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Loyalist Directory: Abel (brother of Thomas UE and John UE) Flewwelling (Flewellin, Flewelling)

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Surname : Flewwelling (Flewellin, Flewelling)
Given name : Abel (brother of Thomas UE and John UE)
Rank :  
Where Resettled : New Brunswick, Kings County, lower Kingston Peninsula; and Sunbury County, Maugerville.
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : NYGBS; V36 N3 Jul 1905
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Engineers Department
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 31 May 1746 USA, New York, Dutchess County, Rumbout Precinct, Fishkill
Settled before war : New York, Orange County, Newburgh, Middleburgh
Date & Place of Death : Abt. 1814/MARCH/15 N.B., Sunbury County, Maugerville
Place of Burial : N.B., Sunbury County, Maugerville, Cemetery of Christ Church, Anglican
Wife Name : Abigail Fowler (1752-21 Jan 1833) m. 1769
Children : Charlotte Flewwelling, b. c. 1771 m. Samuel Purdy
Elizabeth Flewwelling, b. c. 1772 m. William Harding Jr.
Samuel Flewwelling, b. c. 1775 m. Julia Elvira Canfield, b. in NY
Abigail Flewwelling, d. <1783
Sarah Flewwelling, b. c. 1780 m. John Day, b. in Sunbury Co, NY
John Flewwelling, b. c.1783 m. Eunice Palmer, b. in Sunbury Co
Clarissa Flewwelling m. John Fowler, b. in Springfield Parish, Kings Co, NB
Amelia Flewwelling m. Richard Bartlett Taylor, b. in Sunbury Co, NY
Abigail Flewwelling m. Thomas Fowler, b. in Westfield Parish, Kings Co, NB
Abel Gilford Flewwelling b. 1793
Jane Flewwelling m. William Harding, b. in Springfield Parish, Kings Co, NB
Biography :

Abel Flewelling, born and raised in Fishkill, Duchess County, along the Hudson until the age of ten when his family crossed the river to settle in the new town area of Newburgh, his father being a wheelwright. Abel and his brothers eventually bought farms north of Newburgh in the Middleborough/Marlborough area, near to their in-laws, Dentons, Purdys, Fowlers, Merritts, etc. Abel had a developed farm of 140 acres, and he was a carpenter.

In his claim for losses, Abel said he “had signed a Protest against Delegates to Congress for which he was prosecuted & very ill used, in March 1777; he went to New York for protection; went as Pilot on Board Admiral (Sir Richard) Howe's Ship”; (Admiral Howe spent only a few months in the American war theatre); Abel then “carried a Brig up the North River (Hudson), when the Expedition was going on against Danbury, (Connecticut); he was a Pilot when Fort Montgomery was taken; was 2 years in the Engineers Department, master of a Yacht waiting on Captain Mercer”.

His wife and children joined him in New York after their farm had been confiscated by 1779. Abel’s brother James was hanged in Goshen, N.Y. in June of that year, for his Loyalist activities in Claudius Smith’s band.

Abel and his family boarded the ship William, in Company 15, with Abel’s brother John Flewelling Jr. appointed Lieutenant of the company; in the family were Abel at 37years, Abigail 31, Charlotte 12, Elizabeth 11, Samuel 8, Sarah 3, and little baby John; daughter Abigail (1) had died during the War period. The William was part of the Spring Fleet and arrived at Parrtown in July; Abel drew town lot 617 and his carpentry skills were in demand building huts for his family and his neighbours.

His 200 acre land grant was Lot #5 of Stirling’s Grant, located at the lower end of the Kingston Peninsula, on the Long Reach of the St. John River. It was part of a multi-family grant which also included his brother John, his nephews John Jr. and Morris Flewelling, as well as the related families of Captain Daniel Fowler and George Harding.

Abel was appointed a Magistrate and Overseer of the Poor in Kings County until 1792 when he received the same appointment for Sunbury County and moved his family to Maugerville. He was a Vestry member of Christ Church, Church of England.

Abel took ill perhaps as early as 1811 when he made out his Will in an apparently unsteady hand. He died in Maugerville in March 1814, leaving his farm and earthly estate to his wife and children. The widow Abigail Flewwelling and her two remaining children moved to Springfield Parish along the Belleisle Inlet of Kings County, and the Baptist community there, close to associated families again, such as Fowler, Harding, Spragg, Carman.

Abigail (Fowler) Flewwelling died 21 January 1833 and was buried in the Bayview Cemetery at Hatfield’s Point, Springfield Parish, where her renovated gravestone was standing in 2006.

Proven Descendants : Saint John Branch, 2007, Eric Clifton Langley,
Fredericton Branch, 1987, Hollis Leroy Flewwelling
Fredericton 1987.02.17; Fredericton Branch, 198?, Colleen Shalia Raab; Fredericton 1990.04.12; New Brunswick 2006.11.13
Military Info : Ship's Pilot for Admiral Richard Howe; and Capt. Mercer, Engineering Department of the British Army
Loyalist Genealogy :

Loyalist Genealogy from Loyalist Abel Flewwelling

1) Flewwelling, Abel; b. 1746, d. 1814; m. 1769, Fowler, Abigail, b. 1752, d. 1833.

2) Flewwelling, Abel Gilford; b. 1793, d. 1864; m. 1816, Harding, Leah Ann, b. 1795, d. 1859.

