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Loyalist Directory: (John) Nicholas Weitzel (aka Witzel, Whitsal, Whitesale, Whitesall, Wytzell, etc.)

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Surname : Weitzel (aka Witzel, Whitsal, Whitesale, Whitesall, Wytzell, etc.)
Given name : (John) Nicholas
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : Lot 10, Concession 1, Cataraqui (Kingston)
Status as Loyalist : A German Regular. Does NOT qualify as a UE Loyalist.
Proof of Loyalty : Old UE List ("Nicholas Witzel -- B. Rangers") 
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Erbprinz Regiment, 6th Grenadiers Company, and Butler’s Rangers 
Enlistment Date : 1777 Butler’s Rangers, circa 1771 with Erbprinz Regiment.
Date & Place of Birth : Nichola(u)s Weitzel was born in 1750/51 at Hohenzell, Germany
Settled before war : Not in America prior to the revolution. 
Date & Place of Death :  
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : Elizabeth Cline (Kline, Clyne), former wife of John Cline - see her record for details.
Children : Mary (b. 1781),
Frederica, b c. 1784 (m. Allen McDougal)
Nicholas, Jr., (b. 1786, m. Sarah Green, who was the daughter of Adam Green, U.E. of Saltfleet and she applied for a DUE grant while married to Nicholas Weitzel, Jr.).
Biography : Elizabeth Cline met and married John Nicholas Weitzel and the couple started a new family in 1781 and were in Cataraqui (Kingston) by 1783. She was thus a founding family at Kingston before the influx of Loyalists in 1784.

Weitzel would return to Sorel, Quebec for his official discharge in 1783 and when he returned to Kingston he traveled with a fellow Hessian, John Gottlieb Loede. The trip from Sorel by bateaux would include about thirty portages and take about three weeks.
Proven Descendants : N/A
Military Info : Nicholas was a member of the Erbprinz Regiment, 6th Company Grenadiers. On October 25th, 1777, after the British defeat at Saratoga, he escaped on a march from Nobeltown to Barrington (just inside Massachusetts from New York state). At the time of his escape there were ten other men with him, Issac Genaud, Peter Mueller, Nicolas Boehm, Henrich Iffland, Johann Rosenberger, Friedrich Linz, Augustin Velten, Lorenz Kraemer, Johannes Rau and Conrad Spielmann, mostly from the same area of Germany. Between his place of escape and Niagara, Nicholas was signed up (with or without his consent) by Butler’s Rangers recruiters. General Haldimand, on a complaint from General von Riedesel, sent a Corporal Spahn to Niagara with orders to bring Nicholas back. In the spring of 1783, many Hessian soldiers were released by Butler and returned to their units in Quebec.

There is a list of men and NCO’s present from the Erbprinz Regiment, in St. Antoine, on January 25th, 1783. Under the 6th company No. 34 it shows: Weitzel, Nicholas, private, from Hohenzell, age 31 (at time of muster), size 5 ft., 6 in., with 12 years service.

Because King George III hired Hessian regiments and paid a surcharge on any wounded or killed men, Nicholas was owed Ł188/14s/4d on his discharge in 1783. The sum was sent to him from London, England, to compensate him for his mercenary service during the revolution.
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History : He met Elizabeth Kline, who was also born in Germany, on Carleton Island after he had reported in on 23 June, 1779. All their children were in the Niagara area when they married and they settled there. Nicholas, on his discharge, applied for and was granted land in the Kingston area. It also shows that part of this land was sold not long after it was obtained. In 1784, his residence was shown as Kingston. In 1795, he was Roadmaster.

In the book, Early Ontario Settlers: A Source Book by Norman K. Crowder Nicholas is listed as “Wytzell” and receiving rations for his family from 1 July, 1786 to August 31st, 1786 at the first Township above Cataraqui. See page 159. On page 97 he is shown as a settler in Township 1 in 1785. 
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Even though Nicholas is included in the Old UE List, he does not fit the required parameters for being an United Empire Loyalist because he was a serving member of a regular Hessian regiment and not a resident of America when the revolution broke out. In all other aspects, he fits the requirements. So even though his name is on the UEL List, he is at most, a Loyalist, and not an United Empire Loyalist.

War of 1812: Nicholas Weitzel, Jr., fought in the War of 1812 in the 1st Flank Company of the 2nd York Militia -- He is listed in William Gray’s Soldiers of the King as: "Wibsel, Nicholas, Private" on page 129.

Nicholas Weitzel is not to be confused with a second Nicholas Weitzel of the same Hessian regiment who was also captured at Saratoga but was marched south towards Virginia deserting at Frederick, Maryland on 6 January, 1779. See Hessians of Upper Canada by Johannes H. Merz, pp. 211 & 212 for information on both Weitzels.

Information submitted by Don Brearley and amended by David Clark quoting from Paul C. Plante’s website, et al.
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