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Loyalist Directory: Thomas (brother to John UE and Abel UE) Flewelling

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Surname : Flewelling
Given name : Thomas (brother to John UE and Abel UE)
Rank : Private; Guide & Recruiter for Colonels Tarleton & Simcoe
Where Resettled : Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co, New Brunswick
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Kings American Regiment
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : circa 1730 Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Settled before war : North Castle, Westchester Co., New York
Date & Place of Death : 6 Dec 1809
Place of Burial : Oak Point, Kings Co, N.B.
Wife Name : Elizabeth Griffin
Children : son Flewelling, d. in Am. Revolution
Thomas Flewelling Jr, d. 1779?
William Flewelling, d. 2 Sep 1777
Enos Flewelling b. c. 1758in North Castle, Westchester Co, NY, d. Jun 1830 in Kingston Parish, Kings Co, NB, buried 20 Jun 1830. He married Margaret Jewell, married 1787, b. c. 1768, (daughter of Abraham Jewell) d. 1841, buried 19 Apr 1841
Adam Flewelling b. 1761, d. 16 Dec 1816. He married Annis Clarke, b. 1768, (daughter of James Clarke and Florence) d. 31 Dec 1861
Elizabeth Ann 'Eliza' Flewelling, b. c. 1766, d. 29 Jan 1852 in Indian Town, NB. She married Robert Cunard, b. c. 1749 in Norriton Twp, Montgomery Co, PA, (son of John Cunard and Ann Rogers) d. 18 Dec 1818 in Indian Town, NB
William Flewelling, b. < 1767
George Flewelling, b. < 1767
Joseph Flewelling, b. <1769, d. 1785-1807
Sarah Ann Flewelling, b. c. 1771 in St John, NB, d. 13 Mar 1860 in St John, NB. She married Tertullus Theall, b. c. 1767 in St John, NB, (son of Charles Theall and Millicent Dickinson) buried 29 Sep 1840 in Old Cedar Hill Cemetery, West St John, NB
John Flewelling. He married Mary Watt(s)
Caleb Flewelling, b. 4 Feb 1773, d. 19 Apr 1858, buried in Oak Point Anglican Cemetery, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co, NB. He married Mary 'Polly' Brittain, married 4 Feb 1797, b. 4 May 1775, (daughter of William Brittain and Christianna Moody) buried 17 Mar 1860 in Oak Point Anglican Cemetery, Greenwich Parish, King's Co, NB.
Jacob Flewelling, b. c. 1777, d. 1860. He married Sarah Secord, (daughter of William Secord and Ruth Hunt)
Thomas Flewelling, b. 5 May 1779, d. 14 Oct 1860, buried in Oak Point Anglican Cemetery, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co, NB. He married (1) Hannah Flewwelling, b. 6 Sep 1789, (daughter of James Morris Flewwelling and Elizabeth Jewell) d. 7 Dec 1820, buried in Oak Point Anglican Cemetery, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co, NB. He married (2) Jane Belyea, married 7 Nov 1822, b. 30 Nov 1791, (daughter of Abraham Belyea and Catherine Tabilet) d. 9 Jan 1840. He married (3) Elizabeth Simmons Peters, married 18 Mar 1841, b. 17 Mar 1799, d. 9 Feb 1847.
Maplet Flewelling
Biography : Although Thomas was too old for active service, his four eldest sons joined the KAR in 1777. Three of them died. There is speculation that Thomas gathered intelligence for the British. Thomas arrived at Saint John NB 14 Sept 1783 on ship Cyrus (disembarked 19 Sept.)
Proven Descendants : Fredericton 1986.02.19; Victoria 1983.08.30; Victoria 1986.01.29; New Brunswick 2005.10.03; Gov. Simcoe 2007.02.19; New Brunswick 2007.04.02
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : Thomas & family to N.B. 1783 as refugees from Eaton's Neck, Long Island. Of Thomas' brothers we know that Abel & family to N.B. 1783 from Newburgh, New York; John Jr. was arrested & imprisoned, escaped & came to N.B. in 1783; James was hanged by Patriots in 1779; Morris died 1779, possibly because of Loyalist activities; Abel acted as a pilot on the Hudson River for British forces.
Family History : Thomas was son of John Flewelling & Elizabeth "Blue" Smith of Fishkill, NY; his siblings were Hannah, John, Mary, Sarah, Morris, James, Abel & Elizabeth and possibly Maplet.
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : submitted by Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel (New Brunswick Branch) and Audrey Fox (Gov. Simcoe Branch, Toronto) With special thanks to Thomas A Murray,
Reserved :