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Loyalist Directory: Soirle (Soril, Soirlee, Sorley, Samuel, Soyle) MacDonald

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Surname : MacDonald
Given name : Soirle (Soril, Soirlee, Sorley, Samuel, Soyle)
Rank : Ensign
Where Resettled : Port Roseway (Shelbourne) in Nova Scotia
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : Isle of Skye, Scotland
Settled before war : North Carolina near Mt Gilead
Date & Place of Death : Isle of Skye, 10 Oct. 1830, aged 106.
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : 1. Flora/Flory Nicolson married in Isle of Skye, Scotland 6 Aug 1765.

2. unknown
Children : 1. Four children with Flora, one child probably names Mary.
Biography : As he signed himself, it was Soirle, but misspelt by English as Soril, Soirlee or Sorley, or written in Gaelic as Somhairle or Somerled.
His 1st wife was Flora/Flory Nicolson, they married in Isle of Skye, Scotland 6 Aug 1765. They had four children (2 M +2 F) before emigrating to North Carolina, arriving on the brig "Liberty", 20 Dec. 1771. His mother was with him; she died before the war & is buried on his plantation named "Sarthill", near Mt Gilead. It is not known who the woman was who landed in NS with servants and daughter Mary, his wife and the 3 other children may have died before they made their escape.
Soirle was supposed to have been in Port Roseway (Shelbourne) - he was listed as a member of the Port Roseway Assoc., but returned to Skye about 1790. He was supposed to have been a neighbour of Donald McCrummin in NC & NS. They both hid from the Patriots after the 1776 defeat of the Royal Highland Emigrant Regt, at Widow Moore's Creek bridge, then in 1778 enlisted with the British Legion in Philadelphia (?NC). Soirle held the rank of Ensign & Donald was a Lieutenant, in the British Legion.
Soirle died in Isle of Skye, 10 Oct. 1830, according to several published death notices, aged 106. Presumably buried in the family vault at Skye. His maternal uncle Hugh Macdonald, was the step-father of Flora Macdonald (wife of Allen Macdonald of Kingsburgh) both were involved in the guiding to safety Bonnie Prince Charlie, after the battle of Culloden. Soirle was a great-grandson of Sir James Macdonald of Sleat, 2nd Bt. and named after his maternal grandfather Somerled, his 4th son.
Proven Descendants : Calgary 1984.11.13
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Sources : Information provided by Fiona Lundy, New Zealand.
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