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Loyalist Directory: Joseph Ferriss (Ferris, Fares)

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Surname : Ferriss (Ferris, Fares)
Given name : Joseph
Rank : 2nd Lieutenant
Where Resettled : 1st lot 24,2nd lot 2, Con 2 Colchester S. Essex County, ON
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : Butler's Rangers Dates of Officers' Commissions lists “Joseph Ferris” as a Lieutenant 08 February 1779, Great Britain Public Record Office, War Office, Class 28, Volume 4, pg 15
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Butler's Rangers, Loyalist Major Close
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : Kentucky, USA; unkown date
Settled before war : Kentucky, USA
Date & Place of Death : Colchester, ON - unknown date at circa age 60
Place of Burial : Old Ferriss Cemetery, Ferris Side Rd. N. of CR 20, Colchester, ON
Wife Name : Catherine Hahn, from Pennsylvania m. in Kentucky, dates unknown. She died circa age 86.
Children : John, Isaac (b Nov. 15 1795 (my 3rd Gr Grandfather) m. Lucy Wright, Margaret m. Gordon Buchanan, Mary & Ester
Biography : The Joseph Ferriss family and several other early Essex County families were attacked at Ruddles Station in 1780, by British Colonel Henry Bird, along with150 regulars and 1000 First Nations (Miami, Delaware and Shawnee) who were trying to stop the incursion of settlement in Kentucky, a prime hunting ground area. These people were neutral at this time: more interested in farming and settlement than war. The women and children were taken to the Michigan/Ohio area and became slaves and/or family members of the various tribes. The men walked, finding their way to Grosse Ile, the largest island in the Detroit River, owned by William and Alexander Macomb who had gained ownership of the island in 1776, prior to any British agreements. The Macomb brothers had these men work as tenant farmers for as long as six years and then they were reunited with their wives.(Joseph worked lot 19 on Grosse Ile.) At this point, the men and their wives and some children left Grosse Ile for Upper Canada by crossing the Detroit River in the winter. The Ferriss family first settled on Bois Blanc Island, a Canadian/British Island, across from Amherstburg. The Ferriss families were good farmers and land from them is now owned by the National Agricultural Research Centre, just east of Harrow. A small building and plaque recognizes this land as original Ferriss property.
Proven Descendants : Bicentennial 2001.04.03 (Mary K Hutchins [MC 9115-01]);
Bicentennial 2002.02.18 (Susan McCloskey Hutchins [MC 9369-02], (Maye) Louise Ferriss [MC 9372-02], Gwendolyn A.M. McCloskey [MC 9371-02], Bryce C H McCloskey [MC 9370-02]);
Hamilton 2002.03.18 (Ruth Anne Nicholson [MC 9400-02], Paul E Nicholson [MC 9402-02], Jonathan S. Nicholson [MC 9403-02], Sarah R.E.Nicholson [MC 9401-02]);
Bicentennial 2006.07.25;
Bicentennial 2010.02.08;
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : Joseph Ferriss UEL to son Isaac Ferriss (1795-1881) to son Philip Ferriss (1824-1820), to son Herbert Ferriss (1851-1934) to son Philip Ferriss (1881-1968) to daughter Alta R. Ferriss Huchins, to daughters Ruth A Hutchins Nicholson (b.1951), Mary Hutchins (1954-2004) and Susan R McCloskey Hutchins (b. 1960).
Family History : Read more about Joseph's son Isaac, by Ruth Nicholson
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Information contributed by Ruth Anne Hutchins Nicholson UE

- UELAC Certificate Application
- Ernest J. Lajeuness, The Windsor Border Region: Canada's Southernmost Frontier (Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1960), p. 96 (disbanded troops).
- Isabella E. Swan, The Deep Roots: A History of Grosse Ile, Michigan to July 1876 (Grosse Ile Michigan, The Grosse Ile Historical Society, 1976).
- J.H. Beers & Co. Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Essex Ontario (Toronto, 1905).
Reserved :