (Sr.) Pelham, County Welland, District of NiagaraProven Detail
MooreJohnCaptain (according to his petition for a grant of land in 1795).Grimsby Township, Lincoln County, Ontario Proven Detail
MooreJohn Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MooreJohn St. John River, NB  Detail
MooreRobert Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MooreSamuel  Proven Detail
MooreSamuel St. John, NB  Detail
MooreSolomon of Louth   Detail
MooreSolomon  Proven Detail
MooreThomas St. John, NB  Detail
MooreThomas Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MooreWilliam Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Mooth (should be Mott)Henry Eastern District  Detail
MoranMatthias  St. Martins, NB  Detail
MoranWilliam St. Martins, NB  Detail
MordenDaniel of Flamboro' WestProven Detail
MordenDouglas  Proven Detail
MordenJames  Proven Detail
MordenJames Amit Sophiasburgh & AmeliasburghProven Detail
MordenJohn Home District  Detail
MordenJoseph Midland DistrictSuspended Detail
MordenJoseph  Proven Detail
MordenJoseph Wilkinson  Proven Detail
MordenMoses Midland DistrictProven Detail
MordenRalph Midland DistrictProven Detail
MordenRichard Sophiasburgh & AmeliasburghProven Detail
Mordoff (Murdoff)GeorgeSergeantFredericksburghProven Detail
MoreSylvester Edwardsburgh  Detail
MorehouseDaniel  Proven Detail
MorehouseJames St. John, NB  Detail
MorehouseJohn St. John, NB  Detail
MorehouseJonathon Gulliver's, NS  Detail
MorehouseNoah St. John, NB  Detail
MorganJames    Detail
MorrelDaniel St. John, NB  Detail
MorrellJohn NBProven Detail
MorrellThomas  Proven Detail
MorrisBrin [?] of Ernesttown; formerly a Soldier Loyal Rangers  Detail
MorrisCharles Jr Halifax NS  Detail
MorrisDavid NB  Detail
MorrisLutheranPrivateLand grant in Parrsborough Township, NS, but one of the first three founders of nearby Advocate where he resided.Proven Detail
MorrisRichardSergeant, QuartermasterNova ScotiaProven Detail
MorrisSamuel NB  Detail
MorrisThomas NB  Detail
MorrisWilliam NB  Detail
MorrisonAlexander NB  Detail
MorrisonDavid Eastern District  Detail
MorrisonDavid NB  Detail
MorrisonHector    Detail
MorrisonHenry Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
MorrisonHenry NB  Detail
MorrisonJohn Jr NB  Detail
MorrisonJoseph NB  Detail
MorrisonMary Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
MorrisonWilliam NB  Detail
MorrisonWilliam 1CaptEastern DistrictSuspended Detail
MorrisonWilliam 2 Eastern District  Detail
MortonAlexander St. John, NB  Detail
MortonEliza Sussex, Kings Co., NB  Detail
MortonElkanah Sussex, Kings Co., NB  Detail
MortonJohn    Detail
MortonWill'm    Detail
MoselyJohn St. John, NB  Detail
MosesWilliam  Proven Detail
MosherLewis Eastern DistrictProven Detail
MosherNicholas Eastern DistrictProven Detail
MosherRachel Eastern DistrictSuspended Detail
Mosher (Mosier, Mosure)Lewis  Proven Detail
MosierLewis  Proven Detail
MosleyGeorge    Detail
MossAmos NB  Detail
MossJohn Home District  Detail
MossSamuelSgt.Eastern District - Osnabruck Twp., Ontario, CanadaProven Detail
MostJohn KingstonExpunged Detail
MosureJohn Kingston  Detail
MottAbigal NB  Detail
MottHenry    Detail
MottJacob S St. John, NB  Detail
MottJohn St. John, NB  Detail
MottJohn NB  Detail
MottJonathan St. John, NB  Detail
Mott (Motte)Reuben Elizabethtown Twp., Leeds Co., Johnstown District, Upper CanadaProven Detail
Mott Edmond YongeExpunged Detail
Mott (wasMooth)Henry Eastern District  Detail
MountAnn Pintard Musquash, St. John Co., NB  Detail
MountJohn Musquash, St. John Co., NB  Detail
MountMosesSergeant-majorAt Niagara from Nov 1783 to Nov 1786, then Grand River area, then Gore of Township of Exeter (later Townsend)  Detail
MowattDaniel (David?) Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MowattDavid St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MowattMehitable St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MuchmoreJonathan    Detail
MugelGadleh [?] [or] Gadlep [?] Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh  Detail
MuirheadMrs Deborah Midland DistrictExpunged Detail
MulcmanFinley St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MullewnyJames Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MulliganJane NB  Detail
MulliganThomas St. John, NB  Detail
MullinBarnard St. John, NB  Detail
MullinJohn St. John, NB  Detail
Mullin (Mullins)Thomas St. John, NB  Detail
MullinsPrudence St. John, NB  Detail
MulloyThomas formerly of Lancaster but now of the Township of Vaughan  Detail
MulloyWilliam MarysburghExpunged Detail
MuncurRobert St. Andrews, NB  Detail
MundayNathaniel St. John, NB  Detail
Munerer (Muncur?)Robert Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
Mungee (Mungoer)James Carleton, NB  Detail
MungerJohn Charles  Proven Detail
MungerWilliam  Proven Detail
Munger (Monger)William Henry  Proven Detail
