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Loyalist Directory: Enos (Enns) (Son of Thomas UE) Flewelling

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Surname : Flewelling
Given name : Enos (Enns) (Son of Thomas UE)
Rank : Private, KAR, Capt. Atwood's Company; Capt. Chapman's Company
Where Resettled : New Brunswick, Kings County, Westfield Parish, and Kingston Parish on the Kennebecasis River
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : King's American Regiment
Enlistment Date : March 1777
Date & Place of Birth : c1757 or 1758 North Castle, Westchester County, New York
Settled before war : North Castle, Westchester County, New York
Date & Place of Death : About 17 June 1830, Kingston Parish, Kings County, N.B.
Place of Burial : Churchyard of Trinity Anglican Church, Kingston, Kings County, N.B.
Wife Name : Margaret Jewell b.c. 1758, buried 19 Apr 1841, m. 1787
Children : John Flewelling b. 1787-89, d. 9 Aug 1867 in Kingston, Kingston Parish, Kings Co, NB. He married Hannah Belyea, b. 1793, (daughter of Robert Belyea and Prudence Holly) d. 12 Feb 1878 in Clifton, Kings Co, NB
Ezekiel Flewelling, b. c.1788, d. 25 Jun 1833. He married Charity Craft, b. 6 Jul 1791, (daughter of Reuben Craft and Alithea Wetmore) d. 24 Mar 1872.
William Jewell Flewelling, b. 1790, d. 6 Mar 1873 in Kingston, Kings Co, NB. He married Elizabeth Wetmore, married 4 Nov 1813, b. 29 Nov 1791, (daughter of David Brown Wetmore and Ruth Sherwood) d. 21 May 1836 in Kingston, Kings Co, NB.
Joseph Flewelling, b. 1792, d. 8 Mar 1847 in Kingston, Kings Co, NB. He married Mary Margaret 'Polly' Puddington, married 4 Nov 1813, b. 20 Mar 1794, (daughter of William Puddington and Esther Wetmore) d. 29 Nov 1859.
Thomas Abraham Flewelling, b. 1795, d. 16 Jan 1883. He married Susannah Craft Puddington, married 12 May 1817, b. 4 Nov 1799, (daughter of William Puddington and Esther Wetmore) d. 1861
Mercy Flewelling, b. c. 1797, d. 14 Sep 1851 in Kingston, Kings Co, NB
Azor Flewelling, b. 1801-07, d. 15 Feb 1883. He married Maria Purdy, married 26 Jun 1823, b. 1791, d. 6 Sep 1874 in Kingston, Kings Co, NB.
Enos Flewelling Jr, b. 1798, d. 10 Jan 1877. He married (1) Frances Bent, d. c. 1840. He married (2) Elizabeth Burke.
Mary Flewelling, b. 1802?, d. 1847?
Elizabeth 'Eliza' Flewelling, b. 1805, d. 1883. She married Zebulon Jones, b. c. 1786, (son of John Jones and Mercy Hildreth)
child Flewelling, b. 1807?, d. 1807?
James Craft Flewelling, b. 1806 or 09, d. 21 Feb 1885 in St Mary's Parish, York Co, NB. He married Hannah Elizabeth Bentley Morse, married 12 Oct 1832 in Kings Co, NB, b. 1810-11 in USA, (daughter of James Edwin Morse and Hannah Forrester Perry)
Elias David Flewelling, b. 1809, d. 8 May 1856 in Kingston, Kings Co, NB. He married (1) Alithea Woodcock, married 14 Apr 1840, b. c. 1814, d. 1 Apr 1846. He married (2) Mary Ann Godfrey, married 15 Nov 1852, b. c. 1824, d. 9 Oct 1896
Biography :

Enos Flewelling was born about 1757 or 1758 on the farm of his parents Thomas Flewelling (John, Thomas) and his wife Elizabeth Griffin, in North Castle, Westchester County, New York. At about 19 years of age and unmarried, Enos left his father’s home in March 1777 with his three older brothers and travelled south to Long Island where they joined Colonel Edmund Fanning’s King’s American Regiment.

Two of his brothers succumbed to illness, perhaps smallpox or dysentery, and died within the next two years, while his brother Thomas Flewelling, Jr., a Sergeant of Dragoons, was killed while leading a reconnaissance party, probably near Charleston, South Carolina.

Enos’ family lived out the revolutionary years on Long Island. He accompanied his parents and younger brothers and sisters, a family of 13 in all, aboard the ship Cyrus, departing Long Island the 6th of Sept 1783 and arriving at Parr Town on the 14th. Several in this family, including Enos, had arranged before they left New York, to purchase lots from Stephen Kemble who had already received a large land grant along the west bank of the St. John River above the Long Reach, in what would become Kings County.

Enos first shared Lot 17 with one of his brothers, next to the lot of their father Thomas Flewelling of Oak Point, for a time known as Flewelling’s Landing.

At the death of his father in 1809, Enos was bequeathed Lot 21 on the Kennebecasis River, across the Kingston Peninsula from the St. John River, where he farmed and raised his family. He married Margaret Jewell, daughter of Abraham Jewell, probably about 1787; they were strong supporters of the church in the Parish of Kingston. He acquired over 500 acres of land by the time of his death in 1830, his date of burial in the records of Trinity Anglican Church is the 20th of June, when he was aged 72 years. His widow Margaret was buried beside him on 19 April, 1841.

