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Loyalist Directory: Joseph Merritt

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Surname : Merritt
Given name : Joseph
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Twenty Mile Creek on Lots 3, 4 and 5, Niagara Region
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 19/Jan/1742 in North Castle, New York
Settled before war : Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York
Date & Place of Death : 26/Feb/1813 in Grimsby Township, Lincoln County, Ontario
Place of Burial : Merritt's Burying Ground (Now called Merritt Settlement Cemetery)
"In clearing off part of his [Joseph's] home which has the cemetery, he said to his eldest son; ‘This is a nice high piece of ground. I will give one acre gratis for a cemetery that, in time, will be needed as the country becomes settled.' His eldest son William was the first one to be buried there at the early age of twenty-one."
(Quote from newspaper article)
Wife Name : Mary (Polly) Parker
Children : Moses Merritt m. Sarah Ackley;
Isaac Merritt m. 1. Jane Sternberg 2. Susannah Beemer;
Sarah Lucy Merritt m. Benjamin Johnson;
William Merritt m. Catherine Secord;
Susan Merritt m. Caleb Travis;
Elijah Merritt m. Mary Hopkins;
Margaret Merritt m. 1. ? Hindson, 2. Rev. D. W. Eastman;
Prudence Merritt m. Isaac Shaw;
Mary (Polly) Merritt m. Henry Johnson;
Joseph Merritt Jr. m. Martha Smith;
Daniel Merritt m. 1. Sarah Culver, 2. Eve May 3. Mary Jane Bates.
Biography :  
Proven Descendants : Col. John Butler 2006.12.04; Col. John Butler 2007.01.29; Col. John Butler 2007.10.29; Col. John Butler 2008.09.08; New Brunswick 2008.10.06; Col. John Butler 2008.10.27; Col. John Butler 2009.07.27; Col. John Butler 2012.03.05; Col. John Butler 2012.03.19; Col. John Butler 2012.03.05; Col. John Butler 2012.03.19; Chilliwack 2013.04.15; Chilliwack 2013.12.02; Chilliwack 2014.10.20; Chilliwack 2014.10.27; Chilliwack 7.14.2015 (Larry Gordon Merritt); Chilliwack 2015.12.02 (Bradley Colin Merritt & Katherine Lorraine Merritt Northcott ); Chilliwack 2018.08.02 (Andrea Ellen Favell); Chilliwack 2018.09.13 (Daniel Scott Favell, Owen James Douglas Burgess, Michael Christopher Favell, Ryleigh Ellen Madeline Burgess);
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : Joseph Merritt, b. 19/Jan/1742, m. Mary (Polly) Parker circa 1770, d. 26/Feb/1813;
Elijah Merritt, b. 31/Aug/1782, m. Mary Hopkins in 1819, d. 10/Jul/1867;
Alpheus Merritt, b. 31/Aug/1820, m. Frances (Fanny) Wetmore 24/Nov/1841, d. 11/Apr/1880;
Mary Adelaide Merritt, b. 8/Mar/1845, m. Israel Dody Marshall 26/Sep/1866, d. 20 Aug/1885;
Alpheus Ephnor Marshall, b. 29/Jul/1875, m. Jessie Rachel Cavers 23/Jun/1908, d. 4/Sep/1954;
Jessie Elvoretta Marshall, b. 8/Jul/1912, m. Rev. Arthur Welburn Jones 4/Jul/1939, d.5/Sep/2006
Marilyn Ann Jones, m. Gordon William Whatley
Family History :  
Family Genealogy :  
Sources :  
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