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Loyalist Directory: George Lawrence (Laurence, Lorentz)

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Surname : Lawrence (Laurence, Lorentz)
Given name : George
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Home District, Virgil (Lawrenceville), Niagara Township (Newark Township), Lincoln County
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Butler's Rangers
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : March 1757 in Ballingrane, Limerick, Ireland
Settled before war : The Camden Colony, Oneida County, New York
Date & Place of Death :  
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : Sarah (Sary) Beecraft
Children : 1. William cMay 1781
2. John
3. Peter
4. Elizabeth
5. George6. Benjamin
7. James
Biography : The following is an approximate timeline for George LAWRENCE, and some of his children. The first number would be George's age, followed by the year and event

(00) 1757 Birth, County Limerick, Ireland
(??) 17?? Arrived at the Port of Philadelphia with his mother.
(10) 1767 George Lawrence b 26 Mar 1757 Co Limerick, Ireland, emigrated with his mother, Agnes (Benor) Benner, to Vermont via Camden Valley, N.Y. (Camden Colony of Methodists?)
(18) 1775 Married Sarah aka "Sary", or 1783.
(19) 1776 Migrated to Niagara, Upper CANADA. [George's duty at Ticonderoga, where he served under E. Jessup on Nov 1, 1777, might mean that he migrated to Niagara probably 1778 or later, rather than 1776 as it is suggested. However, he could have gone to Niagara, and quickly returned.]
(26) 1783 Listed - Return of Loyalists in Capt. Andrew Bradt's Company of the Corps of Rangers, Niagara Census 1783 (30 Nov 1783) is: George Larence 26, Sary Larence 21, William Larence 8
(26) 1783 Son William b Feb 1783, as per 1783 Census, when he was 10 months old.
(26) 1783 Drawing rations at Niagara in Bradt's Company
(27) 1784 He settled in Lawrenceville, near Niagara. Founder of town.
(27) 1784 Oath of Allegiance to the Crown
(28) 1786 Completed service to The Crown, Butler's Rangers, Fort Niagara, military actions in the American Colonies
(29) 1786 George Laurence is listed with a wife and child 1786, Soldier B. Rangers. Crowder, Norman K., Early Ontario Settlers, A Source Book, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1993, p. 185, "1786 Provisioning Lists, Loyalist Victualing List at Niagara of M Tenbrooecks District, 14 9ber [November] 1786, "Index Number J500. It reads, 1 man, 1 woman, 1 boy, total 3, Rations per Day 2 1/2.
(29) 1787 Farme
(35) 1792 Land entitlement in the District of Nassau, 550 acres.
(40) 1797 Captain 1st Regiment, Lincoln Militia, in 1812
(41) 1798 He attended the Episcopal Church until he joined the Methodist Church. (Likely baptism date.)
(49) 1806 His children receive Order of Council for Land Grants
(55) 1812 JOHN LAWRENCE b. 1785 s/o George Lawrence of Lawrenceville, born in Camden Oneida Co. New York State and he fought with Butler's Rangers in SERVOS Company of LINCOLN MILITIA during the War of 1812.
(57) 1814 Capt. militia, resigned from Capt. John D. Servos Company
(66) 1823 Spouse died. The (Niagara) Gleaner: Saturday 20, 1823 (edition) DECEMBER Obit: Suddenly on the 16th inst., Mrs. George Lawrence, w/o George Lawrence Jun. of this Township, in the prime of life, and has left a numerous family to deplore her loss. George Lawrence's wife, Sarah, died Nov 5, 1823 age 64 and is buried in Grace Methodist/United Cemetery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Her stone is the oldest in that cemetery. [It seems that this George Lawrence Jr. is actually George Ball Lawrence, s/o Loyalist George Lawrence. Sarah Jane McDonald was one of his 3-4 spouses.]
(68) 1825 The Gleaner: Saturday 12 November 1825 Obit: On the 5th instant, Mrs. Laurence, wife of Mr. George Laurence. (Who?)
(72) 1829 Land Grants continue for the following children: William of Niagara OC 19 Aug 1806
John of Niagara OC 20 Aug 1811
Peter of Thorold OC 20 May 1817
Elizabeth m John Emmett of Grantham OC 20 May 1817
George of Niagara OC 20 May 1817
Benjamin of Niagara OC 6 March 1822
James of Niagara OC 2 July 1829
(71) 1828 Methodist teacher in Virgil for 20 years Founded Lawrenceville, (Virgil), Niagara-on-the-Lake
(86) 1843 Mrs Lawrence, wife of George, died at Cross Roads near Niagara, 7 May 1843. Death Notice in paper 17 May 1843, p 119. His wife Sarah b c1762, per 1783 census, d 7 May 1843 Virgil per obit. (Who?)
(91) 1848 Died in Virgil. George Lawrence died Aug 5, 1848 aged
(91) (born March 26, 1757), and he is buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Virgil.
(n/a) 1851 The Mail: Wednesday 19 March 1851 At the residence of her son, Mr. Young, Four Mile Creek, on the 14th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrence, aged 76 years.
(n/a) 1854 The Mail: Wednesday 5 July 1854 At Lawrenceville, on the 25th inst., after a long illness, Mrs. Eliza Ann Lawrence, wife of Mr. Benjamin Lawrence, of that place, aged 56.
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Family History : See a family history of George and Sary by Howard Ray Lawrence.
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Sources : Information submitted by Howard Ray Lawrence
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