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Loyalist Directory: John 1 Mills

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Surname : Mills
Given name : John 1
Rank : Corporal
Where Resettled : Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Served in New Jersey Volunteers of Captain Lee's Company in the 6th Battalion commanded by Lt Colonel Isaac ALLEN in the Revolutionary War in 1777 and 1778. Also served at Staten Island, New York and escorted Loyalists from New Jersey to New York.
Enlistment Date : Probably 1761.
Date & Place of Birth : 1733 in Sussex, New Jersey per Land Petitions
Settled before war : Sussex, New Jersey
Date & Place of Death :  
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : Rebecca Smith, born about 1740 in Sussex, New Jersey. Parents were Joseph Smith and Rachel Alfred.
Children : Sarah Mills born 1756 married George Boyles
John Mills Jr. born 1760 married Permilla Seeley
Parker Mills born 1762 married Mary Ashbridge
Phoebe Mills born 1765 married John Adair
Rachel Mills born 1766 married Robert Graham
Hannah Mills born 1770 married Lewis Beam
Rebecca Mills born 1771 married Zaccheus Thorne
Richard Mills born 1773
Joseph Mills born 1778 married Elizabeth Hansbury
Mary Mills born 1782 and married Peter Null and Abraham Ambrose Marlatt
Biography :  
Proven Descendants : Governor Simcoe 1980.06.24; Grand River 1989.04.23; Grand River 2003.04.07; Grand River 2004.03.22; Halifax-Dartmouth 2011.12.xx (Donald A. Praast – UEL Assoc. Certificate 2012.10.22)' Halifax-Dartmouth 2012.10.22; Governor Simcoe 2018.02.20 (Russel Dea Warren DDS);
Military Info : See the John Mills Military Information for information.
Loyalist Genealogy : Certificate application by Donald A. Praast.
Loyalist Genealogy:
1.John Mills (Loyalist) married Rebecca Smith
2.Robert Graham married Rachel Mills
3.John Graham married Elizabeth Hatter
4.Warren Graham married Deborah Ann Hamlin
5.Charles Emerson Graham married Cora May Hill
6.Albert Carl Praast married Blanche Elizabeth Graham
7.Donald Albert Praast (Applicant).
Family History :  
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Land Petitions and Regiment Muster Rolls, and Genealogy Records.
Reserved :