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Loyalist Directory: Daniel Lightheart

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Surname : Lightheart
Given name : Daniel
Rank : soldier
Where Resettled : Midland District - Adolphustown, Ernestown, Darlington, Upper Canada
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List; land petitions and land grants; Loyalist regiment muster rolls
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Jessup's Corps (King’s Loyal Americans, later the Loyal Rangers)
Enlistment Date : 20 July 1777 (during Burgoyne's campaign)
Date & Place of Birth : Circa 1761, Dutchess or Albany Co., Colony of New York
Settled before war : Stillwater, Albany Co. (now Saratoga Co.), NY
Date & Place of Death : probably 1804 Darlington Twp, Durham, Upper Canada
Place of Burial : Unknown. (The Daniel Lightheart buried in Snyder’s Cemetery [Chinguacousy, Peel, Ontario] is this Daniel’s 9-year-old grandson who died in 1846.)
Wife Name : Rachel Sarah Burk. Married at Sorel Richelieu, Quebec.
Children : Mary, Francis, Elizabeth, Phebe, Daniel, John (d. as infant) – all baptised in Sorel, Que.;
Jacob, Isaac, William – all born in Upper Canada.
Biography :  
Proven Descendants : Victoria 2013.09.09 (Ronald Alfred [Weston] Wingfield); Hamilton 2019.29.04 (Marilynn McAlister)
Military Info : Probably about 16 when he joined Burgoyne’s campaign. He spent most of that campaign as a guide serving under Fraser. Fled to Quebec after Saratoga; served with Jessup’s there until the Loyal Rangers disbanded in December 1783. In the summer of 1781 he was 'on secret service'.
Loyalist Genealogy : Doherty names the Lighthearts among the Beekman Patent families whose Loyalist leanings compelled them to move to Albany County in the lead-up to war. Daniel’s father (Daniel senior) was briefly a prisoner of the rebels but ultimately remained in the U.S. His brother John also served with Jessup’s. Daniel’s son Daniel (3rd) took the Oath of Allegiance and is listed with the Durham Militia in 1812.
Family History : Grandparents arrived in NY with the Palatine immigration of 1710 and settled on the Beekman Patent in Dutchess Co. about 1716. The family is on record there until at least the late 1750s. In 1766 Daniel’s parents were living in Albany County , and by 1776 Daniel and his brother were renting a farm in Stillwater. Their father had a farm nearby. This area was the site of several critical battles during the Burgoyne campaign. Daniel started his own family in Sorel and hoped to remain there ; eventually they moved to Adolphustown before finally settling in Darlington - where several of them (including Daniel) appear in court records convicted of assault in an ongoing feud with another family! Some of their descendants remain in the Darlington area; the youngest son, William, moved his family to Collingwood and they ended up in Hamilton; another line headed west. At least one of the daughters appears to have moved with her husband to the US and died in Michigan.
Family Genealogy : Daniel Lighth(e)art, UEL
- son of Johann Daniel Lighthar(d)t (b. NY, m. Marytje Heens)
- son of Johann Bernhardt, aka Bernd ('Barent') Lickhart/Lieckthert/Lueckhardt/Lichthardt (b. Germany [?Baden], m. Anna Justina)
Sources : Information contributed by Ronald Weston (volunteer Sandy McNamara) and by Lynn McAlister
Read a PDF copy of this record with extensive footnotes and a list of Lynn's sources.
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