MunroAl. hount [?] Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MunroAlexander St. John, NB  Detail
MunroCapt. John  Proven Detail
MunroChristy Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MunroCornelius Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MunroCornelius Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
Munro(e)Daniel Roseway, Shelburne, Nova ScotiaProven Detail
MunroDaniel Eastern District, MallorytownProven Detail
MunroDavis Cornwall  Detail
MunroHugh  Proven Detail
MunroHugh Northumberland Co., NB  Detail
MunroJohnCapt   Detail
MunroJohnHon'l CaptainSt. John River, NBProven Detail
MunroJohn  Proven Detail
MunroJohn 1Hon'l; CaptainMatilda, Dundas Co. ON  Detail
MunroJohn Reid Eastern District  Detail
MunroJohn 3 Jun'r Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MunroMargaret B St. John, NB  Detail
MunroPatterson Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MunroRobert Sr. Home DistrictProven Detail
MunroSamuel Yonge  Detail
MunroThomas  Proven Detail
MunroThomas 1 Eastern District  Detail
MunroeDaniel  Proven Detail
MunroeEphraim Charlotte Co., NB  Detail
MunroeHenry Eastern DistrictExpunged Detail
MunroeHugh 1 Eastern District  Detail
MunroeHugh 2 Eastern District  Detail
MunroeHugh 3 Eastern District  Detail
MunroeJohn    Detail
MunroeThomas  Proven Detail
MunroeThomas 2 Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MunroeWilliam Eastern DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
MunrowMunro Didgeguash, Char. Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
Munsal (Munsell)Moses  ProvenUEL ListDetail
MurchieAndrew Schoodic, Char Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurchieWilliam Schoodic, Char Co., NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurchisonDuncan LancasterProvenUEL ListDetail
MurchisonJohn 1 Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MurchisonJohn 2 Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MurchisonKeneth Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MurchisonWilliam Eastern DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
Murdock (Murdoch)Findley (Finley)  Proven Detail
MurdoffGeorge 1 Sen'rSgt  Fredericksburgh UEL ListDetail
MurdoffGeorge 2 Jun'r (son of George Sr.) FredericksburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
MurdoffJames (son of George Sr.) Fredericksburgh UEL ListDetail
MurdoffJohn 1 FredericksburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
MurdoffJohn 2 (son of George Sr.) Fredericksburgh UEL ListDetail
MurdoffThomas (son of George Sr.?) FredericksburghSuspendedUEL ListDetail
MurpheyArchibald St. Andrews, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurphyDuke Westmoreland Co., NB? NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurphyElizabeth St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurphyLuke St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurphyTimothy Home DistrictReinstatedUEL ListDetail
MurphyTimothy of Amherstburgh UEL ListDetail
MurphyWilliam St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurrayDanielMajorCarleton, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurrayDavid (Son of John Sr.) Settled at North Bedeque, Lot 25, Prince Co., Island of Saint John (now Prince Edward Island)ProvenAppendix J, Journals of the House of Assembly, Prince Edward Island, 1841 Detail
MurrayDuncanLt.Home DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
MurrayEdward St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurrayHugh St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurrayJoel  Proven Detail
MurrayJohnCaptSt. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurrayJohnColSt. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurrayJohn Sr. Arrived Island of Saint John 26 July 1784. Settled at Bedeque, Lot 19. Later at North Bedeque, Lot 25, PEIProvenAmerican Loyalist Claims, Series 2, A.O. 13/91, pp. 540-542 & 13/137 pp. 203, 207; PRO, Kew, London, EnglandDetail
MurrayJohn  Proven Detail
MurrayRobertLieutSt. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MurrayW. John Sr. Home DistrictExpungedUEL ListDetail
MusgraveBartholomew  Proven Detail
MustardJohn  Eastern District UEL ListDetail
MutchinsonRuggles Yonge UEL ListDetail
MutchmoreJonathan  Proven Detail
MyersAndrew  Proven Detail
MyersJacob St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MyersMichael  Proven Detail
MyersReuben Carleton, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MyersSamuel St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MyersWilliam St. John, NB NYGBS; V38 N2 Apr 1907Detail
MyncherFrederick MarysburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
MyncherJohn MarysburghExpungedUEL ListDetail
MyresJohn Elizabeth Town UEL ListDetail
MyresMichael Eastern District UEL ListDetail