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Loyalist Directory: Hector Sr. Dickie

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Surname : Dickie
Given name : Hector Sr.
Rank : Lieutenant then Captain
Where Resettled : Jamaica then New Brunswick
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Colonel John Cotton's Regiment, Steven's Creek Militia, Ninety Six Brigade, South Carolina
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth :  About 1744, Northern Ireland
Settled before war :  Ninety-Six, South Carolina
Date & Place of Death :  27 April 1844, Norton, King's County, New Brunswick
Place of Burial :  Norton, King's County, New Brunswick
Wife Name : Sarah Walker (?)
Children : Jane, Martha, Robert (or Rupert), Margaret, Elizabeth, William, Hector, Sarah, Andrew, John, Alexander, James, Susannah
Biography : Born in Northern Ireland, arrived in South Carolina 5 January, 1768 on ship Chichester from Belfast and took oath given to "such of the poor Protestants as were of age who lately arrived in this province on the encouragement of the bounty given by the Act of the General Assembly". "To be eligible for the "Bounty" the immigrant must be a protestant, either foreign or a British subject, and come to South Carolina bringing a written recommendation of his/her good character from civil or church officials of former residence."

Received grant of land (100 acres) in Craven SC.

Listed in the 1779 census of Ninety-Six District.

Following the revolution Hector went as a refugee to Jamaica but, as economic conditions were poor and planters would not support the refugees he seems to have tried to return to South Carolina and then resettled in New Brunswick where he received 500 acres for his service.

Family history reports that just as Hector Sr. & Sarah, Hector Jr. and wife {Ann} with 3 children {Isaac, John Walker and Hiram} and Anthony and Susannah {Dickie} McAllister were ready to leave Hector Sr. died of blood poisoning as the result of a darning needle being left in his sock and scratching his ankle when he put the sock on.
Proven Descendants : Toronto 1970.11.??
Military Info : Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War, Murtie June Clark, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore (vol 1) 1981

1. Pay Abstract Nr___, Colonel John Cotton's Regiment, Stevenson's Creek Militia, Ninety Six Brigade, six-months pay, 14 Jun-13 Dec 1780 (Note: this document is in poor condition) (Probably Steven's Creek Militia)
Lieutenant Dickie, Hector (page 248)

2. Refugees of the Second Class in Charlestown, SC , 24 Jul 1782, 30 days, 1 Jun-30 Jun 1782
Captain Dickie, Hector, Ninety Six (page 502)

3. Pay Abstract, Refugees, Second Class, Charleston, SC, 62 Days, 1 Jul-31 Aug 1782
Captain Dickie, Hector, Ninety Six District (page 503)

4. Pay Abstract, Refugees, Second Class, in Charleston, SC, for the period 1 Sep-31 Dec 1782, 122 days
Captain Dickie, Hector, Ninety Six (page 503)

5. Abstract of Pay Due Ninety Six Refugees
Qtr-Mstr Dickie, Hector, 97 Days
Note: Under the inspection of Colonel Thomas Fletchall, Thomas Edghill, and John Hamilton, commencing 20 Nov 1781 through 31 March 1782 (page 507)

6. Quarter Masters to the Ninety Six Refugees in Charlestown, SC, 28 Mar 1782
Qtr-Mstr Dickie, Hector, 97 days, 25 Dec 81-31 Mar 82 (page 507)

7. Abstract of Pay due the Quarter master of the Refugees from Different Districts, Charlestown, SC, ending 30 Jun 1782, 61 days, 1 Mar-30 Apr 1782 Ninety Six:
Dicky, Hector, 91 days, 1 Apr-30 Jun 1782 (page 507)

8. Quarter Masters of Refugees from Different Districts now within the British Lines, for under-mentioned periods
Qtr-Mstr Dickie, Hector, 62 days, 1 Jul-31 Aug (1782) Ninety Six District (page 508)

9. Quarter Masters of Refugees from Different districts, 122 days, 1 Sept-31 Dec 1782
Qtr-Mstr Dickie, Hector

It is interesting to note that Hector was being paid both as a second class refugee and as Quarter Master to refugees for a period of time in 1782.
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Sources :  I would be happy to share information about this family with others. Alex Lawrence UE, Toronto Branch, email {alawrenc -AT-}
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