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Loyalist Directory: John (Johannes) Lutz (Lutes)

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Surname : Lutz (Lutes)
Given name : John (Johannes)
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Lot 34, 2nd Township (Stamford, Ontario)
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : Land Board and Heir and Devisee reports. Daughter's land grant as a DUE (daughter of a Loyalist)
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 1727, Germany.
Settled before war : Wallkill, Montgomery County, New York
Date & Place of Death : before 1791, Stamford Township, Ontario
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : Anna Margaretha (last name unknown)
Children : Barbara m. Thomas Martin; John (Johannes) bpt 3 Nov 1765; Joseph bpt 24 Sept 1774; Conrad bpt 9 Sept 1775; Elizabeth bpt 6 Jan 1781; Moses bpt 30 Sept 1781; Anna bpt 15 June 1783; George born 22 Mar 1764; Jacob.
Biography : Minutes of the Land Board meeting at Niagara 22 Feb 1791 (3rd Report of the Bureau of Archives) records that John Lutes died "in his Majesty's service" and recommends compensation be granted to his heirs. A subsequent record of the Heir and Devisee Commissioners directs that deeds for 550 acres (in Pelham) be issued to the heirs (of Original Nominee John Lutz) specifically naming John, George, Jacob, Joseph, Conrad and Moses Lutz.
Proven Descendants : Chilliwack Branch 2011.04.18 (Allan Edsal Kennedy); Chilliwack 2011.04.18; Col. John Butler 2011.09.26; Col. John Butler 2013.03.04 (Brenda Charlene Denyes, David Neil Denyes, and Geoffrey Craig Denyes);
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : See UE certificate application by Allan Kennedy to John Lutz.
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : Thomas Martin is also mentioned with John Lutes in the same Minutes of the Land Board meeting at Niagara 22 Feb 1791 (3rd Report of the Bureau of Archives). He is believed to be the son in law of John Lutes. Thomas Martin petitioned for land in 1786 on behalf of his wife Barbara, the sister of Conrad, both descended from the same Loyalist. That land was granted in Delaware Township. Their eldest son, James Martin, later successfully petitioned to have his mother's land re-issued in his name in 1835, his parents having died intestate. Thomas Martin's grandson, William married Permulia / Pamelia Millard, grand daughter of Loyalist Isaiah MILLARD, son of Loyalist Thomas MILLARD (both of Butler's Rangers).
Sources : John Lutz is mentioned in "Even More Palatine Families 18th Century Immigrants to the American Colonies and their German, Swiss and Austrian Origins, Volume 1", by Henry Z. Jones, Picton Press, Maine, p. 416.

Submitted by Allan Kennedy with the help of Wendy Cosby.
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