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Loyalist Directory: James Wetmore

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Surname : Wetmore
Given name : James
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Portage Creek (Kingston Creek) and then Hammond River, King’s County, New Brunswick.
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : James Wetmore was born on December 19th, 1727, in Rye, New York.
Settled before war :  
Date & Place of Death : He died in Hampton, King’s County, New Brunswick.
Place of Burial : James Wetmore and his wife Elizabeth are buried in the Parish of Hampton, Kings County, New Brunswick in the Loyalist Cemetery near French Village, Kings County.
Wife Name : Elizabeth Abrahams
Children : 1. Abraham m. Sarah Sniffers
2. Elizabeth m. David Haight
3. Susannah m. John Craft
4. John U.E.L. m. Anna Van Colt
5. Izrahiah U.E.L. m. Elizabeth Bush
6. Charity m. Daniel Lemereux
7. James m. Esther Kniffen
8. David Brown U.E.L. m. Ruth Sherwood
9. Josiah (died 1 year of age)
10. Caleb U.E.L. m. Deborah Sherwood
11. Alethea m. Ruben Craft
12. Esther m. William Puddington
Biography : James Wetmore U.E.L. was born the 19th of December 1727 in Rye, Westchester County, New York. He was the eldest son of Rev. James and Anna (Dwight) Wetmore. James Wetmore Jr. was a schoolteacher and an influential citizen of Rye for many years, but in September of 1774 many of the freeholders and inhabitants met at Rye and declared that they were extremely concerned ‘with the unhappy situation of public affairs’, and they considered it to be their duty to state so. On September 14th, 1774, the following document was signed by eighty-three influential citizens of Westchester. Among those citizens was James Wetmore, his brother Timothy and nephew Abraham:
We the subscribers, Freeholders and Inhabitants of the town of Rye, in the county of Westchester, being much concerned in the unhappy situation of publick [sic] affairs, think it our duty to our king and country, to declare that we have not been concerned in any resolutions entered into or measures taken, with regard to the disputes at present subsisting with the mother country; we also testify our dislike to many hot and furious proceedings in consequence of said disputes, which we think more likely to ruin this once happy country, than to remove grievances, if any there are. We also declare our great desire and full resolution to live and die peaceable subjects of our gracious sovereign King George the Third, and his laws.

James Wetmore remained loyal to the Crown and moved, with his wife and eight of his twelve children, to New Brunswick in 1783.

Farm lots were surveyed in July 1783. The site for church and school had already been selected, one acre from the adjoining corners of the first four lots being for a school and church site.
The first record of the building of a schoolhouse is from the diary of Israel Hoyt. In his first entry on November 26, 1787, he wrote, "Began to build a school house. Worked at it eleven days." The first school master was James Wetmore from Rye, New York
Macdonald Consolidated School has the good fortune to be located in one of the most historic spots of New Brunswick. Here the United Empire Loyalists founded the village of Kingston in 1783. They worked hard to fulfill a dream, and we are reminded of their dream, and of their skills, hard work and sense of beauty when we look at Trinity Church and the rectory which they built.
The educational history of Kingston may be said to have begun at a meeting in Huntington, Long Island, in April 1783, when the future Loyalist Colonists of Kingston resolved to "settle together in the wilderness in such situation as we may enjoy the comforts of Church and School".
They sailed from Huntington on April 26, 1783, arrived at the Saint John River on May 11th, and at Portage Creek (Kingston Creek) a few days later. They were among the first Loyalists to arrive in New Brunswick.

That schoolhouse was located in Kingston, New Brunswick. James Wetmore eventually moved to Hammond River, King’s County, New Brunswick, and he was residing in Hampton, King’s County, New Brunswick when he died on February 10th, 1798. His wife Elizabeth lived for another ten years and passed away December 19th, 1808, in Hampton. James and Elizabeth are buried in the Parish of Hampton in the Loyalist Cemetery near French Village, Kings County.
Proven Descendants : unknown Br (error in name - shows "Samuel Holland" as branch name) 1973.08.29;
New Brunswick 2008.04.21;
Col. John Butler 2009.09.28;
Col. John Butler 2010.01.18;
Marilyn Ann Whatley, her sons Kyle Gordon Whatley and Christopher Russell Whatley, and her grandsons Taylor William Farah Whatley, Carter Elliott Farah Whatley and Connor Christopher Whatley of Col. John Butler Branch on 2010.02.22;
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : 1. James Wetmore, b. 19/Jan/1727, m. Elizabeth Abrahams in 1746, d. 10/Feb/1798
2. James Wetmore Jr., b. 23/May/1762, m. Esther Kniffin c. 1780, d. 31/May/1849
3. Caleb Wetmore, b. 1/Oct/1782, m. Frances (Fannie) Ferris, d. 5/Jul/1855
4. Fanny Maria Wetmore, b. 6/Apr/1817, m. Alpheus Merritt 24/Nov/1841. d. 13/Sep/1892
5. Mary Adelaide Merritt, b. 8/Mar/1845, m. Israel Dody Marshall 26/Sep/1866, d. 20/Aug/1885
6. Alpheus Ephnor Marshall, b. 29/Jul/1875, m. Jessie Rachel Cavers 23/Jun/1908, d. 4/Sep/1954
7. Jessie Elvoretta Marshall, m. Rev. Arthur Welburn Jones 4/Jul/1939, d. 5/Sep/2006
8. Marilyn Ann Jones
Family History :  
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Information provided by Marilyn Whatley of Col. John Butler Branch

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