3) Flewwelling, Gilford; b. 1834, d. 1897; m. 1860, Greenlaw, Catherine, b. 1835, d. 1915.

4) Flewwelling, Edmund Augustus; b. 1861, d. 1925; m. 1883, Fairweather, Edna Martha, b. 1861, d. 1935.

5) Flewwelling, Edis Hamilton; b. 1894, d. 1962; m. 1915, Wetmore, Hazel Marguerite, b. 1894, d. 1966.

6) Flewwelling, Hazel Marguerite; b. 1916, d. 1980; m. 1942, Langley, Jack Douglas, b. 1920.

7) Langley, Eric Clifton; b. 1948; m. 1968, Hargreaves, Janet Christian, b. 1948.

Family History :

The Flewelling/Flewwelling family originated on Long Island, New York, with the apparent Immigrant Ancestor Thomas1 Flewelling, somewhere between about 1655 and 1675; his son Thomas2 Flewelling was in the care of his grandparents Robert Ashman and Katern (Jaycocks) Ashman and inherited property from them in 1689 and 1706.. Thomas2 Flewelling married Hannah Smith of Hempstead and raised Mary; Thomas; Catern m. Ephraim Golding; John m. Elizabeth 'Blue' Smith; Abraham m. Hannah Tatam; Jane m. Jonathan Brundage; Phoebe m. Benjamin Hall; Hannah m. David Brundage; and Robert m. Maplet ?.

John3 Flewelling and Elizabeth 'Blue' Smith raised their family in Hempstead, then Fishkill in the Rumbout Precinct, and then in Newburgh, Orange County, N.Y., and died about the time of the Revolution. Their sons and grandsons were Loyalists: Thomas Flewelling of North Castle, N.Y. and Oak Point, N.B. and his sons; John Flewelling Jr. (imprisoned by the rebels and escaped) and his sons; Morris Flewelling who died of unknown causes about 1779; James Flewelling who was hanged for his Loyalist activities at Goshen in June 1779; and Abel Flewwelling. Their daughters' husbands and other in-laws were devoted Patriots, while some family members were Quakers and managed to fly under the radar.

Loyalist brothers Thomas, John, and Abel, along with their nephews Francis and Joseph, settled in New Brunswick: Kings County and Saint John for the most part.

Abel's family, after years in Maugerville, resettled in York and Kings Counties, later generations returning to the United States, such as Maine and New York, some migrating west to Upper Canada. Loyalists Thomas and John's descendents spread west as well.

Abel Flewwelling adopted the two-W spelling of his name. He served the fledgling government of New Brunswick as a Magistrate and an Overseer for the Poor, first in Kings and then Sunbury County, until his death in 1814.

His youngest son Abel Gilford Flewwelling obtained a grant of land in Springfield Parish where he engaged in farming and logging, until relocating to the Village of Hampton Ferry in 1847. Abel Gilford's male descendents continued in Hampton throughout the 19th and most of the 20th centuries; John Flewwelling was a merchant, Postmaster, and MPP for Kings County, while George Flewwelling was Stationmaster, and with his brother Gilford Flewwelling, who graduated in Engineering from a New England school, entered into business as the G. and G. Flewwelling Company, with a mill and general store, in existence until 1918.

Gilford's sons Edmund, Samuel, and Robert Flewwelling, continued family enterprises such as the Kennebecasis Steamship Company which operated steamships serving the communities along that river from Hampton to Saint John, and E. A. Flewwelling and Sons: Guy, Gilford, and Edis Flewwelling, continued their family tradition in lumber and wood in various enterprises in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Maine, until the end of the Second World War.

The grandchildren and great grandchildren of Edis Flewwelling are still resident in the Maritimes, Ontario, British Columbia, New York, and as far away as the Philippines and Madagascar.

Family Genealogy :

“The Genealogy of the Flewelling Family of New Brunswick”, collected and compiled by Allan H. Wetmore, abt. 1945, at the New Brunswick Museum.

“Oak Leaves, Version 2, Volume 1, Number 1”, by Thomas A. Murray, — see The Ancestors of Thomas and Hannah (Smith) Flewelling

The children of Abel Flewwelling and Abigail Fowler:

  • Charlotte Flewwelling m. Samuel Purdy and remained in New York;
  • Elizabeth Flewwelling m. Wm. Harding Jr. of Westfield Parish, Kings County;
  • Samuel Flewwelling m. Julia Elvira Canfield of New York, and followed a banking and investment career in New York City, no descendents;
  • Abigail (1) Flewwelling, died young;
  • Sarah Flewwelling m. John Day of Sunbury County;
  • John Flewwelling m. Eunice Palmer of Sunbury County;
  • Clarissa Flewwelling m. John Fowler of Springfield Parish, Kings County;
  • Amelia Flewwelling m. Richard Bartlett Taylor of Sunbury County;
  • Abigail (2) Flewwelling m. Thomas Fowler of Westfield Parish, Kings County;
  • Abel Gilford Flewwelling m. Leah Ann Harding of Springfield Parish, Kings County;
  • Jane Flewwelling m. Wm. Harding of Springfield Parish, Kings County.
Sources : Information contributed by Eric Clifton Langley;
and from Thomas A Murray,
Reference letters A; K
Reserved :