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Loyalist Directory: Abraham Dafoe

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Surname : Dafoe
Given name : Abraham
Rank : Corporal in Captain Harry Ruiter's 3rd Company
Where Resettled : Bath, Ernestown Tsp. Upper Canada
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List (?)
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Roger's Rangers & Harry Ruiter's 3rd Company General Burgoyne's Company
Enlistment Date : August 1777
Date & Place of Birth : c.1754 in Albany Co. New York
Settled before war : Albany, New York USA
Date & Place of Death : 1815, Fredericksburgh Tp. Addington Co. Ontario
Place of Burial : Fredericksburgh Tp. Addington co. Ontario
Wife Name : Katreen Diamond b.1755 m. 1775 d. before 1792 daughter of John Diamond & Christianna Loyst
Children :

Abraham and Katreen Dafoe married ca. 1776. They were both 21 years old. Abraham had leased a 100-acre farm on the Rensselaer Patent. Their children:

  • Mary, b. 1777 at Little Hoosic, New York, m. 26 Jan 1795, John Kemp (SUE). Settled Fredericksburgh Twp. They had 8 children (Abram, Anna, John, Jacob, George, Elizabeth, James and Lucy).
  • A daughter b. Ft. St. John's Quebec, ca 1782, and died there before 1784.
  • Jacob, b. 1784, Ft. St. John's, Que., d. 1872, m. Oct. 1, 1804, "Polly" Ann Philips. Settled in Thurlow Twp, Hastings Co. They had 5 children (Abraham, Elizabeth, George, Lucy Ann and Catherine).
  • Elizabeth, b. 23 Mar. 1786 Fredericksburgh Twp., d. 31 Aug. 1861, m. 30 Nov. 1809 Henry Sharp of Fredericksburgh Twp. They had 9 surviving children (Catherine, Rachael, Mary, Margaret, Lucy Ann, Gilbert, Abraham, Anna Maria, and Cynthia).
  • George, b. Jan 1787, d. 8 May 1873, m. 30 Sept. 1806 Elizabeth Sills, b. 7 Apr. 1790, d. 17 Dec. 1862. They had 9 children (Phillip, Catherine, Elizabeth, George, Lucy Ann, and four others). George and Elizabeth settled in Sidney Twp., Hastings Co.
  • Lucy, bp. 11 Dec. 1791.

It is believed that both Katreen and Lucy died about the time Lucy was born. Nothing further is known of either.

Biography :

Fought in the Battle of Bennington where his brother was killed and he and the rest of the Dafoe men were captured. Upon release they fought at Fort St. Jean.

From Barry Baker UE (Fall 2013):

ABRAHAM DAFOE UEL – My 5th-x-great grandfather

Abraham Dafoe was the son of John Ernst Dafoe and Mary (Maria) Keller, he was born in Albany NY. In 1755 and married Katreen Diamond.

He enlisted in General Burgoyne's regiment and fought at the Battle of Benm'ngton where in August 1777 his brother was killed and the rest of the Dafoe men were captured, they were released after taking an oath not to partake in the rebellion again.

But in 1780 Abraham and his brother crossed into Canada and joined their father John Ernst Dafoe at Fort St. Jean and served in Roger's Rangers, he also served under Captain Harry Ruiter's 3rd Company where his rank was Corporal.

After his discharge he and his family made their way by boat up the St. Lawrence River to Bath, Ontario, where he was granted land as a United Empire Loyalist, he died in Fredericksburgh, Ontario in 1815.

His daughter Mary Dafoe married John Kemp Jr. the son of Loyalist John Kemp Sr.

From Joan Lucas:

Can you imagine a little girl, Mary, of 3 yrs trudging through the bush to Skenesborough and then in an open boat up Lake Champlain and the Richelieu River to Ft. St. John's? Then at age 7 on the move again to the gathering place at Lachine before taking the batteaux up the St. Lawrence River and along Lake Ontario to Dutch Town (Bath)... and all the time helping her mother with her new brother, baby Jacob.?

The somewhat contracted Dafoe family of 11 persons with Abraham, now the head of the family at age 29, faced a virgin forest that came down to the edge of the water.They drew their land, cleared it for farming and built their homes... to become a part of the founders of the Province of Ontario, in the country of Canada. (See also Capt. John Ernst Defoe)

Abraham with his mother, Mary Defoe, his wife Katreen and daughter Mary, infant son Jacob , brothers Jacob, John Jr, Michael and Daniel, his sister Mary and her husband Andrew Rikely UE arrived in Fredericksburgh Twp (Cataraqui Twp #3) where Abraham and brother-in-law Andrew Rikely drew lot 10, con 1.

Abraham eventually was granted 650 acres of land.

Proven Descendants : Kawartha 1992.06.06;
Kawartha 2008.11.17;
Bay of Quinte 2010-11-22;
Barry Alan Baker of Hamilton Branch on 18 June 2012
Military Info :

• 1777 Battle of Bennington General Burgoyne.
• 1780 Fort St. Jean Rogers Rangers Captain Harry Ruiter's 3rd Company.

Abraham, his father John Ernst Defoe, and his brothers George, Conrad, John Jr. and Jacob all fought in the Battle of Bennington in Col. John Peter's Queen's Loyal Rangers. Brother George was killed by a musket ball, while the rest of the Dafoe men were captured on Aug 16.1777.

Having taken the Oath of Fidelity, to remain quietly at home without taking further part in the rebellion, the Dafoe men were released back to their families. However it wasn't long until skirmishes broke out again and Abraham with brothers John and Jacob arrived in Ft. St. John's Que to join their father, John Ernst Defoe, where they joined Capt Henry Ruiter's Co.of King's Rangers.

Along with Abraham was his wife, Katreen, and three and a half year-old daughter, Mary. Jan. 1st 1782 Abraham, John Jr and Jacob were still on the muster roll of Capt. Henry Ruiter's Co.

Later, upon discharge June 27, 1784, Abraham was listed on a muster roll of Capt William Fraser"s Co., and settled in Fredericksburgh Twp., known then as Cataraqui Twp. #3, along with others of the King's Rangers.

Loyalist Genealogy : Dafoe, Abraham
-> Dafoe Mary m. Kemp, Jacob
--> Kemp, William
---> Kemp, Sarah m. Baker, Frederick Thomas
----> Baker, Edward Alan
-----> Baker, Barry Alan

See the certificate application used by Barry Baker.
Family History : Obituary of Sarah Kemp recording name change to Baker
Rev. Langhorn's record of marriage between John Kemp & Mary Dafoe.
Contained as proof in certificate application
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : • Ancestry
• Ontario Archives Land Grants and Petitions

Information contributed by Barry Baker and Joan Lucas.
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