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Loyalist Directory: John Dulmage

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Surname : Dulmage
Given name : John
Rank : Lieutenant
Where Resettled : Edwardsburgh; Lot 35; W1/2 34; First Concession
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : UE Loyalists & Military Claimants of Upper Canada (p.19 item 2350)
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Jessup's Loyal Rangers (Peters Corps and Jessup's Corps); and/or
King,s Loyal Americans - Queen,s Loyal Rangers, 3rd company
Enlistment Date : 1776
Date & Place of Birth : c1738 Court Matrix, Ireland; and/or
Born 1738 in Ballingrane, County Limerick, Ireland
Settled before war : Charlotte County (Camden Valley) New York
Date & Place of Death : 1813 or 1814 in Edwardsburgh
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : Sophia Heck
Children : PHILIP b. 1772; d. 1847, Maynard, Ontario; m. SARAH GALLOWAY;
ELIAS b. 1776, Camden Valley NY; d. 1845; m. HANNAH DETLOR;
ANN b. 1777; d. 1862; m. (1) SAMUEL COATE; m. (2) ARCHIBALD MCLEAN;
SAMUEL JOHN b. Abt. 1784; d. 1851; m. AGNES LAWRENCE;
MARGARET b. 1787, Prescott, Ont; d. 1879. married MAJOR JOHN LAWRENCE;
JACOB, b. Abt. 1792; d. Abt. 1842; m. (1) AURILLA HOWARD; m. (2) ELIZA GARLICK;
ELIZABETH, b. 1793; d. 1854, St Catharines, Ontario; m. TRUMAN RAYMOND; b. 1783, New York State; d. 1861, Merritville, Ontario.
Biography :

Born in Court Matrix, Ireland; went to the American colonies in 1756 (Lapp p. 71); apparently fought in the Seven Years' War (Lapp p. 93,95) ; moved to Camden Valley, Charlotte County, New York; joined the British forces in 1776; went to Canada after Saratoga but continued to serve; and settled near Oswegatchie in 1784. Lapp p. 267. Lapp says that lots had been assigned to John Dulmage in Augusta Township in a new townsite planned by Justus Sherwood in the area of the present Blue Church site. The townsite was not developed and Dulmage was resettled as stated. Dulmage himself said (Compensation Claim) that he "lives at Osswegatchie" so he must have been close to Prescott.

John Dulmage was a witness for Paul Heck before the Loyalist Commissioner, and Paul Heck was a witness for John Dulmage. John Dulmage was also a witness for John Lawrence. This was an aspect of a tale of comradeship throughout life.

In 1756 and 1760 a number of young people, including Paul and Barbara Heck (originally Hack), Sophia Heck, John Lawrence or Laurence (originally Lorenz), Philip Embury (originally Imberger), Margaret Switzer (originally Schweitzer) and John Dulmage (originally Dolmetsch) left a settlement near Limerick, Ireland, where their ancestors, Palatines who left the Lower Palatinate in the exodus of 1709, had been settled by the English. They went to New York, where Barbara Heck is often credited with founding the Methodist Church in the United States, with Philip Embury as the first preacher. Then, Philip Embury died, and his widow, Margaret Switzer, married John Lawrence. Then all of them went to the Camden Valley in Charlotte Township, New York. Then they became Loyalists and, after the war, settled in Augusta Township, or, in John Dulmage's case, next door in Edwardsburgh. So their lifelong comradeship would make it natural to assist each other before the Loyalist Commissioners, particularly as Paul Heck and John Dulmage were brothers in law, and all being closely connected, a daughter of John and Sophia Dulmage having later married John Lawrence Jr.

