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Loyalist Directory: Henry Fratts (Frats)

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Surname : Fratts (Frats)
Given name : Henry
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Eastern District
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) : Henry Fratts ... East District O.I.C. 7 April 1807 R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll; single man; P.L.2d; 1786
Regiment : King's Royal Regiment of New York
Enlistment Date : 15 August 1777
Date & Place of Birth : 5 Mar 1759 Sharon, Schoharie County NY
Settled before war : Sharon; Schoharie County NY
Date & Place of Death : 23 Sep 1849. Williamsburg Township; Dundas County ON (Canada)
Place of Burial : Williamsburg Township; Dundas County ON
Wife Name : Elizabeth Ulman (Ulleman)
Children : Johannes (John); Magdelena (Lena); Elizabeth; David; Mary; Heinrich (Henry); Jacob; Philip; Catarina (Catherine); Francis; George; Peter
Biography : Henry Froats was a resident of Schoharie and was one of the earliest settlers along the St. Lawrence; near the Western boundary of Williamsburg. His daughter Magdalena was later Mrs. Henry Ouderkirk. Source: J. Smyth Carter. The Story of Dundas. St Lawrence News Publishing House; Iroquois ON; 1905. pp.425-26
Proven Descendants : St. Lawrence 2003.07.21;
Military Info : Listed on Captain Richard Duncan's Company Muster Roll of 21 January 1778 of His Majesty's Royal Regiment of New York Commanded by Lieut. Colonel Commandant Sir John Johnson; Knight & Bart. Source: Great Britain; Public Record Office; War Office; Class 28; Volume 5; folio 219.
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History : Henry Fratts was granted the following lands in 1797 for his service to the Crown: Township of Williamsburg; Concession II; Lot 29; Eastern 1/2; Township of Williamsburg; Concession V; Lot 36; Western 1/2. The latter parcel was adjacent to the Eastern 1/2 of Lot 36 which was granted in 1797 to Francis Ulman (the father of Henry's Wife Elizabeth Ulman).
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Data submitted by Jon Fox
Reserved :