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Loyalist Directory: Daniel (originally recorded as Donald) Rose

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Surname : Rose
Given name : Daniel (originally recorded as Donald)
Rank : Volunteer
Where Resettled : In 1781 on what became Gore Lot 1 & Broken Front, Niagara Township (Gore Lots were later joined with the Stamford Twp. survey)
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : John Macdonell’s Company (1777)
Brant’s Volunteers (1778-1781)
Enlistment Date : July 1777 joined John Macdonell’s Company
1778 joined with Joseph Brant’s Volunteers
Date & Place of Birth : 1757, Croy Parish, Strath Nairn, Scotland
Settled before war : Banyar Patent, Tryon County, New York (near present day Kortright, NY).
Date & Place of Death : 1823
Place of Burial : Stamford Presbyterian Cemetery, Stamford ON (now in Niagara Falls ON)
Wife Name : Jane
Children : Ten children.
Hugh (b. 1778 Kortright NY, m Eunice Park dau of Loyalists James and Hagar Park)
William (b. May 1781 Niagara)
Nancy (b. Feb 1783 Niagara, m William McKerlie)
Jane (b. 1785 Stamford, m. Richard Thomson son of Loyalists Archibald and Catherine Thomson)
Lewis (b. 1787 Stamford, m. Ester Finemore)
Alexander (b. 1790 Stamford)
Peter (b. 1791 Stamford)
James (b. 1796 Stamford, m(1) Grace Wilkie, m(2) Martha Cowan)
Margaret (b. 1799 Stamford, m Benjamin Thomson son of Loyalists Archibald and Catherine Thomson)
and Electa (b. abt. 1800 Stamford, m Charles Wright).
Biography : This name should be Daniel - See his petition Read? 5th October 1820
His given name was incorrectly recorded on the UE List as Donald. This was subsequently corrected when some of the SUE & DUE petitions were later submitted.
Proven Descendants : Grand River Branch 2010.07.05 (Stephen Bowley); Grand River 2010-07-05; Hamilton 2014.10.27 (Judith Hayman);
Military Info : Served as a volunteer from the period 1777-1781. His older brother Hugh elected to remain “neutral” but clandestinely supported the Loyalists. This was most evident in the fact that although they were constantly in the area, the Loyalists left his buildings untouched through the war. In July 1777 Daniel Rose joined John Macdonell’s Company near the Head of the Delaware and was active with that Company that summer. In 1778 Daniel joined with Joseph Brant at the Susquehanna River near Tioga Point and remained on active service under Brant from May 1778 to Oct 1779. In October the Company had arrived at Niagara and upon Colonel Guy Johnson’s declaration that they could only draw pay from the day of their arrival at Niagara and no credit would be given for their previous 18 month’s service, he along with a number of fellow volunteers stated that “they served the Crown from principle and not for the sake of Enrichment” and continued to serve the remainder of the war as volunteers under Brant’s command. In 1781, on account of insufficient food supplies at Niagara, he was one of the 16 men who began farming at Niagara. Unlike those who came out of the ranks of Butler’s Rangers, Daniel Rose (and Thomas McMicking) elected to establish their farms up on the mountain (adjacent to what is now referred to as Queenston Heights). This decision was based on guidance from the First Nations who were well aware of the military advantage of situating oneself on elevated land. The Rose farmhouse was located on the Portage Road and was in the centre of action during the War of 1812. For instance, Norton's group gathered in formation at the Rose farm during the battle of for the Heights.
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History : Daniel was one of the subscribers to the annual pledge to Stamford Presbyterian Minister (Rev. John Dun) dated 1 October 1794; Daniel Rose pledged Three pounds, four shillings annually to retain his services. The church was originally called the Stamford Presbyterian Meeting House, later called Stamford Presbyterian Church. In addition to the Gore Lot in Niagara, Daniel received 650 acres in East Flamborough and 400 in King Twp. for his services.
Hugh received his SUE land grant in Nelson Twp. (L9 Con 1 NS Dundas) but later swapped it for his mother-in-law’s (Hagar Park) farm near the home farm in Stamford Twp. They later moved to a farm in Bertie Twp. He and Eunice had five children. He and his son Adam were originally buried on the farm in Bertie Twp., but following the death of Eunice, they were re-interred in Stamford Presbyterian Cemetery.
William received his SUE grant in Trafalgar Twp. (Lot 11 Con 1 NS Dundas) and established an inn. He and his wife had at least one child.
Nancy also received her SUE grant in Nelson Twp. (Lot 8 Con 1 SS Dundas) where she and her husband William McKerlie farmed & raised 8 children.
Jane received her DUE grant in Garafraxa (Lot 6 Con 7) but she resided near Waterdown ON.
Lewis received his SUE grant in Garafraxa Twp. (Lot 9 Con 7) but he and his wife raised their family of 11 in East Flamborough on part of the Daniel Rose “family land” allocation.
Alexander was wounded in the Battle of Chippawa and received a pension for his injuries. He died unmarried in 1826.
Peter received his SUE Grant in Amaranth Twp (W ½ Lot 8 E ½ Con 19) but did not settle on these lands; he lived with various members of the family, most frequent with his brother Lewis.
James received his SUE grant in Garafraxa Twp. (Lot 1 Con 1). There he raised his family, two children by his first wife (Grace Wilkie), and four by his second (Martha Cowan).
Margaret received her DUE grant in Nottawasaga Twp. (Lot 36 Con 12) but she and her husband, Benjamin Thomson, remained in Stamford and had three children.
Electa (aka Elexa & Lexy), who married Charles Wright, was granted part of the family lands in East Flamborough from a land transfer from her mother.
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : UEL List
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