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Loyalist Directory: Hezekiah Lyon

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Surname : Lyon
Given name : Hezekiah
Rank :  
Where Resettled : St. John, NB
Welsford NB.
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : NYGBS; V37 N4 Oct 1906
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) : Freeman St. John 1785; Carpenter.
Regiment : Hezekiah fought within two regiments: Delancey's Brigade, and 3rd Battalion New Jersey Volunteers.
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : Born Aug 3 1757 in Redding, CT.
Settled before war :  
Date & Place of Death : Died 1845 Kingston NB.
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : Married his 4th cousin, Sabrah Lyon UE, daughter of Captain John Lyon UE.
Children :  
Biography : After the Loyalists had settled in New Brunswick, a grateful colony set up a pension for the old soldiers who were in need of financial assistance. Records of the 'Old Soldiers and Widows Pension' show that Hezekiah, and after his death Sabrah, were provided modest financial assistance after making a yearly request which included a detailed outline of Hezekiah's military service during the American Revolution.
Received a Loyalist land grant at Welsford NB.
Late in life, in 1844, Hezekiah and Sabrah moved to Kingston NB to live near her brothers. The 1851 Census shows Sabrah aged 83 as infirm living in Kingston NB.
Proven Descendants :  
Military Info : Stephen's research showed that he fought almost the entire war in Loyalist regiments.
His campaigns included:
1. Major General William Tryon's raid on Danbury Connecticut on April 25-26 1777, in which Hezekiah served in Major Hubble's Division.
2. Raid on Fairfield, CT on July 7th 1779 Hezekiah was one of 2,000 British and Loyalist soldiers that raided and burned Fairfield, Ct. It is interesting that Captain Joseph Lyon, Hezekiah's cousin, served as a guide on this raid.
3. Raid on New London, CT. and the capture of Ford Grunwald on September 6th 1781, Hezekiah was serving in the 3rd Battalion New Jersey Volunteers, Major Edward Allison's Company when, under the command of General Benedict Arnold, they raided and burned New London, Ct.
4. Attached to the British fleet and expedition against the French in Rhode Island, July 1778.
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : Family Genealogy: Hezekiah is descended from Richard Lyon of Fairfield (1621-1678) of Fairfield, CT.
Sources : Reference letters A; K

Loyalist Land Grants in NB, NB Archives documents on pensions distributed to "Old Soldiers and Widows", and 1851 Census.

Additional information submitted by Stephen McDonald
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