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Loyalist Directory: Jeremiah (Sr.) French

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Surname : French
Given name : Jeremiah (Sr.)
Rank : Capt; Lieut
Where Resettled : Eastern District Cornwall Twp. Con. 1 Lot 22
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : Certificate/UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Queen's Loyal Rangers; KRRNY
Enlistment Date : 1777 July 15; 1781 November 12
Date & Place of Birth : 1743 July 08 Connecticut/Stratford
Settled before war : Vermont/Manchester
Date & Place of Death : 1820 December 05
Place of Burial : Eastern District/Cornwall/Maple Grove Cemetery (moved during Seaway construction). New grave marker unveiled 2005: see Jeremiah French Tombstone.
Wife Name : Elizabeth Wheeler
Children : Mary; Catharine; Hannah; Mercy; Theodosia; Albert; Benjamin; Elizabeth; Marilla
Biography : See: 1. Loyalist Gazette Vol XLlll No. 2 Fall 2005 pages 21-22/28-29;
Canadian Military History Vol 7 Number 1 Winter 1998 pp. 42-50.
Short biography.
Proven Descendants : Sir Guy Carleton 1985.02.20; St. Lawrence 1993.06.17; St. Lawrence 1995.04.21 (George Anderson); Edmonton 2001.03.12; Col. John Butler 2010.12.06; Sir Guy Carleton 2014.03.17 (Marjorie Anita Saunders Syme); Vancouver 2014.06.16 (Jeffrey Ross Syme); Bay of Quinte 2014.10.20 (Rosalie Janet Root); Bay of Quinte 2016.05.24 (Peter William Johnson);
Military Info :

At the beginning of the American Revolution he remained loyal to the Crown and enlisted in the Queen’s Loyal Rangers, July 5, 1777. His lands in Manchester, Vermont were confiscated and he was put on a list of proscribed people.

Jeremiah French fought at the Battle of Bennington and was taken prisoner August 16, 1777. Captain Justus Sherwood arranged a prisoner exchange in 1779. French resigned his commission in the Queen’s Loyal Rangers after facing charges of corruption of which he was cleared. He joined the Second Battalion of the King’s Royal Regiment of New York as a Lieutenant, November 18, 1781. After the conflict was over, he received a 2400 acre Loyalist grant at Maple Grove near Cornwall, Ontario.

Loyalist Genealogy :

Loyalist Genealogy from Jeremiah French

  • French, Jeremiah b 1743/July/08 d 1820/December/05 m Wheeler, Elizabeth b 1745/December/14 d 1838/July/14
    • Proof of loyalty: UE Executive List
  • French, Benjamin
  • French, Charity

Second Generation

Children of Jeremiah French and Elizabeth Wheeler

  • French, Colonel Albert b 1775/August/21 d 1836/February/04 m McIntyre, Catherine b 1784/February/10 d 1836/January/02
    • Proof of descent: ??
  • French, Mary b 1763/November/28 m Van Dusen, Jacob
  • French, Catherine b 1765/December/21 d 1851/??/?? m Marsh, Abraham b 1750/??/?? d 1833/May/08
  • French, Hannah b 1767/January/05 m Miller, Stephen
  • French, Mercy b 1769/July/21 m Sheek, David b 1763/??/?? d 1821/November/25
  • French, Theodosia b 1771/April/04 d 1784/June/02
  • French, Benjamin b 1780/September/21
  • French, Elizabeth b 1784/March/25
  • French, Marilla b 1787/July/04

Third Generation

Children of Colonel Albert French and Catherine McIntyre

Children of Jacob Van Dusen and Mary French

  • Van Dusen, Jeremiah b 1782/March/02 d 1869/July/19 m Catherine b 1789/January/15 d 1827/September/15
  • Van Dusen, Azel
  • Van Dusen, Charles
  • Van Dusen, Benjamin
  • Van Dusen, Susan

Children of Catherine French and Abraham Marsh

Fourth Generation

Children of Austin Shearer and Sophia French

  • Shearer, Marcia b 1841/July/18 d 1925/March/10 m 1866/April/09 Anderson, Thomas Gummersal b 1821/January/01 d 1901/May/04

Children of Sarah Marsh and Adam Dixon

  • Dixon, Abraham Edwin d 1829/June/30
  • Dixon, George Gordon b 1818/November/05
  • Dixon, William Henry d 1828/July/10

Children of Abraham Marsh and Harriet

  • Marsh, Caroline Sarah b 1829/September/28
  • Marsh, Richard John Harvey b 1831/July/24

Fifth Generation

Children of Marcia Shearer and Thomas Gummersal Anderson

Sixth Generation

Children of Austin Anderson and Maude Hamilton

  • Anderson, Milton Austin b 1909/July/16 d 1983/June/23 m Gogo, Dorothy Claire b 1913/June/13 d 1997/February/19
    • Proof of descent: ??

Children of Mary Sophie Anderson and Walter Haddon Sefton

  • Sefton, Ethel Gordon b 1890/??/?? m Stevens, Leon Gladstone
    • Proof of descent:

Seventh Generation

Children of Milton Austin Anderson and Dorothy Claire Gogo

  • Anderson, Mary Maude m Hamilton, Leroy Wesley
    • Proof of descent:
  • Anderson, George Milton b 1937/August/23 - Lousley, Janet Rosemary
    • Proof of descent:
  • Anderson, John James
    • Proof of descent:
  • Anderson, Dorothy Jean m McDonnell, Robert
    • Proof of descent:
  • Anderson, William Milton Thomas m Stewart, Sharon
    • Proof of descent:

Submitted by Loyalist and proven descendant George Anderson UE, Sir Guy Carlton Branch. Contact the Sir Guy Carleton Branch for more information.

Family History : Ancestors And Descendants Of Samuel French The Joiner; 1940 by Mansfield Joseph French
Family Genealogy :

"Ancestors And Descendants Of Samuel French The Joiner" of Stanford Ct, by Mansfield Joseph French of Syracuse, New York. It was originally published by Edwards Brothers Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1940 as a limited edition. It has biographies, illustrations, maps & charts. 369 pages + 50 pages of Appendices.

The book is at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa. Two copies are at the Toronto Reference Library.

The book is also available as a reprint, printed when ordered, from Higginson Book Company
148 Washington Street
Salem,MA. 01970
Phone: 978-745-7170 Fax: 978-745-8025.

Sources :

Jeremiah French's orignal 2 pre-revolutionary houses still stand in Manchester, Vermont.

His Loyalist house now stands in Upper Canada Village near Morrisburgh. It was moved there from Cornwall during the Seaway.

His KRRNY uniform is on display in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa (see image).

Information submitted by Loyalist and proven descendant George Anderson UE, Sir Guy Carlton Branch. Contact the branch for more information.

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