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Loyalist Directory: Philip Sr. Roblin

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Surname : Roblin
Given name : Philip Sr.
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Adolphusstown Twp. Lennox & Addington Co. Ontario
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : New York Barrack Master’s Department, Peter Rutton’s Company #6 Associated Loyalists in New York. (BB)
Enlistment Date : 1783 (BB)
Date & Place of Birth : About 1750 Smiths Clove, Orange Co, NY, USA
Settled before war : Smiths Clove, Orange Co, NY, USA
Date & Place of Death : 1788 Adolphustown
Place of Burial : Old Adolphustown burial ground or UEL Cemetery, Adolphustown, Ontario (BB)
Wife Name : Elizabeth Esther MILLER (b. 10 Aug 1754 Smiths Clove – d. 6 June 1815 Cannifton, ON)

Miller, Elizaberth Esther b.Smith’s Clove Orange NY USA, d. June 06,1815 m. c.1769 Daughter of Miller, Garret & Griswold, Patience, Buried in Cannifton Cemetery Hastings Twp. Ontario (BB)
Children : Rev John Palen (1769-1813),
Philip (1722-1848),
Owen Philip (1774-1845),
Mary (1778-1853),
Elizabeth (1782-1867),
Nancy Ann (1784-1872),
Fanny (1787-1841),
David (1788-1867) (from Tim Ryeland)

Roblin, John Palen m. Moore, Mary Elizabeth
Roblin, Mary m. Garrison, Marvel
Roblin, Nancy Ann m. Ketchinson, William Jr.
Roblin, Fanny m, Rutton Peter William
Roblin, Philip m. Platt, Prudence
Roblin, Elizabeth m. Clapp, Benjamin
Roblin, ?m. Rowe, Mary
Roblin, Owen m. Dulmage, Mary L. (from Barry Baker)
Biography :  
Proven Descendants : London & W. Ontario 2002.10.28;
London & W. Ontario 2002.12.02
Hamilton 2013.08.19 (Barry Alan Baker);
Military Info : Joined British Forces in NY, he was held prisoner for much of the war, his wife lived under the British Protection in New York city. In 1783 they fled to Canada, Philip joined Peter Rutton’s Company
Loyalist Genealogy : Roblin, Philip
=>Roblin, Nancy Ann m. Ketcheson William Jr.
==>Ketcheson, Elizabeth m. Fraser, Matthew Dies
===>Fraser, John L.
====>Fraser, Gertrude m. Baker, Frederick Thomas
=====>Baker, Edward Alan
======> Baker, Barry Alan

See the certificate application by Barry Baker
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : See Ryeland Family Tree
Sources :  
Reserved :