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Loyalist Directory: Henry Wright

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Surname : Wright
Given name : Henry
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Lot 76 & 77 !st Con, New Settlement, Essex County, ON 04 May 1792
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : Loyalist - Bureau of Archives Report, 1905
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : England c.1750
Settled before war : Rutland, Pennsylvania USA
Date & Place of Death : On family farm, lots listed above, in 1813
Place of Burial : Old Anglican Cemetery, Colchester, Essex C. Ontario
Wife Name : Mary Christina Kingersmith, born in Germany, date not known. She died in 1837 on the family farm & is buried in the Old Anglican Cemetery, listed as Erie Cemetery, Colchester, Essex C. Ontario. Henry Wright's father was also Henry Wright.
Children : William. G. m. Betsy Lypps;
Philip m. (1st) Miss Dowler, (2nd) Delilah Malott;
Henry m. (1st) Miss Hitchock, (2nd) Hannah Lypps;
Thomas m. (1st) Jennie Little, (2nd) Mary Leighton, 3rd Abbie Larabee (Larabie);
Betsy m. John Brush;
Mary m. Asa Wilcox;
Mattie m. Samuel Watson;
Katie m. Henry Lypps
Biography : Henry Wright was born in England and came over to British North America as a young man, where he settled in Rutland, Pennsylvania. He married Mary Klingensmith there.

As a Loyalist, he left Pennsylvania when trouble arose and settled for a two years on Grosse Ile, as a tenant farmer for the Macomb brothers who owned the island. He left soon after when he realized it was not part of British North America. He then moved to the Big Creek area of Malden and later settled on Lots 76 & 77 in Colchester. He was a successful farmer.
Proven Descendants : London & W Ont. 1999.04.19;
Bicentennial 2000.02.05;
Bicentennial 2000.04.17;
Bicentennial 2000.07.24;
Bicentennial 2001.06.18;
Bicentennial 2001.09.10;
Bicentennial 2002.08.08;
Bicentennial 2002.09.16;
Bicentennial 2002.11.18;
Bicentennial 2003.03.17;
Bicentennial 2004.11.08;
Bicentennial 2005.09.19;
Bicentennial 2006.03.13;
Bicentennial 2006.03.20;
Bicentennial 2006.07.25;
Hamilton 2011.05.02 (Ruth Hutchins Nicholson [MC 12515-11], (Maye) Louise Ferriss [MC 12522-11], Susan R McCloskey Hutchins [MC 12519-11], Gwendoly McCloskey [MC 12521-11], Bryce McCloskey [MC 12520-11], Paul E Nicholson [MC 12517-11], Claire Nicholson [MC 12518-11], Jonathan S Nicholson [MC 12516-11], Sarah R E Nicholson [MC 12514-11]);
Bicentennial 2013.06.03 (Atticus Sabatino Conte);
Bicentennial 2015.01.12 (Ellyette Almerinda Conte);
Bicentennial 2018.10.26 (Richard Kenneth);
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : Henry Wright (b 1750, d 1813)
to his son Philip Wright (1775-1849)
to his daughter Lucy (Wright) Ferriss (1802-1890)
to her son Philip Ferriss ((1824-1920)
to his son Herbert Ferriss (1851-1934)
to his son Philip Ferriss (1881-1968)
to his daughter Alta Ruth (Ferriss) Hutchins (1916-1997)
to her daughters Ruth A. Hutchins Nicholson (b 1951), Mary K Hutchins (1954-2004) & Susan R McCloskey Hutchins (b 1960)
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : Henry's father was also Henry Wright. He was a very successful farmer in Rutland, Pennsylvania, USA.
Sources : Information contributed by Ruth Anne Hutchins Nicholson, UE.

• UELAC Certificate Application.
• J.H. Beers & Co, Commemorative Bigraphical Record of the County of Essex Ontario,Toronto, 1905.
• Interview with family researcher Charles Wright (Innisfil, Ontario).
Reserved :