Proven Descendants : New Brunswick 2007.04.02 (Eric Clifton Langley);
Military Info :

From British Military and Naval Records RG8, Public Archives of Canada, microfilm C-4223:

  • Muster Roll, Capt. Atwood’s Company, KAR, 25 April to 24 June, 1781, Private #26 Enos Fluellon.
  • Muster Roll, Capt. Tho. Chapman’s Company, KAR, 25 October to 24 December, 1781, Private #16 Enos Fluellon.
  • Muster Roll, Capt. Chapman’s Company, KAR, 26 January 1783, Private #9 Enos Flewelling.

From “Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War”:

  • Inspection Roll, Capt. Isaac Attwood’s Company, KAR, Lloyd’s Neck, 15 November 1779, Private #10 Enos Fluellen.
  • Muster Roll, Capt. Isaac Atwood’s Company KAR, Georgetown, S.C., 24 February to 24 April 1781, Private #25, Enos Fluelen.
Loyalist Genealogy :

Loyalist Genealogy from Loyalist Enos Flewelling
Lineage from Enos Flewelling to Eric Langley.

1) Flewelling, Enos; b. abt.1757, d. 1830; m. 1787, Jewell, Margaret, b. abt.1768, d. 1841.

2) Flewelling, John; b. 1789, d. 1867; m. 1810, Belyea, Hannah, b. 1793, d. 1878.

3) Flewelling, Harriet Caroline; b. 1825, d. 1904; m. 1845, Wetmore, Justus, b. 1820, d. 1902.

4) Wetmore, Adino Paddock; b. 1854, d. 1940; m. 1883, Flewelling, Edith Pauline, b. 1856, d. 1945.

5) Wetmore, Hazel Marguerite; b. 1894, d. 1966; m. 1915, Flewwelling, Edis Hamilton, b. 1894, d. 1962.

6) Flewwelling, Hazel Marguerite; b. 1916, d. 1980; m. 1942, Langley, Jack Douglas, b. 1920.

7) Langley, Eric Clifton; b. 1948; m. 1968, Hargreaves, Janet Christian, b. 1948.

Family History :

The Flewelling/Flewwelling family originated on Long Island, New York, with the apparent Immigrant Ancestor Thomas(1) Flewelling, somewhere between about 1655 and 1675; his son Thomas(2) Flewelling was in the care of his grandparents Robert Ashman and Katern (Jaycocks) Ashman and inherited property from them in 1689 and 1706.

Thomas(2) Flewelling married Hannah Smith of Hempstead and raised Mary; Thomas; Catern m. Ephraim Golding; John m. Elizabeth ‘Blue’ Smith; Abraham m. Hannah Tatam; Jane m. Jonathan Brundage; Phoebe m. Benjamin Hall; Hannah m. David Brundage; and Robert m. Maplet ?.

John(3) Flewelling and Elizabeth ‘Blue’ Smith raised their family in Hempstead, then Fishkill in the Rumbout Precinct, and then in Newburgh, Orange County, N.Y., and died about the time of the Revolution. Their sons and grandsons were Loyalists:

  • Thomas Flewelling of North Castle, N.Y. and Oak Point, N.B. and his sons;
  • John Flewelling Jr. (imprisoned by the rebels and escaped) and his sons;
  • Morris Flewelling who died of unknown causes about 1779;
  • James Flewelling who was hanged for his Loyalist activities at Goshen in June 1779; and
  • Abel Flewwelling.

Their daughters’ husbands and other in-laws were devoted Patriots, while some family members were Quakers and managed to fly under the radar.

Loyalist brothers Thomas, John, and Abel, along with their nephews Francis and Joseph, settled in New Brunswick: Kings County and Saint John for the most part.

Thomas Flewelling and his family, including his adult son Enos, settled on land they had purchased from Stephen Kemble at Oak Point on the River St. John. Enos was bequeathed a lot on the Kennebecasis River which his father had acquired, where he became the founder of the Flewelling family of the Kingston Peninsula. His sons and grandsons became farmers, merchants, blacksmiths, justices, and shipbuilders in Clifton, Kings County, and several were elected representatives to the provincial government in the late 19th century.

Family Genealogy :

“The Genealogy of the Flewelling Family of New Brunswick”, collected and compiled by Allan H. Wetmore, abt. 1945, at the New Brunswick Museum.

“Thomas Flewelling of Oak Point”, by Thomas A. Murray, in “The Canadian Genealogist”, Vol. 7, No. 1 and 2, 1985.

The children of Enos Flewelling and Margaret Jewell:

  • Ezekiel Flewelling m. Charity Craft and had 12 children;
  • John Flewelling m. Hannah Belyea and had 10 children;
  • William Jewell Flewelling m. Elizabeth Wetmore and had 8 children;
  • Joseph Flewelling m. Mary Margaret (Polly) Puddington and had 9 children;
  • Thomas Abraham Flewelling m. Susannah Craft Puddington and had 11 children;
  • Azor Flewelling m. Maria Purdy and had 5 children;
  • Mercy Flewelling apparently remained unmarried;
  • Enos Flewelling Jr., m. Frances Bent and later Elizabeth Burke and had 2 children;
  • Mary Flewelling apparently remained unmarried ;
  • Elizabeth (Eliza) Flewelling m. Zebulon Jones;
  • James Flewelling m. Hannah Elizabeth Bentley Morse and had 3 children;
  • Elias David Flewelling m. Alithea Woodcock and later Mary Ann Godfrey and had 3 children.
Sources : Contributions by Eric Clifton Langley, and by Thomas A Murray,
Reserved :