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Loyalist Directory: George (son of John) Fritch (Fritz)

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Surname : Fritch (Fritz)
Given name : George (son of John)
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Norton Parish, Kings, NB
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : 200 acre lot on Grand Lake - northern side. River St. John. (Nova Scotia Archives; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Nova Scotia Land Petitions (1765-1800); Volume Number: 3.)

Note: Did not occupy this lot. Petitioned for and received a lot next to his father (John Fritch) for settlement.
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Quarter Mastr. Genl's. Department at New York - Identified as a wagon driver.

(Library and Archives Canada, British Headquarters Papers 1775-1783 (Carleton Papers), microfilm roll: M 353, document no.: 3734. pages 8 and 9)
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : Born: abt 1765 in Pennsylvania
Settled before war :  
Date & Place of Death : Died: Feb 4, 1842 in Blanheim Twp, Oxford, Ontario
Place of Burial : Unknown
Wife Name : Mary (unk); born: abt 1781 in United States; died: June 14, 1861 in Blenheim Twp, Oxford, Ontario; Burried: (unknown)
Children : 1. John Fritch, born: abt 1798 in Kings, NB, died: abt 1864 at St. Martins, Saint John, NB, Married: Jane Shanklin on Nov 3, 1840 in Saint John, NB;
2. Sarah Fritch, born: April 11, 1799 in Kings, NB, died: March 31, 1873, Blenheim Twp, Oxford, Ontario, Married: Christopher Rupert on March 6, 1828 in Kings, NB;
3.Daniel M. Fritch, born: Oct 24, 1802 in Kings, NB, died: Oct 27, 1880 in St. Martins, Saint John, NB, married: Elizabeth Swim on June 26, 1828 in St. Martins, Saint John, NB;
4.George M. Fritch Jr., born: Dec 9, 1804 in Kings, NB, died: June 14, 1842 in Blenheim Twp, Oxford, Ontario, married: Jane Clarke, Feb 2 1837 in Blenheim Twp, Oxford, Ontario;
5. Mary Fritch, born: April 5, 1806 in Kings, NB; died: Dec 19, 1886 in Burfor Twp, Brant, Ontario, married: Stephen Milidge Herrett on Oct 19 1826 in Kings, NB;
6. James Fritch, born: March 16, 1808 in Kings, NB, died: Nov 23, 1873, died in Blenheim Twp, Oxford, Ontario, married: Cynthia Pinkham abt 1834 in Oxford, Ontario;
7. Catharine Fritch, born: Dec 19, 1810 in Kings, NB, died: April 3, 1893 in Drumbo, Oxford, Ontario; married: never married;
8. Margaret Fritch, born: July 26, 1811 in Kings, NB, died July 29, 1891 in St. Martins, Saint John, NB, married: Daniel Mosher on July 29 1831 in St. Martins, Saint John, NB;
9. Robert Fritch, born: May 27, 1816 in Kings, NB, death and marriage: Unknown;
10. Charles Wesley Fritch, born: Nov 22, 1818 in Kings, NB, died: Dec 13, 1905 in Imlay City, Lapeer, Michigan, USA, married: Harriet Elizabeth Clark on Oct 11, 1843 in Blenheim Twp, Oxford, Ontario;
11. William Henry Fritch, born: July 1, 1821 in Kings, NB, died: unknown (in Lake County, California, USA in 1892), married: Margaret (unk) abt 1848 in Oxford, Ontario.
Biography : The Fritch family (husband, wife, two sons, and four daughters) arrived in New York from Philadelphia on 21 November 1779. (PETITION FOR RATIONS FOR HIS REFUGEE FAMILY CONSISTING OF WIFE AND SIX CHILDREN; SIGNED BY J. MERVIN NOOTH - J. Mervin Nooth to Colonel Roger Morris. 1779, November 17. New York. - Recommends the bearer John Fritch with his refugee family. If in his power to allow rations to the whole or part of his family it will be an act of charity and at the same time a favour to the writer. Autograph signed letter. (Vol. 25, No. 318. 1 page Pg 62 - Report on American Manuscripts in the Royal institution of Great Britain, Vol. II))

John Fritch (the father) and George (apparently the oldest son) were included in the 26 Aug 1781 "Return of Drivers, Horses, Waggons, Carts, Drays, Timber Wheels Etc in the Quarter Mastr. Genl's. Department at New York" as drivers. The surnames vary between Fritch and Fritz.

The appendix of Esther Clark Wright's "The Loyalists of New Brunswick" Identifies John Fritch receiving an initial grant on the Kennebecasis River near Hampton in New Brunswick in 1783. (The family is supposed to have arrived from New York to New Brunswick as part of the Spring Fleet.) George received a land grant on Grand Lake in Queens County, New Brunswick. He declined that land and received an unused land grant hear his father. I obtained copies of the grants via mail years ago from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.
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Sources : Information provided by Denise L. Moss-Fritch
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