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Loyalist Directory: James Forman (Foreman)

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Surname : Forman (Foreman)
Given name : James
Rank : As high as sergeant, discharged as private
Where Resettled : Bear Island, Queesbury, NB
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : King's American Regiment
Enlistment Date : Before August 1777
Date & Place of Birth : 1744, Cortlandt, Westchester, NY
Settled before war : Peekskill NY
Date & Place of Death : 4 Feb., 1831, Bear Island, NB
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : Abigail Conklin
Children : Elizabeth, Jacob Gilbert, Sarah, James, Jane
Biography : Blacksmith and farmer
Proven Descendants : Fredericton 1985.09.11; Fredericton 1986.07.11; Fredericton 1987.04.15
Military Info : James Forman was a private in Captain John McAlpine's Company of the King's American Regiment in the first muster roll in August of 1777. In the next 2 musters he is listed as a "Blacksmith in New York".

There are no muster rolls for the unit when they were in Rhode Island from 1778-1779, when they returned to New York.

He is listed as present in the "vacant" company at Lloyd's Neck on 15 November 1779 (Captain McAlpine had died some time before).

There are no rolls for the regiment for all of 1780.

He is listed as a private in Captain Abraham DePeyster's Company at George Town, South Carolina on 23 February 1781 and followed the regiment to Savannah, Georgia.

He is promoted to coproral in Lieut. Colonel George Campbell's Company in October of 1781 and remained in that situation until he returned to New York, where he is listed as sergeant in the same company in the muster of January 1782.

When the regiment went on the British Establishment on 25 December 1782, it was only allowed two sergeants and two coprorals so he he was demoted to private on 24 June 1783 when the regiment was encamped on Long Island.

He is listed with the regiment at their last muster on 2 September 1783.
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History : From a memoir dated October 15, 1875 written by Annis Skidmore Forman, married to James Forman Jr., son of James Forman.

Record of James Forman 1st. And his wife Abigal (sic) Conklin, James Forman married Abigal Conklin before the Revolutionary War, and was a soldier in that war. After the War he moved to New Brunswick and settled in the neighborhood of Bear Island, twenty-five miles above Frederiction (sic), their home in the States before the war was Peekskill on The Hudson River, where he had two sisters who lived to be very aged, their names were Elizabeth and Susan Forman.James Forman, the elder, came to New Brunswick after the American Revolution, he being a Soldier in that war in the British army, called a Refugee, he lived on this farm on Bear Island all his life. Both him and wife died in 1830.

Abilgain Conklin could talk the Holland Dutch. She was born in New York State. She died in New Brunswick Sept. 14, 1830, 74 years old.
Family Genealogy : James' parents were Jacob Forman (about 1695, Oyster Bay NY to about 1750, Westchester, NY) and Elizabeth Lang (about 1693, Croton Lake NY to 1770, North Castle, Westchester, NY)
Sources : I would be happy to share information about this family with others, or send a transcription of Annis Skidmore Forman's memoir. Alex Lawrence UE, Toronto Branch, email {alawrenc -AT-}
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