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Loyalist Directory: John Moore

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Surname : Moore
Given name : John
Rank : Captain (according to his petition for a grant of land in 1795).
Where Resettled : Grimsby Township, Lincoln County, Ontario
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Initially, Colonial Guards of New Jersey but remained loyal when they turned coat. Unknown regiment thereafter. Not identifiable in nominal rolls for New Jersey Volunteers.
Enlistment Date : 1776
Date & Place of Birth : 4th November, 1738, likely in Sussex County, New Jersey
Settled before war : In 1768, John, along with Adam Green and several others bought land at Jenny Jump Mountain (source: a deed from the New Jersey State Archives).
Date & Place of Death : Grimsby Township, Ontario - 16, May, 1803 
Place of Burial : Initially near Lake Ontario on west side of Forty Mile Creek along with Dinah Pettit – exhumed and reburied in St. Andrew's Anglican churchyard in Grimsby.
Wife Name : Dinah Pettit (daughter of Jonathan Pettit and Deborah Robbins)
Children : Mary
Biography :  
Proven Descendants : London & Western Ontario 1980.12.12;
Grand River 1985.11.13;
Grand River 1986.05.01;
Grand River 1986.08.05;
Eleanor Watson of Victoria Br. on 1986.09.24;
Ann Pratt of Hamilton Br. in 1986.11.01;
Hamilton 1994.08.27;
Judith Nuttall of Hamilton Br. on 2008.09.22; Col. John Butler 2010-08-23; Hamilton 2010-08-23; Hamilton 2011.12.05; Col. John Butler 2012.03.19 (Beverly Ann Craig);
Military Info : Remained loyal throughout the war. He started out as a junior officer in the Colonial Guards of New Jersey. His petition for land in 1795 states that he was fined and imprisoned (likely in Sussex County for helping recruits to get to British lines). As a loyalist and officer, he also supported a company of 36 men at his own expense.  
Loyalist Genealogy : See the certificate application by Bev Craig to Captain John
Family History : Parents: Edward Moore and Mary Nelles (sometimes written as Nells). No further information is available. 
Family Genealogy :  
Sources :  
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