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Loyalist Directory: Silas Lewis

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Surname : Lewis
Given name : Silas
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Shefford Township, Eastern Townships, Quebec (now Waterloo, La Haute-Yamaska County, Quebec)
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : History of the Eastern Townships by C.M. Day (1869), p.343 [See copy of page]
The History of Shefford: Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biographical and Statistical, by C. Thomas
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 1774 Marlborough, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA
Settled before war : Marlborough, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA
Date & Place of Death : September 10, 1849, Waterloo, La Haute-Yamaska County, Quebec
Place of Burial : Waterloo Cemetery, Waterloo, La Haute-Yamaska County, Quebec
Wife Name : Mary Savage (5/2/1779-1/17/1860). Parents: Captain John Savage and Ann Pratt. Siblings, John Savage the younger, Abraham Savage, Lydia Savage, Anna Savage, Rhoda Savage, Olive Savage, and Joseph Plummer Savage.
Children : Rhoda Lewis (6/29/1801-3/19/1885) married Willard A. Sargeant on 10/5/1823. Lynda Lewis (1/26/1803-1/30/1843) married Ebenezer Temple on 6/5/1831. Amasa Lewis (2/16/1806-1/11/1892) married Hannah A. Knowlton on 1/24/1830. Mary Lewis (1807-6/23/1883) married James Neil on 4/2/1832. Stewart Lewis (1808-?). Harriet Lewis (3/19/1811-11/25/1875) married Amasa E. Knowlton on 2/14/1836. Silas Lewis Jr. (3/1813-11/22/1852) married Anna Stevens on 3/17/1840. Diana Lewis (3/20/1815-5/2/1896) married Ebenezer Temple on 1/28/1844. Laura Lewis (11/1/1819-2/11/1893) married Samuel Porter on 3/30/1848. Laura also married Amasa E. Knowlton on 3/19/1877. Martha Lewis.
Biography : Silas Lewis was born and raised in Marlborough, New Hampshire. His father, James Lewis, was an Oxfordshire, England immigrant to America. James fought on the American independence from Britain side of the Revolutionary War. He rose to the rank of Captain during the Revolutionary War in New Hampshire. Two of Silas' older brothers, John and Eli, also fought on the American side of the war. Since Silas was the youngest of seven sons in his family, he was not going to get the family farm. So, he had to to find land elsewhere. In the 1790s, he became an associate of Captain John Savage in Shefford Township, Quebec, wanting to settle there. In 1796, Silas moved to what is now Waterloo, La Haute-Yamaska County, Quebec. His brother, Ezekiel, and his family already lived there. He married Mary Savage, daughter of Captain John Savage. On February 10, 1801, the Quebec government granted him a land grant for Shefford Township (now Waterloo, Quebec). Except for a brief move to Bromont, Quebec, Silas lived for the rest of his life in Waterloo, La Haute-Yamaska County, Quebec.

(For more details, see record for Capt. John Savage.)
Proven Descendants :  
Military Info : Silas was a private in the Second Battalion Militia, Eastern Townships Militia during the War of 1812. His brother, Ezekiel, was captain.
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : Silas Lewis' mother, Martha Collins Lewis, was a member of a family in Massachusetts that been there since the 1600s. Silas Lewis siblings: Mary Lewis, John Lewis, Daniel Lewis, Josiah Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Eli Lewis, Rebecca Lewis, Ezekiel Lewis, Jareb Lewis, Catherine Lewis, and Martha Lewis.
Sources : Sources:
• genealogies
• Quebec, Canada, Land Grants, 1763-1890
• Lower Canada Censuses, 1831 and 1842

Information contributed by Jaime Hayes and Linda Mazrimas
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