....(above information from William Hurlburt)

"...Captain John Dulmage, who held a commission in the British service during the American Revolution; and when the independence of the old colonies was acknowledged by Gt. Britian, he came to Canada and settled near where the town of Prescott now stands, receiving half pay as a British officer. He was among the early coverts to Methodism........" (Source: from family note ca 1880 by Rev A. Hurlburt)

"....I have in my possession a Methodist Discipline with the name John Dulmage on a blank leaf under the date of 1804. Each of these families was of old Palatine stock , the Dulmages related to Paul Heck, and of a class known as U. E. Loyalists..." (Source: from family note ca 1880 by Rev A. Hurlburt)

....(above information from Dennis Jones)

Proven Descendants : Col. Edward Jessup 2011-05-02; Col. Edward Jessup 2012.07.16;
Military Info :

In the report of John Dulmage's claim for compensation which appears in the 1904 Second Report of the Bureau of Archives of Ontario p.1107 which establishes his service in Major Jessup's Corps based on his own statement and a supporting certificate of loyalty and service by Major Jessup. Dulmage told the Loyalist Commissioner that he had served as Major but that at the time of the hearing he had half pay as a lieutenant which may have been his permanent rank. See Compensation Claim. (Lapp p.236 says he was in Peters Corps and transferred to Jessup's Corps as a lieutenant.)

....(above information from William Hurlburt)

King's Loyal Americans - Queen's Loyal Rangers, 3rd company – participated in General Burgoyne's campaign of 1777 - initially a Sergeant, then commissioned as a Lieutenant (after Battle of Bennington 1777);

Captain, Grenville Militia - participated in War of 1812

After capturing Fort Ticonderoga in 1777, General Burgoyne's note on his new Loyalist regiment ".......their battalions are in embryo, but very promising; they fought, and with great spirit........".

In General Burgoyne's summary report to the British House of Commons, he states of his Provincials ".....a few were of distinguished bravery, among which it would be unjust not to particularize Mr Fister, who fell at Bennington, and Captain Sherwood, who was forward in every service of danger to the end of the campaign.....". John Dulmage was Captain Sherwood's Lieutenant.

1781 correspondence from Captain Sherwood to General Haldimand states ".....I left in charge Lieutenant Dulmage, a very good, careful man.....I left 16 men with Mr. Dulmage and since my arrival at St John's have forwarded 14 more with directions to lose no time in picketing it.....". 'It' refers to the fortified blockhouse at Dutchman's Point (on Hero Island in the middle section of Lake Champlain - it is now in Vermont) The blockhouse, called the Loyalist Blockhouse, was used for as a base for gathering information on Colonial military activities and to recruit settlers to the British side. It was one of the few permanent British fortifications entrusted to the command of a Loyalist officer, and, for many years, was the most southerly exposed position of the British northern army.

Engagement on the St Lawrence 1812 "....two companies of the Grenville Militia under Captains Dulmage ( John Dulmage would be 74 years old at the time - he would pass on the next year) and Moore arrived with a nine pounder that had been captured from the French in 1760. The attack commenced with heavy cannon firing over King Peter's Bay, and the Americans were compelled to evacuate the Island and retire back to their side of the St. Lawrence. Casualties for the Canadians were one killed, several wounded..."

....(above information from Dennis Jones)

Loyalist Genealogy : Some of John and Sophia's children and grandchildren
Family History : John Dulmage was the descendant of Palatines (original name probably Dolmetsch) who left the Lower Palatinate in 1709 and we settled by the British near Limerick in Ireland where they remained.
Family Genealogy :

Captain John Dulmage descends from:


JOHAN JACOB DULMAGE was born 1700 in Freimersheim, Germany, and died 1779 in near Albany, NY.
He married (1) MARGARET EMBURY Abt. 1737, daughter of ANDREAS IMBERGER(EMBURY) and MARGRATH RUCKEL. She was born Abt. 1718, and died Abt. 1747.
He married (2) ANNA BARBARA SWITZER May 09, 1749. She died 1781 in Albany NY.


JOHANN ADAM DOLMETSCH born 1679 in Pfortzheim, Germany, and died December 27, 1751 in Court Matrix, Ireland.
He married (1) ELIZABETH ANN LORENTZ. She was born 1682 in Freimersheim, Alzey, Germany, and died February 09, 1705.
He married (2) ELISABETHA KIEFFER July 18, 1706. She was born in Eppelsheim, and died May 1756 in Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland.

JOHANN ADAM DOLMETSCH and ELISABETHA KIEFFER were 1709 emigrants from the Palatine region of Germany. They were settled in Ireland

Sources : Sources:
• family documentation and tradition
• "A Family Story – Schweitzer to Jones – 1640-2000"

Information contributed by William Hurlburt and Dennis Jones.
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