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Loyalist Directory: Stephen Fountain

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Surname : Fountain
Given name : Stephen
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : Sandy Cove, Digby County, Nova Scotia
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : NYGBS; V36 N3 Jul 1905
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Queen's Rangers
Enlistment Date : Joined British Army at Long Island after escaping from goal (14 Jul 1776); appears for first time on muster 25 Aug 1777.
Date & Place of Birth : abt 1745; of Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT
Settled before war : Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT (8 acres, house, barn, blacksmith's shop); Stamford, CT (3 acres); Suffolk Co., Long Island, NY (on a tract with an orchard)
Memorial of Stephen Fountain
Date & Place of Death : 1815, Sandy Cove, Digby Co., NS; will dated 28 Aug 1811; proved in probate 26 May 1815
Last Will and Testament of Stephen Fountain
Place of Burial : Believed to be at the Anglican Church at Sandy Cove, Digby County, NS (no marker).
Wife Name : Sarah SCOFIELD, daughter of James SCOFIELD and Elizabeth WEED
Children : Stephen (b. 1765-1851); Mary “Polly” SQUIRES – adopted (b. 20 Dec 1779) m. 21 Aug 1794, Digby County, NS, Matthew ELDRIDGE. (Her natural father was Seth SQUIRES, b. 1753).
Biography : Blacksmith (his account book, pre & post war, survives to this day); also believed to be a gun maker. Passenger on the Union transport from NY state to St. John NB in 1783.
Proven Descendants : Vancouver 2009.12.07; Vancouver 2010.01.?? (Linda Drake); Vancouver 2010.03.15;
Military Info : 04 Apr to 14 Jul 1776: imprisoned in a New York gaol, escaped & joined the British Army on Long Island; 25 Aug 1777 to Aug 1781: on 16 Muster Rolls with Capt. James DUNLOP's Company, Queen's Rangers; 24 Oct 1781 to Apr 1783: on 4 different Muster Rolls with Capt. Bennet WALLOP's Company, Queen's Rangers
Muster rolls - military record of Stephen Fountain
Loyalist Genealogy : Stephen Fountain UEL certificate application by Linda Drake
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : Often confused with a Stephen FOUNTAIN who served in a Brigade of the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment (rebel) and who later settled in Ohio.
Sources : Reference letters K; M
Former place of abode Stanford, Connecticut

Memorial (AO 13, Vol. 90, 390-401, National Archives, London, England);
Musters (microfilm reels C4217, C4218, C9818, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, ON);
Last Will & Testament (Digby County Probate Office, Digby, NS).

Information submitted by Linda Drake
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