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Loyalist Directory: Walter Davies (Davis)

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Surname : Davies (Davis)
Given name : Walter
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Second Concession, South Crosby Township, Leeds County, Upper Canada. Library and Archives Canada lists a number of land petitions by Walter Davies starting in 1797.
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) : Restored to the U.E. List by Petition from himself this day; Order in Council 1806/February/18.

[Editor's Note: Walter may have initiated this to correct the spelling of his last name as there is an entry removing (expunging) a Walter Davis at the same time.]
Regiment : Queen's (American) Rangers
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 22/Jan/1747 in Herefordshire, England
Settled before war : Litchfield, Connecticut 
Date & Place of Death : Died 1816/1817, South Crosby Township
Place of Burial : Ripley Cemetery (abandoned), South Crosby Twp., Leeds County, U.C. 
Wife Name : Jemima (unknown) m. Dec. 1779
Children : His intestate administration papers name:

Jemima (Hall) Merrick
Anne (Anna) Bissell
Mary Ripley
and son Walter. 

Reid's Loyalists of Ontario also names:

John H. of Wolford.
Biography : He came to America at age 15 with his brother, Rev. Thomas Davies, although his father and several siblings were already in Davies Hollow, CT.

In December of 1779, Walter was married and had a family in Litchfield, CT. His father, John, had given him land in Davies Hollow, a grant of about 16 acres which included a house, barn, sawmill and gristmill. (Source: Probate Court, CT)

Walter was a member of St. John's Church, (Presbyterian) founded by his father, which had existed for some time but was formally organized in 1794. A charter for the church included Walter's name and several other family members. Land for the church was donated by Walter Davies, originally about 200 acres. (Source: Church Histories of CT). On 4 March 1805, a receipt dated at Washington, CT, with Walter's signature, acknowledged payment of his legacy. (Source: Davies Memorial published privately 1895 by Henry Eugene Davies).

20 Feb 1817 a petition to Probate Court of Litchfield County, CT regarding Walter. The estate was probated by Peter Powell, who was connected by marriage to the family and he ordered the sale and distribution of the property. (Source: Probate Court, Litchfield, CT).

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Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History : Although the family left England for America, it is noted that they were one of the First Welsh families of Wales, with a family crest and long lineage that has been thoroughly traced. 
Family Genealogy : John Davies (father of Walter) married (1) Elizabeth Brown. Their children were John, Thomas, William. She died and

he married (2) Mary Powell (m. 1744). Their children born in England were William, Mary, James, Walter; those born in America, were Catherine, Elizabeth, Ann, James John, David, Rachel, George, Thomas.
Sources : Said to be the first white settler in South Crosby – see History of the Township of South Crosby by C. Clare Churchill, 1955.

Information submitted by David Clark.
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