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Loyalist Directory: Isaac (Sr. father of Isaac Jr., John, Thomas, William and Edward) Mann (aka Man)

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Surname : Mann (aka Man)
Given name : Isaac (Sr. father of Isaac Jr., John, Thomas, William and Edward)
Rank : Colonel, Aide-de-Camp to the Governor at New Carlisle, Gaspe.
Where Resettled : New Carlisle, Paspébiac, Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspé, Quebec
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : 2nd Report of the Bureau of Archives of the Province of Ontario by Alexander Fraser (1904). Shows claim for losses during the revolution pp. 333 to 335.
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : King's Loyal Americans Regiment (Jessup's Rangers) 
Enlistment Date : Transferred from pre-war militia after revolution began. 
Date & Place of Birth : 11 Oct., 1723 New York City, N.Y. 
Settled before war : 1775 in Stillwater, New York 
Date & Place of Death : 25 December, 1803, New Carlisle, Gaspé, PQ 
Place of Burial : St. Andrew's Cemetery, New Carlisle, Gaspe, Quebec 
Wife Name : Annatje (Ann) Jeffries (m. 19 Sept., 1747, Prov. of New York)  
Children : Isaac Jr.
Edward J.
possibly Abraham Cooper.  
Biography : Loyalist Lists by E Keith Fitzgerald shows Isaac Senr. On page 82 with the note that he was a "Justice of Quorum" of the Inferior Court (i.e. cannot try capital cases).
Purportedly in 1785 he was appointed sheriff of the Gaspé District (pg. 63 Loyalists of Quebec by Elinor Senior) but see Ensign Thomas Mann.
Colonel Isaac MANN, U.E., b. c. 1723 New York City; he came from Stillwater, NY. He was a Judge of Quorums at Albany, NY. His parents owned land which is now Broad Street in New York City. He was granted land and also purchased property at Stillwater, where he operated mills. He had more than two hundred tenants on his land before the revolution. He was arrested and incarcerated for refusing to swear allegiance to the Rebels. When released from gaol, he made his way to (refugee) Camp Machiche (now Yamachiche, Qeubec) where he joined his wife Annatje "Ann(e)" JEFFR(I)ES and two teenage children.
In 1784/85 Col. Isaac MANN received several Free Grants of town lots (at New Carlisle). Before he died, he had been granted almost 3000 acres of land on the Restigouche River. In 1787, his claims to the Land Commissioners for property losses was 4672 pounds Halifax currency. He received meagre compensation of 291 pounds Halifax currency for all his land and mills in America from the British and a lifetime pension of 30 pounds annually.
See Loyalists of Chaleur Bay
Proven Descendants : Sir John Johnson 1977.03.17;
Bicentennial 1989.05.27;
Sir John Johnson 1989.06.25;
Winnipeg 1990.08.23;
Fredericton 1992.02.18;
Toronto 1992.12.31;
Toronto 1997.11.30;
Toronto 2005.02.21;
Toronto 2005.12.29;
Col. John Butler 2010-07-26;
Toronto 2017.05.25 (Joseph Robert Lester Renouf);
Toronto 2017.06.16 (Hayden James Renouf);
Military Info : Colonel of Militia under the British Government in Albany County, N.Y. 
Loyalist Genealogy : Loyalist Lineages 1984 edition shows one descent line pp. 407 & 408. 
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : Partial see familytreemaker.genealogy
Son of John Man, b.1691, Rhode Island, d. 1777 New York, NY, m. Lysbeth (or Elizabeth) Van Deusen, 20 Nov., 1708 (dau. of Jacobus Issacz Van Deusen and Caterina Burger). See familytreemaker.genealogy 
Sources : For picture of his tombstone see UELAC website Loyalists of Chaleur Bay

Information provided by David Clark.
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